AySes Dunya

AySes Dunya

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A Toronto based musician and Artisan. With much love & passion her continued efforts have spanned over a decade. This woman is also a healer and has a great heart towards helping, healing, and growing with all that is in the world around her.


The her-story of AySes starts as a child of 3 singing with her legs laying up against the wall while lying on her bed singing her life into a musical diary. having found her talents early in life she honed in on songwriting while singing for the angels. She spent so much time doing this that the angels starting giving back inspiring vocals and lyrics as she sang and beautiful improvisational songwriting became known to her. She then started to realise she had to capture these songs that were given to the winds or she would lose them so she started to record all her singing diary entries until they started to form songs, and after much work and deliberation with great courage she brought her music to the stage. In the beginning it was most challenging as she was without an instrument but her vocals were so powerful that they carried her. Natural developments came over time with learning and playing the guitar and finding outlets to plug into. Her growth as an artisan has been ORGANIC in nature and filled with depth and intent. From the start she never wanted to go thru the front door of music history, however she does see herself playing music until her time is done for her, as that is what she is made of, that is how she rolls.


MYSPACE pages. I have created 1 per album;
http://www.myspace.com/aysestpk1stalbum<~recorded at Organ Grind
http://www.myspace.com/memyselfayses<~self recorded at Ptbo ARTS UMBRELLA
http://www.myspace.com/fracturedbalance <~recorded at Johnny Land Recordings
http://www.myspace.com/mschv<~ Self Recorded at home
http://www.myspace.com/aysesa39cappella<~ Self Recorded

Set List

Presently doing a show that is called ROCKIN'DIVAS.
This is a set list of 51 songs which include 12 originals,
and music covers by many great woman artists such as;
Madonna, Chaka Khan, Blondie, Rough Trade, Pretenders, Pat Benetar, D'esree, and much much more~! :)