Azylum Inmates
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Azylum Inmates

Wichita, Kansas, United States

Wichita, Kansas, United States
Band Hip Hop Comedy


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Sicktape 1 (Mixtape)
Sicktape 2 (Mixtape)
Untitled album (Set for an October of 10 release date)
Untitled Collab EP (Set for an October of 10 release date)



The Azylum Inmates are "Horror core" at its best. Having been together for over 3 years they have had between 2 and 4 members and seen them come and go. From the beginning though, Hatchet and Krash were always there through thick and thin, and for the last year and a half have been the and collectively compose the essence of "The Azylum Inmates". Some will call it "Horror Core", some call it "Hip Hop", and others call it "Simply Insane". Azylum inmates can spit with the hottest rappers and have been known to have a larger impact and mosh pit than even the heaviest metal bands.

Hatchet started rapping 5 years ago and hasn't stopped since. His deep, raspy voice and dark lyrical undertones bring the fiercest rhymes you can possibly comprehend. Inspired by other horror core artists and wrestling, you will usually see him paint up in his classic red, black, and white scheme. Those who have dealt with Hatchet know the beast he becomes and have witnessed the transformation once the makeup is on. Hatchet spits nothing but raw energy and sickness when on stage and is known to make the crowd go off.

KRASH has been rapping for over 4 years and his roots are in old school hip hop. Besides being an amazing rapper with a lyrical flow to keep the beat in check, he is a talented and accomplished artist in graffiti and other mediums. Being who he is and doing what he does, you will not see Krash paint up at all. He brings to the stage everything he is and nothing else. Krash spits steady like a train and sick as a hospital. Listen to the lyrics and you will wonder who or what lives inside his mind.

DJ Skitzo/Frantik is the latest addition to the group. Being a producer he has helped them compose most of their tracks and does all the cutting and drops live. He is a mixture between a horror core hip hop machine, and a gothed out redneck. Being from Texas and proud of it, you will normally see him drinking only Jack Daniels straight and often in sleeveless shirts. Like Hatchet, once the paint goes on, he turns into something and someone else. Smashing things with his face, fake and real blood, breaking his gear on stage, he is often known to "black out" on stage and not be able to recall what happened, as well as require medical assistance after performing.

Azylum Inmates were recently signed to System 6 Music and have gone through a meticulous and much needed rebuilding process. Azylum Inmates freshman album release is slated for early to mid August of 2010. Whatever your taste, dreams, nightmares, or pleasures may be.... Azylum Inmates bring the tracks and a show like no one else that has to be seen to be understood. Being Juggalos, Hip hop lovers, Metal heads, Punks, and Thugs, The infection shows no signs of stopping.