Azusa Boulevard

Azusa Boulevard

 Stavanger, Rogaland, NOR

Christian Rock & roll band from Stavanger, Norway that combines Rock and classical music. The Band has 6 members. Vocals, gitar, bass, Drums, violin and keyboard.


The Azusa Boulevard:
Christian rock & roll band from Stavanger, Norway that combines rock and classic music. The Band has six members. Vocals, guitar, bass, drums, violin and keyboard. Lead vocalist and guitarist works with entertainment, Theaters & cabarets. Their Violinist works daily at Stavanger symphony orchestra. Their lead guitarist is one of Norway’s leading Flamenco guitarist. The drummer works daily with Film and music in Oslo the Capital city of Norway. Bass guitarist is going to music school in Oslo and is majoring in bass guitar. Keyboardist is musical leader in one of many churches in Stavanger.The Band has Concert’s that last for 1 ½ our. The age of the band is from 20 to 46 years. The band members can also perform Blues concerts, Flamenco, Norwegian folk music and classical tunes.


1. soldiers
2. praise the lord
3. hero
4. justice
5. the power of God

Set List

Typical set list:
2.Justice,Truth and grace
3.Praise The Lord
5.The power of God
7.What shall i render
8.My friend
10.Young Boy
11. What if he came today
12.Where my life went
13. What God had promised
14.What will you do with Jesus
Our sets can be from 30 minutts til two houers