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"Soul, Funk and House at the Wherehouse"

Newburgh just got hipper with this new event being held at the Wherehouse called Baam Bada House, a monthly dance party playing House, EDM, Funk and Soul. This is a party that will be held the last Friday of every month starting at 8pm. The last event saw a turn out of 75 people with minimal promotion. Hopefully we can make the next event a greater success. This is an event where you can come be free and dance to house music in a safe environment.

The next event will be held Friday, March 29th at 8pm. The corner of Liberty and Ann Street just got livelier. Facebook Fanpage. Twitter. - Newburgh Restoration

"Baam Bada "Fresh""

Originaires de New York, Decora et Freeflowin s'apprêtent à lâcher leur album Montage. Si vous en voulez plus, faites un tour sur leur facebook. - keyzzisthename

"Dez Por Zero"

exta-feira é dia de músicas à pala. E preparem-se que esta semana excedemos-nos! Espero que não se importem, mas recebemos de muito bom grado na nossa caixa de email mais de dez remixes para download. Por isso esta semana não temos dez, nem vinte mas sim 28 músicas completamente de borla. Vamos então explorar estas boas novas?

Para vos aliciar ainda mais, esta semana destacamos versões de Kisses, Giraffage, Lane 8, James Blake, Major Lazer, Lapalux, Spiller, Tai & Diplo, Shadow Dancer, Justin Timberlake, Aeroplane, Flight Facilities entre muitos outros… Boa degustação musical! - Punch

"Hello Thursday Remixes"

Available on Site - Kick Kick Snare

"Welcome to the Underground Volume 23"

And herrreeeee we go. Volume 23 comin’ atcha. I got a fever and the only cure is more bass. Trap, dubstep, moombah, house, some smooth hip hop beats, and other flavors all mixed together in this latest edition of the Underground. It seems that crazier sounds and sicker tracks are coming out every single week lately, and it’s almost too much to keep up with. As someone who filters through all of our submissions from independent artists, I have to say it’s hard to select the tracks that make it into my posts because there are so many choices. That being said, I am so pleased to be able to experience all of the wondrous talent on the scene right now, and I hope it doesn’t stop. Please enjoy the tracks below, I hand-picked each one after careful consideration. Lastly, thank you to all the artists who submit tracks to Music You Need! Keep it coming! - Music You Need

"Top 10 James Blake Remix"

James Blake - "Retrograde (Baam Bada Mash Up)"
Yes, of course there's a house version, and you can thank Baam Bada for that. In addition to throwing in more cowbell, new kicks and snares, listen to layering of some New York rap.
- Vibe Magazine

"BK Forever"

True spirit of Brooklyn. - Cultourvators

"Baam Bada Promo Shoot"

I got to know these awesome artists Freeflowin and Decora who has a group called Baam Bada in december 2012 while I was staying in New York. Their music is DOPE and they are really cool people! We decided to have a promo shoot for them in Live Astro store in Williamsburg. They gave me free hands to style them from head to toe. Nice day all and all!
Monkey sweater, caps and silk scarf is from Live Astro, pants are from H&M, wolf sweater is The Hundreds, necklace Jackie Yo, Jordans and other accessories are my own.
- Jenny Haapala


BK Forever



Baam Bada
Pushing doors and kicking out windows, this is not your traditional sound or your typical music pair.

The sound is smooth and soulful, yet vibrant. With each track, Baam Bada delivers a socially-conscious, lyrical flow. It is what you get when you mix Hip Hop, Electronic Dance Music (EDM), and Moombahton beats. Still, no big production is needed, just heart and soul. Baam Bada keeps it organic during live shows with a drummer, a turntable, and two mics.

The poets on the mics, Free (short for Freeflowin) and Decora (short for De Corazon, meaning “from the heart”) are the creative elements behind the name, sound and movement. The two have worked several years collaborating, writing, co-producing, and performing their music. The Panamanian Brooklynite (Free) and the Black-Bajan-Puertorican (Decora) who reigns from Newburgh NY first started in the Hip Hop group, The ReadNex Poetry Squad. The politically-conscious group, made up of five creative lyricists, dropped four albums and performed together for 10 years. While in the group, Free and Decora toured several countries, performing over 75 shows across the pond – London, Paris, Germany, Amsterdam, and Brazil, just to name a few. With the passion for music and the yearning of self-expression, Free and Decora decided to follow their love, this time as a duo.

The sound has an authentic pulse behind it – giving music a new life. Free and Decora’s new groove is just as unique as their culture, having your ears wanting more. Baam Bada is emotional music – an experience with a heartbeat, one you can feel. Blame the rhythm of the Free and Decora’s flow and their mix of EDM that keeps your body vibing. Free and Decora gain constant eclectic inspiration from artists like Michael Jackson, Diplo, Pink Floyd, Nina Simone, and Lauryn Hill. The diverse influence is apparent in their unexpected tracks.

When the two are not traveling and sharing their music with parts of the world, they are in the studio. Right now, Baam Bada has 30 new tracks in the works. Free and Decora have a lot up their sleeves this year, with new tracks and mixes, videos, and personal “A Day in the Life” footage. Recently, Baam Bada was a recipient of The Popular Vote in the Converse Rubber Tracks: In Search of Sound contest. This is just the beginning for the pair.

Overall, Baam Bada’s three-dimensional vibe gives the lyrically-inclined something to appreciate. Individually, Free and Decora are creative poets. Together, they are dynamically in sync vibrations; hence, the liberating sound of Baam Bada.

Infinite. Pure. Energy.