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"Italian Interview With Azoghn"

Interview with Azoghn

postato da Ciobin

Sabato 1 Ottobre 2005 ore 12:11:00
C: A little history about Azoghn
A: I started singing at a really young age and have always been in love with
music. Azoghn was a name that I created that would basically sum up everything
about me. It was basically word play on the word song. Since, I didn't
think I could get away with calling myself a song I put together the
letters that I thought had a similar sound.

C: Is this your first album?
A: This is my first album. I have done singles before but I never pushed to
have them released.

C: Tell me something about hip-hop in your city
A: Hip hop in my area is really serious. There are groups around here that
have been on the grind for a long time trying to make things happen but
nothing big has kicked off yet.

C: Do you know something about hip-hop in Italy?
A: I am not familiar with hip hop in Italy. I've never really thought about
it until now. So now I'm curious and will definitely check in to it.

C: What do you think about mp3?
A: Mp3's are great. Some radio Dj's prefer those over cd's and vinyl because
it won't skip and it's easier and faster to send music. It also makes
promoting much easier.

C: And about women in hip-hop?
A: I think women in hip hop is a good thing. Since hip-hop was dominated by
the fellas I'm glad that women came in and paved the way for the rest of
us ladies to today to get in and express ourselves.

C: Have you performed live?
A: I have performed live. I have done a few shows this summer. The biggest
one was the annual outdoor festival in my home town called the July Fest.

C: Who is the artist you like most and why?
A: There are allot of artist that I enjoy listening to but Mary J Blige is
close to the top of my list. I like her style. She changes her look all
the time like I do. She's edgy but smooth at the same time. Her voice
has grown and developed a lot over the years. You can tell that she works
hard, and most of all there is no one else out there that sounds like her.

C: Do you think that hip-hop videos represent the real hip-hop?
A: I don't think that hip-hop videos represent the real hip hop. All you see
is a bunch of half naked ladies, dudes flashing rented jewels, and a bunch
of the same ideas over and over. I'm not saying that It's wrong though.
Music and videos sometimes help people escape from reality for a little

C: In which way you live hip-hop?
A: I live hip-hop by having the do what ever it takes to make it attitude.
I'll do what I need to do to support the family, whether it's working the
the 9 to 5, joining the military, or what ever it takes.

C: Tell me something about club and radios in your city
A: The clubs around here are big on the crunk movement and trap music. The
radio stations might do a little bit to help the local artist, by having
segments when they play all local music.

C: Future projects?
A: As far as future projects are concerned, right now I'm focused on making
sure that my first project is as successful as it can be. After that we
will see how it plays outs.

C: Thanks and hello to
A: I have to send a special thanks to get-real for having my back. They have
really opened up the doors for me. Thanks to all the people who have
supported my project and gone out and bought the CD. Thanks to Resistance
for showing me some love!

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- Ciobin


Call these stations up to hear Azoghn:
1520 AM -NewBerry SC
Minsk Radio -Minsk, Belarus
Armidale Community Radio -Armidale, Australia
Radio Holstebro -Holstebro, Denmark
103.7 3Way-FM -Koroit, Australia
Celtica Radio -Swansea, UK
Radio Hoeksche Waard -Netherlands (Internet Radio)
ILR Radio -New Castle, Australia
Upper Rm Radio Show -Bridgeport, Conn.
KWEB -Claremont, California
2 Air FM -Mylestom, Australia
Lightning FM -Peckham, London
Radio Beiaard -Dendermonde, Belgium
Estonia Radio -Tallin, Estonia
LaserFM -Netherlands (Internet Radio)
Uniquetrax -United Kingdom (Internet Radio)
Pluriel FM -Saint Fons, France
Jazz Syndicate Radio -Greenhithe, UK
Radio Incontro -Pesaro, Italy
Off Da Richter Scale Radio -U.S. (Internet Radio)
Hobson’s Enterprises -Canada (Internet Radio)
JAMU -Afghanistan (Internet Radio)
Noosa Comm. Radio 101.3 -Peregian, Beach, Australia
City Sound 97.5fm -St Georges, Grenada
Highlands 100.7FM -Maldon, Victoria, Australia
Musicatotal Radio -Ponta Delgada-Acores, Portugal
Conspiracy UK -Tuxford, Newark, UK
Valley FM 89.5 -Conder, Australia
BBC Three Counties Radio -Luton, Bedfordshire, UK
Joy Radio 89.6FM -Malawi, Central Africa
RADIO ARDZAGANK fm103,5 -Yerevan, Armenia
Lasell College Radio -Newton, MA
Tehilla Radio -Trinidad and Tobago
Matrix 107 -Allentown, Pa
KUTE FM -Salt Lake City, Utah
Cybro Radio -El Cajon, CA
Radio LU -Luxembourg
88.1 WESU FM -Okeechobee, Florida
Laser FM -Zaandam, Netherlands
KFUO -Collinsville, Illinois
AmsterJammin -Netherlands



Azoghn, born in Aiken, S.C., the oldest of 5 siblings 3 of whom are also entertainers in some form. She can’t remember a day she wasn’t singing. Her mother says she came out the womb singing. She started singing in church where at 6 she was already leading songs for the adult choir. This song bird is more then just a pretty face that can sing, she took formal training in ballet, tap and jazz dancing for 10 of her childhood years, so to say that this beautiful lady is ready is an understatement.
She is not satisfied with just singing, when you listen to her, she wants to take you on a journey that you want to never end, she purposely flips, dips and dives with her vocals to make you want to see how the ending will be. Seeing her perform live is a fantasy in itself, you will be mesmerized and satisfied, all your dreams fulfilled in your mind.
She has performed at all types of functions ranging from church, to Annual Festivals and concerts. The people that she most admires are people like her mother and numerous family members who are famous in their own right. Some of her favorite artists include, Michael Speaks, Patti Labelle, Luther Vandross, David Hollister and Fantasia.