Aziza Brahim and the band Gulili Mankoo. Two words, an arabic verb, Hassania,
which means "tell me", and a name, wolof, meaning "union", to describe a
changing lineup with musicians from different backgrounds, with different
influences, tastes, and records, blending the musical tradition of Western Africa
(Sahara, Senegal, Mauritania, Algeria) with blues, rock, reggae and to set into
music the poems of her grandmother, the poet of the riffle, Ljadra Mint Mabruk


Saharwi singer and percussionist, born June 9, 1976 in the refugee camps of the
Hammada in Tinduf, Algeria. Aziza Brahim starts a new musical project called Gulili Mankoo.
Originally composed of musicians with diverse backgrounds (Spain, Senegal,
Colombia, Sahara...), the sound of the group is based on the idea of developing
Sahrawi music with a harmonic support generated by a collage made from the
cultural influence and personal style of each member.


MI CANTO, 2007
MABRUK, 2012