Ayre Point

Ayre Point


A cleaver mix of Coldplay, Kings of Leon and Mumford and sons. Catchy, Rocky and at the same time elegant.


A five piece Rock/New Folk band from Bristol, influences by the new folk scene stars from Ben Howard to Mumford and sons. Heavy influences come from Kings of Leon and Coldplay.

"When considering modern indie folk, Mumford & Sons would be the most obvious, but neglectful comparison, especially with such an intricate and subtly experimental EP.

Layering a wide range of guitar (and vocal) techniques, while referencing a host of genres from country to math, Ayre Point show tremendous technical ability without ever diluting their pop sensibilities. You might be seduced by the innocent and twee nature of some of the songs, but there's always another surprise around the corner.

'Clutching At Air' embraces an initially more sombre tone, but rapidly builds to a monumentally anthemic chorus, allowing those stunning harmonies space to breathe." - Fear of Fiction - November 2012


Finding Footprints E.P Nov 2012

Cross the Road played on Bbc introducing.

Set List

Cross the road
let go
finding footprints
The apple
Clutching at Air
Let it stop