Azimuth Pilot

Azimuth Pilot


We are home based kindred spirits who together create music loosely described as 'progressive rock'. Our music incorporates Matthew's evocative, soulful guitar/dark and intense lyrics, Christopher's intuitive keyboard/lyrics; Donna's 'from the heart' vocals/lyrics. Together we create magic!


Azimuth Pilot consists of Matthew's awe inspiring natural talent in music composition (writing/production), his 'dark-and-driven' lyrics, earthy, poignant vocals, and soulful guitar playing; Donna's spiritually sensual lyrics, from-the-heart vocals and keyboard/guitar contributions; Christopher's intense and evocative, intuitive lyrics/keyboard. They met three years ago, merged their materials along with their active and creative minds and were amazed at the results that these two kindred spirits could produce, driven by personal, emotional and spiritual experiences.


Please see our work on :
(Most have done extremely well in the charts, including many in the top five and a three day stint at number one!)

Set List

Return to Eden, Squeezing Stone, Stepping Out, Credo Part I, Credo Part II, Credo Part III
There are so many but this would be a typical set we would anticipate performing. The set would run to around 45 minutes.