Baba Alade

Baba Alade


Baba Alade is a urban folk music legend from Watts, California.


From Banjo to Bass to Harmonica this multi-instrumentalist, BABA ALADE, has played with everyone from Taj Mahal, to Babatunde Olatunji, to the great jazz legend Charles Lloyd. On the local level, BABA ALADE has been seen at LA's El Rey Theater, Fais Do, The Mint, and Temple Bar, while internationally he's played at the University of IFE in Nigeria.

While Baba has been involved in the music business for years, his latest release, UNIFIED AND ONE, has the ability to make the most significant impact of his career. UNIFIED AND ONE is a 20 track record that emanates the true essence of the story teller. With his roots in Watts, California, BABA ALADE sings to you of love lost and found and of the need for our one world to unite. With gentle tone and subtle humor, UNIFIED AND ONE caters to all walks of life who have an appreciation for the folk genre steeping with the wisdom of an elder.


Baba Alade - Unified And One

Set List

1 hour set list
1-2 sets