AZZKAT are a Bi cultural, Indigenous duo. Childhood Sweethearts whom became parents as teenagers. They are well known for the warm energy they bring to their performances. Their 'golden sound' is unique as is the deep emotion and story telling nature of their music.


We are AZZKAT, (Aaron and Kathy Penny) an acoustic music duo. Our style is a unique acoustic, fusion of Folk, Blues & soul, We are high school sweethearts whom had our first beautiful daughter when we were just 16 and 17 year olds. We now have 3 children Kiara(14), Kaidan (10) and Jaida (6). Our children are 'hybrids' in that they have a mixed heritage which includes; Nyoongar, (Indigenous, South Western Australian), Dutch and English. We are both from musical backgrounds and we are now handing down the craft to our talented children. In 2007 we recorded our first demo. CD with the help of The JBSEED (Thank you so much to The Seed team). One of our tracks 'Move On' featured on that years WA Music Industry CD. We haven't done much, publicly, over the last two years as we were busy working to buy our first home and build a secure foundation for our children. (Priority 1!). This also gave us the opportunity to Reflect, gather our thoughts and write new work. We have grown, matured and found a new sense of Direction both musically and personally. We have experienced so much as a young bi-cultural family and our music gives us a medium to express, heal, harmonize (no pun intended)and share our experiences. Sharing our thoughts and insights on Love and Lifeis a priveledge



Written By: AZZKAT

Get In the Groove

Are you getting in the groove tonight
Cause I’m feeling alright now
Should we have a big party
Or spend some time just you and me baby

Should I call my sister, you can call you brother
Go and see a big rock band, or just chill out in the beach sand
Playin all night long, sittin back to acoustic songs

Can’t explain the joy you bring me
MMM How you do your thing now
Can’t believe we got his far
Look here comes two shiny stars now
MMM What shall we wish
Dreams come true and I know this coz
Right now I’m hear with you
Just want to get in the groove



Abmusic 20th Anniversary DVD

Currently recording Debut Album

Set List

45min set list example (originals only)

Don't sweat
If you leave me
The miner
Chemical dream
Stop it
Kind hearted woman
Let love in
Shadow to my soul
Get in the groove
Be your man again
Waiting for the storm
Gonna be alright

Plus Plenty more for longer sets