A West Michigan rock. Mix aggressive hard hitting music with powerful vocals that blends modern rock and pop into an undeniable orignal sound. Combined with a high-octane live stage show that serves up plenty of attitude and you get AZFAULT


Azfault, the West Michigan based band that has created and awe-inspiring modern rock sound by combining aggressive hard driving riffs, tasteful melodies, solid rhythms and powerful vocals. The result is an album that conveys the next level of maturity in their music.
Over the last few years Azfault has carved out an impressive fan base that extends throughout the Midwest, the Northeast and part of the West coast, this is due in part by regular rotation on internet radio stations, heavy promotion and a constant performance schedule. With the release of their second album, (Persona) the focus is to maintaining the level of live performances that has become their benchmark.
Since 2001 the goals have been to create music that speaks in volumes and sparks an emotion from listeners of all backgrounds. Also to connect with fans on a level that makes them feel like the songs were written for or about them. The mixture of seasoned musicians and a great stage presence makes Azfault a must see performance. Their musical forte makes them an appealing choice for many venues and music lovers of all ages.

Notable Accomplishments
July 2004, Muskegon Summer Celebration, Muskegon MI, opener for Nickelback
February 2005, Saint Andrews Hall, Detroit MI, East meets West showcase
June 2005, Milwaukee Summer Festival, Milwaukee WI, Standby act
July 2005, Penny Rd. Pub, Barrington IL, Chance Music Showcase


Dear Jon

Written By: Ray Broadnax (Azfault)

Woke up this morning
Feeling like the world is mine
Never saw it coming
How could I’ve been so blind
I came home and your stuffs gone
no signs of you in sight
just a letter by the bed
Here’s what it read

Dear Jon I hope this finds you ok
Lately I ain’t feeling the same
Not that it’s you, something’s to work through
Dear Jon, so sorry but I’m moving on

Three years gone down the drain
You say there’s no one to blame
How could you be so cold
Is this a reality show
The day you left me
I’ve never been the same
No phone calls no e-mails
Just a letter
And here’s what it read


Woke up this morning
Feeling like the whole world was mine
Never saw it coming, I’m so damn blind
Something’s to work through
Don’t think that it’s you
Dear Jon, so sorry but I’m moving on



Written By: Ray Broadnax (Azfault)

It’s been about ten long years
Since I was last here
some memories fade
But this one’s clear
like a haunting past
that lingers near
And I
I wish you were here

I never thought that I
Would be by myself
I really should have tried
To express myself
No amount of words
Convey how I feel
And I
I wish you were here

There’s a angel watching Over me
She’s always there Just for me
An angel watching Over me
And I, I know she here

I never really been one
For wishing on a star
Never really thought
It would get me to far
Now I’d wish every star
Just to hear you say
Son you’ll be okay


She’s always
There for me
Over me
I wish you were still here

A Little More

Written By: Ray Broadnax

(1st verse)
I’ve been caught red handed
And I can’t deny
Theses feeling all bottled-up
Got me twisted inside

What it takes------ I’ll give a little more
What you want---- I’ll give a little more
What you need---- I’ll give a little more

(2nd verse)
Making love is for lovers
Well that’s what they say
If making love is for lovers
How’d we end up this way

(Repeat Chorus)

We can’t go on living this way----
If anyone knew, the price we’d pay
We know it’s wrong but the flesh is weak
And I can’t resist when she said to me

(3rd verse)
My addiction to you
Comes as no surprise
All the things you love to do
I can’t believe my eyes

(Repeat Chorus)

Eternal Sanctuary

Written By: Ray Broadnax

I feel myself
Slipping from control
The seed of this
Is rotten to the core
I’ve drowned every thought
Every thought of the past
A lifeless love
Gave more than I have
The more I see
The more I need to bleed
Unlock me from, from your misery

Eternal sanctuary
Where I run to hide
Watch the storm pass me by
Eternal sanctuary
Where I run
Watch the storm
Pass me by

The bittersweet
Smell of tragedy
I’d set you free
But I’m in too deep
My release
The water’s harsh
But the pills so sweet
I’ll let you go
If I’m not alone
I’ll let you go

Eternal sanctuary
Where I run to hide
Watch the storm pass me by
Eternal sanctuary
Where I run
Watch the storm
Pass me by


Persona, released June of 2006
Chances are Good, released 2004
Pop Song has been in rotation on these internet stations.,,,, clear channel music, &

Set List

Original set (20-70min)

Songs from "Persona"
A little more
Dear Jon
Eternal Sanctuary

Songs from "Chances are Good"
Piece & Quiet
Pop Song
Table 4 Fools
Without U

We can perform covers (four 40 min sets if needed)