Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Elements of progressive, ambient, and indie roots combine to create a truly ethereal experience, reminiscent of early shoe-gaze, and modern post-rock.


Atlanta based indie-progressive band, Azureus, carve a niche for themselves somewhere between ethereal, atmospheric soundscapes, and highly accessible pop melodies. The project consists of Michael, Benjamin, Kyle, and Bobby, all active musicians in the Atlanta scene. Azureus formed from the fragmented remnants of a previous band known as Long Absent Friends, who played at venues such as Smith’s, The Red Light Café, and Lenny’s. Times were rough after the break, but they kept a few songs – reworking them entirely –, renamed themselves, and recorded a demo, and are now ready to bring their music into seedy clubs and smoke-filled dives across the city.

Azureus is currently hard at work recording their first EP, which
should be released sometime in Autumn.



Written By: azureus

Spill your secrets. It's all over now.
Grow your hair out. It's been gone too long.

Stars were all aligned up in the sky.
We lied and said "It's fate that we're out tonight."

And we're all waiting for our phone calls now,
from the things that tie us to the ground.

And we're all crashing carelessly through space,
without much regard to the state of things.

Open up now. Listen to the ground.
It remembers old nostalgic sounds.

Maybe in the back of an old used car,
we can still get together and sing that song.
Even though we know we don't belong,
we can still get together just for a little while.

Come back with me.


Written By: azureus

I will try to say goodbye.

I tried so hard to find you there...

I will try to say goodbye,
if you will try not to cry.

Set List

10 songs, ~ 45 min.

1. Glass Floors
2. Grounded
3. Gone
4. Drive-Thru City
5. Plastilina
6. Sanguine Expectations
7. Youngblood
8. Prodigal
9. Winston
10. You and the Fish

We occasionally cover "There, There" by Radiohead.