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Azuris Aurum

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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"McGill Tribune"

"Azuris Aurum was perhaps one of the most interesting bands to play the SnoAP tent...With an increasing number of shows around the Montreal area, and yet another eastern Canada tour in the works for this five-piece group, expect these guys to become a force in the burgeoning local jam scene." - Spencer Ross

"McGill Daily"

"[Mikael's] riffs are ultra-spicy. On 'Funch', he uses the wah-wah like Jimi one minute, then winds around a jazz tune a la Grant Green, and unleashes a microtonal hellstorm of a solo that you'll have to sit down for." - Ivan Corpus

"Montreal Mirror"

"Hey, so you guys are talking about whether or not Montreal has a funk scene. Well, let me say that I've been living here for the past four years and this is the funkiest city I've ever been in. I just saw this crazy band called Azuris Aurum, a weird name, they play the craziest funk I've ever seen." - Rant Line


-Self-titled debut Demo CD.
-Various live recordings from around Canada.
-Currently in the studio.

-Interviewed on the air (February 2003), and 3 tracks in constant rotation on CKUT 90.3 FM (Montreal).


Feeling a bit camera shy


Azuris Aurum is a Montreal-based quintet specializing in Jazzy Funk-Fusion for all ages and occasions. Formed in the fall of 2000, these five young men have been working diligently to achieve a sound that is highly energetic, compelling and unique. Their use of lush harmonic extensions, intricate and intertwining melodies, and super-funky beats has lead to the birth of a palace of sonority hitherto unknown in these regions. With one Canadian East-Coast tour already under their belts, and an onslaught of upcoming Montreal dates, Azuris Aurum is an increasingly powerful force on the improvisational circuit.

With three provinces represented by this five-member, all-Canadian band, Azuris Aurum reaches deep into the pools of experience of each individual to create an ocean of musical affluence--a collective of ever-expanding ideas.

Guitarist, founder and foremost composer, Mikael Tobias, has been working intensely for the past eleven years to gain a command over the instrument that allows him to effortlessly spin off lightning-fast runs and to add the sweetest icing to any chordal structure. Amalgamating sounds from the Western Rock, Funk and Fusion schools with the micro-tonal fluidity and ferocity of Indian and Oriental classical music, Mikael, a Toronto-native, is continuously pushing the boundaries of the traditional six-stringed instrument, as well as the fretless electric guitar he employs.

J.D. Katz, alone in the percussionist's seat, is nothing short of amazing. With impeccable time, a highly developed rhythmic sense, and an intuition for dynamics, J.D.'s groove is always right on and deep in the pocket. Also hailing from Toronto, J.D. is very active in Montreal's Jazz scene, sitting in at clubs all over the city, and playing in the prestigious McGill University Big Band.

Saxophone Wizard, André Bourgeois, a native of Moncton, New Brunswick, fills in the high-end with his tenor and soprano sax work. His beautifully full tone and unique melodic sense add a drive to the music that any other horn player would envy. Before relocating to Montreal, André was, and is still quite successful in the Acadian community with the Feu Vert Big Band, of which he is principal composer and musical director. André's original compositions also form a significant portion of the Azuris Aurum playbook.

At the other end, expert bassist, Rémi-Jean LeBlanc, holds down the groove with a low end to make your intestines twist. His five-string fretless electric bass sings with a melodic quality that most bass players couldn't even dream of. His technique and speed are unparalleled, yet he is always tasteful and keeps the groove pumping. Also a native of Moncton and a member of Feu Vert, Rémi is the newest addition to Azuris Aurum.

Pianist/Keyboardist, Jon Day comes to us straight from British Columbia. His chord voicings and unbelievable soloing technique hold the rest of the elements together in a harmonic web that he spins around the band. Jon's extensive knowledge of harmony is evident in that he drives the band to create a new composition each time a song is performed. In a live setting, Jon's electronic keyboards add an edge to the sound in their timbral originality and often-haunting expressiveness.

When these five young souls all converged in Montreal, a beautiful thing was born. Azuris Aurum represents the fellowship of five extremely hard-working, ever-searching musicians who seek truth and enlightenment in the sounds they create together.