azuma mazi

azuma mazi

 Los Angeles, California, USA
SoloHip HopEDM

Italian/Japanese Rappin phenom,clean lyrics,style,like a flow rida,high energy dance swag,looks makes this artist different,definitely the person who takes the time to break this artist can be in a great position for future promotions,


The Music scene is an over populated crowd these days, people are looking for something different that can catch their attention. Most importantly, you have to be able to go harder than the competition. Which leads us to AZUMA MAZI, an Italian and Japanese artist, who raises the bar on multiple levels as a commanding MC /song writer for Pop, Hip Hop, R&B and EDM music?

Azuma was born in Vallejo, California, and spent a quarter of his life in Kobe, Japan. The formally known street artist, Azuma, then moved to Los Angeles by himself, to pursue his dream of becoming an actor and not knowing his fate of becoming a musician was in his calling. Azuma dealt with hard times in Los Angeles, living on the beach with no place to stay, he met two long time rappers, one from New Orleans, and the other from New York. They took a liking to his style and personality immediately, and began introducing Azuma to the rap game. Azuma’s life had changed quickly to eating, sleeping and breathing rap, almost literally. The day that Azuma found out he had a gift to rap for others was at the BET Awards 2007 while rapping on the red carpet. After seeing two of his friends rap battling people, he was so intrigued by their rapping techniques, that he was inspired and determined to find his own style and signature sound for the world to hear.

While mastering this new found rap style he begin to blow people away with his wittiness, fast speed, lyrical word play, smooth singing, strong energy and astounding charisma on the streets, that he began to draw crowds everywhere he’d go. He then started rapping for these crowds of people for money to survive so he could eat each night. While rapping one day, he was approached by someone that saw his true talent and liked Azuma. He was then one of three people, Tupac and Faith Evans being the other two, to ever be invited to Jon b’s studio for a session, a legend in the R&B world. After accepting the invitation, Azuma was seeing things were starting to look up for him.

Azuma’s first recording was with a producer that produced for 2pac and Snoop dog, and this was how his journey into the mainstream world of Hip-Hop had begun. After cutting his first unreleased single, “Clutch Shooter”, the producer received calls from T.V. and publishing companies to play the song on their shows. The inspiring artist landed his first single on multiple shows such as the Kim Kardashian show and Bad Girls Club on Channel E, which then gave him the capital to buy his own limousine and start his own publishing company.

While rapping at a party, he was approached with his first contract by The Founder of Denny’s restaurants, which also had his own records label. Azuma Mazi quickly learned the cut throat industry, seeing no good contracts in sight; he now turned down contract, after contract for the next two years. Azuma then started thinking like a business man and formed his own independent label, Fearless One Records, and began to get his music played on radio stations across the United States. All his hard work landed him a tour across the U.S. playing at the hottest venues and drawing bigger crowds than he had expected. As Azuma started building his fan base, one of his songs from his second album, ‘Switching Gears’, was put on a T.V. show in China and got over a million views a week. Mastering his skills as a MC and perfecting his craft as a top 40’s song writer, Azuma now continues to write songs that catch the ears of Inters cope, Universal, Atlantic and more, but most importantly a top song writer in the industry that holds 17 hits under his belt such as, Flo rida, Pit-bull, T.I., Soulja boy, Christina Aguilera, Marc Anthony, Jessica Simpson, Silk, Pusha T and the current top artist of today. Azuma, now knowing his worth and his interesting bi-racial background, has now created an EP of his work to get ready to tour overseas and continue building his empire. This is Azuma Mazi. He’s ready to change the paradigm. He’s prepared to be a new voice. He is a breath of fresh air and one of a kind.currently just finished working with hotline bling song writer kid heat, armed with 3 new singles , he is ready to go back on the road.


miss me on that

Written By: azuma mazi

Miss me on that other shit
I be on that other shit
Miss me with with that other shit
I never tell em my government
You don't know who you fucking with

Killer season When the crew wit me
Never has ask who wit me
Bad bitches got a few wit me
That's why jelous haters want to fued with me
I'm the type to touch euro or yen
You saving these hoes Playing hero again
Moneys my target I'm zeroing in
Its on from here on in
I never been the type
But I've always been the type
To whip that Betty crocker
While in Yokohama
I'm in Perelis why I'm touring in Osaka
Ain't nothing you can tell me baby
Bitch I got it ain't nothing you can sell me
I be on that other shit so you can miss me

Hook again

Loud cars and loud blow
So you know I stay low key
Ever since they put me on
Acting like they know me
Calling me by my aliens
But they foreign to me alien
I go state to state
Yall staying place
Plotting on my space
Man they getting mad when I pull up in a wraith
Might turn it to a ghost
Not the type that you approach
I get my pay either away



Set List

i am a solo artist w/a dj, hype man and 2 dancers, i have 3 new records, i can do a 10-15 min set.