Melodic, thought-provoking tunes of an indie rock variety, driven by classically inspired piano, powerful lead vocals, souring lead guitar and a steady yet funky ryhthm section.


aZaidou started out as an acoustic duo when two lost sheep, Tim and Mark, found each other at an audio engineering course in north London in the first half of 2005. The would-be engineers benefitted greatly from their time there, but realised deep down that they would always be musicians at heart.

Venues they have played include The Bedford pub in Balham, the Jazz Cafe in Camden and Cargo in Old Street (courtesy of Raison D'Etre), the Hope and Anchor in Islington and Caernarvon castle in Camden (thanks to Bignote music), the Spice of Life and the Miller of Mansfield (thanks to Upallnight Music).

They have expanded into a 5 piece with Jamie and Adam forming the rhythm section and Phil adding to the overall melodic landscape. The band members have recently holed themselves up in the sanctuary of various rehearsal rooms around London, culminating in a weekend of frenzied recording activity at Alchemea College. Armed with a new demo, they have started hitting the gigging scene once more, so keep your eyes and ears peeled...


Our songs are online at

Set List

We only play original music co-written by Tim and Mark, no covers. Typical set list for a 30 minute show would be:
Butterflies ( 4.30 )
When The Wind Blows My Way (4 min)
Run Away With Me (4:30)
Place My Feet (3:30)
Happy To Be Sad (4:00)
She Said (4:00)
Idolise (4:30)

We have a lot of other songs in our repertoire for variety and if we need to do longer sets.