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Azure Macklin

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Stephani meets Badu, gypsy like with heavy soul. Adult Contemporary in the midts of a blaze!


Born in Denver Colorado, Azure Macklin, aka, AzureMack, grew up in the theater community of Kansas City. Highschool years were spent touring acting competititons where she was awarded over 50 trophies eventually placing 9th of 5000 in the National Forensics Leauge 1995 (national acting tournament held ever year). After highschool Azure's love of acting was put on back burner, as she joined JJASONBLACKWELL (a then popular "Arrested development type" urban collective). They recorded one album titled "Urbanexperimentalists" before touring the continent opening for the likes of India Arie, Julie Dexter, Mechelle N'degeochello, Genuine, Kurtis Blow, and many more. Four years with the band ended as Azure set out to persue a solo career. "It was just time." she says when asked "why?". "There was no more room to grow." "Emotional" Azure's Debut album was quickly recorded and " acted as a spring board for my life." she says. "All the sudden I was 26 years old and corporate america wasn't working for me anymore. I knew that for sure. The real me was poping out at the seems and I couldn't hide it much longer. So I just leaped. I quit and moved to New York. "I sold enough albums on the street to stay alive and lots of people helped me. I thought was going to get signed and become a big star but I couldn't find my place in that world. I thought that was what I went to New York for, (to get signed and become a big star) but now I know that it wasn't." "What did you go for?" "Me. I went in search of me." "Did you find you?" "No, I found what I wasn't." "Which is?" "Anything." a moment of silence to gather her thoughts. "The music business is full of people who will do anything and thats not me. Not to judge or anything, but it's a distinction. Know Thy Self. Thats what they say isn't it? " "What will you do next?" "What I do. Same way I've always done it I suppose. With yearly upgrades of course." She went on to tell me of her role in Kamau Hunter's upcoming film, "Sky Life", where she portrays a young girl caught in a love triangle ending in murder, as well as hopes to do future films. Her sophmore album titled "Gypsy Life" will be featured on with individual burnable downloads for .99 cents a song as well as full album options. She spoke of a "Coffee House Tour" to promote the latest album, "Gypsy Life" hoping to kick off this fall. "It's representing the gypsy life to the fullest. This will be Americas chance to see a band of Gypsy's upclose and personal. Lots of seeds I had forgotten about are blooming and I am thankful in many ways. I'm finding my place in the world. "


Becoming New Again

Written By: Azure Macklin

Sunny Days and Butterflies,
realizing limitations
never stop to wonder why
things are the way they are.

Becoming New Again
Trying out my wings
Becoming New Again and sing...
I'll sing.

Textured peices of memory abound don't feel nothing else so I spread love around.
Living for the moment in fear of running out of time.

Becoming new again....

The Season

Written By: Azure Macklin

Baby it's in your eyes
there's no way you can disguise
the way that you feel.
No matter how hard you try
there's on way you can deny it
when it's real.
And you can go if you want to but you'll never find another who loves you like I do.
And you should go if your heart says so but before you go you should know love is real.

Now take a minuet to reveiw the possibility of light illuminating from inside of me.
It's for real.
I never knew that could love this way
Im letting go of all the games I've played. All for you...

There's no reason
For this season to ever go away.
There's no reason

There's nothing new under the sun
why must you be the one to change
I love you
U love me
It's true I'll be there for ya. It's true that I adore ya.
And you can pack your bags if you want to as a matter of fact I'll drive you to your destination.
Cause if you love someone you set them free and if you come back
you belong to me.

There's no reason
For this season
To ever go away

adlibs/ harmony's


Written By: Azure Macklin

Why at any time
would you cry
with the spring time so near by.

is love
and There's a way

People and places and things I see everyday reflect on me in beautiful ways.

People and places and things I see everyday reflect on me in beautiful ways.

And there
is love.
there's a way.


Gusest appearances on:
The Echo Effect, Sharrif Simmons
Feed America Music, Roan Yarn
UrbanExperimentalists, Jjasonblackwell
Zone 4 Dirty Jones Project, Dirty Jones

Solo Projects Released,
Emotional, Copyright 2004 (10-tracks)
Gypsy Life, Copyright 2006 (10-tracks)

Set List

I'll Be around (cover)
Don't know why (norah Jones)
Love, (Gypsy Life)
Grammy, (Gypsy Life)
We Belong Together, Mariah Carey Cover
Emotional (Gypsy Life)
Just the way you are (Billy Joel)
Crazy Girl
Run (Gypsy Life)
Wish U Near (Gypsy Life)
Baby Come On (Gypsy Life)
Been So Long (Anita Baker Cover)
Finer Days
The Season
Chrissy's Song