Azumuth is a hard rock/alt metal band that was started in 2008 by singer/songwriter Aidan Dickens. Having spent the last 5 years with his previous band Loki, Aidan decided it was time to move on, and in 2006 made the move to Melbourne.

A lifelong disciple of metal and hard rock, with influences as varied as Iron Maiden, Metallica, Queen and the Headless Chickens, Aidan had longed to record his own music that would be played by a hard rock superband. Azumuth is that superband, a culmination of Aidans classically influenced piano playing, metal style guitar playing, blended with lush strings into epic songs with soaring melodies brought forth by Aidan’s unique vocal styles.

Aidan recorded and produced Azumuth’s self titled debut album which was released in late 2007. After the album was finished, Aidan enlisted the members he needed and Azumuth took to the stage. Azumuth now consists of Adam ..s and backing vocals, Adverse on bass and backing vocals, Genie on drums and Nathan on guitar, with Aidan handling the vocals and adding some extra chunk with guitar aswell.

Signing with Bluepie records in early 2009, Azumuth is now gearing up to take it to the masses with a brand new album due for release later on in the year. The album is epic in both scope and magnitude, with huge songs clocking in at well over the 5 minute mark. This contrasts with the notoriously catchy pop rock of lead single ‘Fly’, clocking in at just over 3 mins. It promises to be an album of many different musical flavours, with huge choruses, stirring string sections, pounding rhythms and massive metal guitars, all simmering in the hard rock/metal melting pot. It certainly will be an album worth waiting for.


June 09 - Illuminus is out now and available for purchase at all good music stores. Get it now, it's epic!!!

July 09 - Azumuth to support Star Assassin for their 'Beautiful World' single release. 30th of October 2009 at Melbourne's iconic venue " The HiFi"

August 09 - Azumuth's new EP "Fly" will be out on the 15th of August. You can purchase the new EP at all good music stores and at the shop on our website. Get in early and pre-order now.

August 09 - Azumuth "Australian" Tour Dates will be announced over the coming month and updated as and when dates are locked in. Check the gigs section of the My Space site and also here on our website. We look forward to seeing you at the gigs.


Azumuth - 2007.
Degenerator EP - 2008.
Illuminus - Digital only release 2009.

Set List

1- For you
2- Fly
3- THe Lost
4– Painted
5- Dining on Ashes
6- Floating on
7- Breaking Down
8- The Sphere
9- Illuminus
10- Bitter Truth