Burnt Offering

Burnt Offering


we are a melodic story telling alternative metal type band with a few acoustic melodys providing ear candy and hard hitting production masterpeices we are decendants of superstars such as maestro alfredo salmaggi and legendary john patitucci


we love alice in chains pearl jam robin trower judas preist and nirvanna we are story tellers dream tellers we have people amazed and astounded with our performance we also feel a deep obligation to promote our lord and master


All the same to me

Written By: Ed Salmaggi

falling leaves are changing colors
winter is on its way
eventhough I feel the wicked cold winds calling methey say don't fly away CHORUS
[Ive been thru marriage Ive been thru jail its all the same to me]
Here I am smiling laughing with my friends and I feel im dying deep inside
all the time spent wasted trying to save your life and I know I can't repair mine [CHORUS]
Ive seen theres been happy times
and I wish they would come back and visit me
all the gray clouds hanging over meall I do is wish the gods would smile at me [CHORUS]
Wasted all this time


we have a reunion album lost souls album and a troubadour album we were heard on wusb and wgbb

Set List

dissapearance jam song liar reunion shoot from the hip covers like black release rain plush road song
mr breeze