Aziola Cry

Aziola Cry


Aziola Cry is an instrumental progressive rock trio featuring the Chapman Stick.


Aziola Cry is an instrumental progressive rock trio from Chicago whose complex and powerful songs keep the listener guessing with countless time-signature changes and moody tempo shifts. Influenced by works of King Crimson and Tool, the band spent the first year of their existence writing and refining their sound. The result of their hard work is a new twist on progressive rock.

Although each musician adds an invaluable component, it is the vision of Jason Blake that is the catalyst for the music. “I set out to create music that was challenging to play, yet accessible to the listener,” explains Jason. What emerged was “Ellipsis”, an eight-song showcase of well crafted songs that interconnect with each other to tell a dark tale without words. "This album follows a story of something being missing from your life," describes Jason. "That something can be any number of things and is different for everybody who listens."



Track Listing:
01. Ellipsis I
02. The Trembling Edge
03. In Your Dissolving Arms
04. Ellipsis II
05. Shadow Lies
06. When Soft Voices Die
07. Then Wake To Weep
08. Ellipsis III

Set List


Ellipsis I
Ellipsis II
Ellipsis III
In Your Dissolving Arms
Shadow Lies
The Trembling Edge
Then Wake To Weep
When Soft Voices Die

Typical Set List Length: 45min.