Baaba – electronica / jazz outfit from Poland famous for their notorious and crazy appearances crossing the border of simple musical event and performance art. Baaba has toured all over Europe (England, France, Germany, Russia), in clubs and at respected jazz, alternative and electronica festivals.


Polish group Baaba have been around since the year 2000, starting out as tunes devised on a computer by Bartosz Weber. Since then, Baaba have evolved into a fully-fledged performing and recording outfit. Members include: Macio Moretti (drums), Bartosz Weber (guitar and sampler), Piotr Zabrodzki (bass), Tomasz Duda (saxaphone, sampler). They have released four albums, all with solid reviews, and have a very strong fan base in Poland and abroad due to their energetic live performances as well as their studio work.
Their latest album entitled „Disco Externo” was released in April 2010 and received enthusiastic reviews in major Polish magazines. This December Baaba plans to release the vinyl version of the album in England and Poland.


Baaba (2000, Cpt. Sparky)
Con Gas! (2002 Teeto Records/ Sony)
Remixas Con Gas (2004, Lado ABC)
Poope Musique (2006, Lado ABC)
W Akwarium (2008 live, supported by Lado)
Disco Externo (2010, Lado ABC)