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"Interview with A.Z.!"

Hello and welcome to the very first issue of Valley Voodoo! We've been very excited about this for quite some time, and I hope you all have been too.

Here's the really cool things about Valley Voodoo that you won't find in other "publications" floating around the valley. First, we're all about the music. We're not pushing restaurants or tourist attractions or all that other crap that you'll find elsewhere. Second, when we post a new issue, that's not the only thing you're gonna see all month. We arrange it so that you get a little here and a little there, so it doesn't get stale. Therefore, be sure to check back frequently to see all the new things posted.

So to start off our debut issue, here is the first 10-Q. What we have noticed is that a lot of our friends on our friends list are friends of a certain band from Arab. They are one of the best live bands I have seen in the area and have a VERY loyal following. And for good reason; these guys seem destined for great things.

That's right! I'm talking about the one and only Masters of Melodic Metal... A.Z.!

Valley Voodoo decided to give our friends what they really wanted. So we emailed A.Z. 10 questions (some of them might tell you more than even the hardcore fan would know) asking things that we wanted to know. Here's the email in its entirety. Enjoy!

Hey guys! Thanks again for the support! Seems a bunch of your fans have noticed us and we've been adding some friends. Can't thank you enough!

So, I figured since we have so many A.Z. fans (I got it right this time Thompson!) on our page, I thought they would enjoy a 10 Questions section with A.Z.. Are you up for it?

Here goes...

1) So, what's new with A.Z. these days?

Well, we have a ton of irons in the fire right now, so were gonna finish out this round of shows, and work on new material. hopefully, by this summer we will have a new album , we can be extremely proud of!

2) What were the best and worst things about recording "Sweating Bullets"?

The recording process itself, was in its own right rewarding. We finally zeroed in on our style and apparently a lot of folks like it. I guess the only thing that sucked about it, was not having a producer on site, we did 95% of this album on our own

3) OK, this is a rumor that I've heard and I gotta know if its true. Did you guys really have 20 bass players before finding Gant?

Well... 20 may be exaggerating a little bit, but 6 or 7 sounds about right. What sucked about the whole thing was he was under our nose the entire time!

4) Another rumor that I need some resolution for... Was Thompson REALLY the prom king of his senior class in high school or is that just a really fucked up joke?

nope not a joke, unfortunately, its true..LOL

5) Back to "Sweating Bullets"... Do you guys have a favorite song?

Well "Ragged" would have to be my fave. Clark's is number2.

6) This is killing me. Clark, I have listened to "Number Two" about a hundred times and still can't figure out what you're saying after "Can you see my face" (at least I HOPE that's what you said). What the hell is that part? It kinda sounds like something about "out of ideas". Don't hate me for asking this. It just bothers me.

- "all of my blood, all of my tears," He gets that a lot--lol

7) OK, a trip back in time. The first time I saw you guys live it was before you released a rough demo of some of the songs on "Sweating Bullets" so I picked up your first album, "Too Many Words". It was a great album but it had MAJOR differences in sound from what I heard on stage. Why the change?

Oh man, "Too Many Words" took "TOO DAMN LONG" to get out! Between studios burning down, getting robbed, and producers goin to jail. It took 2 years for it to be released. we wrote the majority of those songs when we were 16 and 17 years old. So by the time we got it out, we had matured and heavier became more of our style. we didnt really have a chance to play the songs off of TMW, because we had already had the music for Sweating Bullets, and was trying to promote its release.

8) You have referred to your style of music as "melodic metal". What is your definition of "melodic metal"?

Metal music, with melodic vocals. If sevendust and mudvayne had a love child it would be us.LOL

9) What direction do you see the band moving in the future?

I can honestly say, we will be moving on to bigger and better things, one way or another...

10) OK, last question¦ Gant used to have a message taped on his bass. What did it mean? I couldn't make it out.

"bookin' WhOBe" thats was the basses' name. LOL I'll let him tell you what it means....


- Valley Voodoo


AZ released their 3rd album "Sweating Bullets" on October 11th of 2006 with great reviews. While this E.P. proves to be a powerhouse with the support of Warnerworks Records, their single "Ragged" has seen airplay on stations such as Rocket 95.1 fm, AZ has had supported airplay off their last album "Too Many Words" as well. The title track has seen play on many stations as well as post written songs such as "Reconcile" Currently A.Z. is getting all the songs ready for the new album, check out "Velocirap" to preview what's coming!


Feeling a bit camera shy


A.Z.- Wall-to-wall heaviness is in store for those courageous enough to brave the music of AZ. Hard rock and heavy metal fans will find plenty to adore in AZ's music, plenty of reasons to raise the horn fingers. Exquisite guitar riffs, metallic melodies and blazing chunks of musical energy all come blistering out of the speakers in a fury of rock-n-roll. Who Writes Who?- "Let the song write you!" declares A.Z., asserting its creative philosophy. Simply open up and let the music channel through. Trust your talent. Be a portal through which music works its wonders. It's worked well for A.Z., whose engaging bursts of heavy metal knock speakers out of their parent sound systems and resonate with vibrant rock power. A.Z.'s music is alive with its signature sound, offering a dose of goodness for fans of hard music everywhere and tossing in generous amounts of originality in the process. It's all a part of the plan. "You are gonna have your own particular style," says A.Z. of the creative process, "but don't be afraid to step outside the box." What You Know- And besides captivating music and instrumentation, A.Z. is also full of thriving ideas conveyed via a lyrical edge that sets them apart. Culling directly from personal life to find inspiration for its songs, the band creates music full of ideas with which all listeners can find something in common. "We write about what we know," says A.Z. "In time, that will keep expanding." The Artist at Work- A.Z. has garnered radio play throughout the southeast and has opened for Rehab multiple times. More touring is in line to finish out the year but the real drive is going to be behind a new CD. "We've got a few shows left this year, but we're really gonna focus on getting a new album out." Writing is hitting a peak and recording is slated to commence soon. A.Z. anticipates having the new album ready by spring 2010. In the end, says A.Z., "We're just four ordinary guys trying to do extraordinary things." Hard rock, metal, whatever you want to call it, A.Z.'s music is about making heavy music with heavy ideas that strike a chord with rock fans everywhere.