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There is no shortage of things to say about this cat Azzie. He's a gifted song writer, one of the hottest aspiring producers in the game and his stage show is so well groomed, you would think he rehearses with the top entertainers in music. Azzie is surely someone to watch and sets the new standard


By definition a rapper is described as “someone who performs rap music”. Azzie does not just perform rap music, so by definition he is not a rapper. Azzie is an artist, an artist who on many levels paints a picture through his music. With the pen he captivates multi-genre audiences because his music is pure, “Pure Music, No Additives”. But wait…it doesn’t just end with the pen, Azzie also produces a wide range of music along with Boogie Life Music and company which Azzie founded, and surely possesses the skill to satisfy any appetite.

Azzie has scored music for the “Street Science” PSA TV commercials featuring Swizz Beats, Nina Sky, D.J. Enuff and Julito from HBO’s “The Wire” running on MTV, VH1 and BET networks. Azzie has performed across the United States at various venues along side big names like, Mario, Miri Ben-Ari, Nas and Naughty By Nature. He has rocked the crowd at notable events like the BET “Free 4 Life Foundation”, BMI Impact Showcase and the Tommy Hilfiger Mixtape release party just to name a few.

Azzie has had a significant internet presence to say the least. His is featured on a vast number of websites and has been interviewed and reviewed from several magazines and TV shows like, Rock Me TV, Skope Magazine and Arize Magazine. He has also been selected as one of Sonicbid’s “Band Spotlight” and Azzie has even been indorsed by super duo production team Tim & Bob.

Azzie’s current work of art titled “Soul Sauce” is a fresh collection of music reminiscent of the early 90’s when hip hop was at its best. It contains songs like “Travelin’ Man” and “Rock Hop” which has been described to have a Tribe Called Quest feel and songs like “You A Star Baby” that has be described as Kanye West like. So with that being said, Azzie is definitely an artist with star qualities and is someone to keep on your radar. Music from his Soul Sauce-EP is already receiving radio airplay in the U.S. and overseas markets. an effort to maintain your attention, this will not be a long drawn out bio of Azzie. But, we will leave you with this. Everything he does, he’s doing it like he’s doing it for TV and Azzie will surely become the new standard of fresh independent artist and will set the bar for all others that follow.

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2009- "Soul Sauce" EP Available in stores Now!!! Worldwide and on iTunes, Rhapsody, Amazon, Napster, eMusic and all of the other major online music stores.

2008- Produced music for the "Street Science" PSA commercials with Swizz Beats, Nina Sky, D.J. Enuff currently running on MTV, BET and NYCTV networks.

"Hatin On Me" single released February 2006, receiving radio play world wide

"Hatin On Me" Appeared on DJ Mesta's "Get dat Paper" mixtape May 2006! Available on Itunes

"Hatin On Me" featured on DJ K-Swiv Best Of mixtape available on Itunes December 2006

"Hatin On Me" selected for the Hot Sauce DVD "Killa Crossover Vol. II"

"Hatin On Me" featured on MLS internet radio - current

"Hands Up!" from the Young Azzie sampler titled "What Ever it Takes" receiving radio play world wide

"Best Of Young Azzie Vol. II" mixtape released July 2006

"Today Da Streetz 2morrow the World" EP released April 2005

"New Jack City" mixtape released Oct. 2004

Set List

Sets vary from location to location! It all depends of the demographic, sets can be as short as thirty minutes and as long as two hours.

Oringinal music, "Travelin" Man", "Soul Sauce", "Rock Hop", and others..