Az Samad

Az Samad

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"Az squeezes out a whole new sonic universe for the acoustic guitar." - Pete Teo

Band Press review – Antares

"... Az... qualifies as a guitar prodigy of sorts. His flair and passion are almost Latin and are revealed in his penchant for Latino jazz rhythms." - Antares

Klue Magazine – Adlin Rosli

"This is one guy who can finger-pick, hold massive grape fruit-sized chords and make his guitar gently weep with the best."

Malaysian Singer-songwriter – Pete Teo

"If you are one of those who think that conventional guitar-playing is limited and tired, then Mr. Samad will show you the way forward. By playing with various alternative tunings and applying unusual techniques, Az squeezes out a whole new sonic universe for the acoustic guitar. His compositions can be moving, funny or sad, but they are always well constructed and brilliantly played."

New Straits Times – Faridul Anwar Farinordin

"..Az Samad produces works that are richly textured, poetic and atmospheric." – Jeremy Lua

"Gentle and shy he may look, but the chops he possesses were simply massive. His solid performance simply bewildered the crowd, who were not used to seeing such virtuosity being displayed on the acoustic guitar."

Malaysian Underground Music Legend – Hassan Peter Brown

"He not only plays most beautifully his own compositions but also sways like a willow tree in a storm almost like he's dancing to his own music (although remaining seated)."

All Dat Show Review –

Az Samad's solo numbers were definitely impressive. Alternate tunings (DADGAD) make the Celtic "The C Factor" a really eye-opening occasion with its interesting harmonics and varied chordal textures giving rise to new dimensions of playing.

Excerpt from 17 of Malaysia's Most Outstanding Individuls Feature Article – Faces Magazine, Malaysia

A prodigy with the steel-string and nylon-string guitars, his new age guitar music is sure to follow you all the way.

TIMEOUT Singapore – TIMEOUT Singapore

"A rising acoustic guitarist" –

Be mesmerised by this acoustic finger-style guitarist as he lets his fingers do the entertaining.