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Denton, Texas, United States | SELF

Denton, Texas, United States | SELF
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Babar @ Lola's Saloon

Fort Worth, Texas, USA

Fort Worth, Texas, USA

Babar @ Bryan Street Tavern

Dallas, Texas, USA

Dallas, Texas, USA

Babar @ Headhunters

Austin, Texas, USA

Austin, Texas, USA

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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Babar lets its music do the talking. What it says is entirely up to the listener. This math-rock trio keeps things instrumental, and complex.

The Denton group composes in a way that is reminiscent of the work of Philip Glass. Using guitar, bass and drums, this instrumental act stacks pattern on pattern — blocks of measured drumming over a steady, percolating guitar. The bass taps along, sometimes folding back over the drums, sometimes skipping ahead of the guitar.

If there’s any unpolished messiness that partially defines Denton music, Babar hides it in a rhythmic precision that is happy or plodding, depending on which song you’re in." - Denton Record-Chronicle

"Loyal DC9 readers may recognize the members of Denton's Babar as members of Caleb Ian Campbell's backing band. But they're more that that--much more...

...For starters, they're an instrumental math-rock band mired in Denton's often folk-heavy scene. And that, Babar's members say, can be a good and bad thing.

In general, Babar's members say, it means strong support from the often kind folk music community. But it also means that they stand out amongst the clutter.

Which is a good thing, they say, given their instrumental songs. People can "pull whatever they want from it," Babar explains of their music, and, often, that means even its members cull different meanings from each of their songs. " - Dallas Observer Blogs

"I'm guessing they're kinda a new band, but they sound like they've been playing a long time. Very mathy." -

You are on the frozen tundra of Siberia. The landscape is cold and barren, a bleak, lifeless vision of entropy. Then all of a sudden Babar shows up and rocks out and everything is awesome. A Pterodactyl swirls through the air, waving multicolored streamers behind it. This mimics the labyrinthine guitar licks of Michael Varner. A slightly chubbier Pterodactyl comes out of nowhere, is all like "what up," straps on some streamers of its own, and flies in complementary patterns with that first Pterodactyl. This somewhat burlier Pterodactyl represents Erik Bowers and his jamming bass lines.
Like two Pterodactyls wearing multicolored streamers engaging in a mystical and beautiful midair dance, so do Varner and Bowers intertwine their musical musings into contrapuntal examinations of beauty and melody. But oh no WHAT IS THAT?!?!?!? It's a TRICERATOPS REPRESENTING ANDREW MAJORS' DRUMMING!!!! WHY ARE ALL THESE DINOSAURS IN SIBERIA?!?!?!? I'll tell you why the Triceratops is there: as a symbol of the confidence and strength with which Majors pummels his instrument of choice. Providing the aggressive rhythmic backbone for Babar’s otherwise airy delights, Majors acts much like the Triceratops does when the PTERODACTYLS JUMP ONTO IT AND RIDE IT OFF A CLIFF TO THEIR APPARENT DOOM. But no! The Pterodactyls reemerge from below the horizon to reveal they are actually carrying the Triceratops in the air with their talons!!!! They fly off to the top of Dinosaur Mountain, symbolizing Babar’s almost inevitable rise to the top of the musical scene. And you are still stuck in Siberia.
You ask yourself “WHY OH WHY didn’t I buy the Babar EP “You’re a Bad Friend” at Recycled Books & Records on the square while I had the chance? Then I would not be stuck here to die in Siberia, I would be on top of Dinosaur Mountain jamming with BABAR!” But you didn’t buy it and you die alone and cold.

People of the world, I entreat you: Don’t freeze to death in Siberia. Buy the Babar EP.
--Reviewed by Hayseed Pickens-- -


"You're Doing Great." LP - January 12, 2013 [unreleased]
"Gutterth Compilation Three" - March 2011.
"You're a bad friend." EP - March 2010.



Babar stands with a foot planted firmly on each side of the state line between math rock and adventure soundtrack, with extended arms raised on both sides, palms spread wide, ready and waiting for high-fives. Friends first, team-Babar-mates later, the trio initially met and grew up in Lake Jackson, TX, though they did as Babar-boys do and followed their hearts to Denton, TX where they jammed and jammed until they could bring you a mason jar full of math rock-jelly.

In March of 2010, Babar released their first EP, “You’re a Bad Friend.” Their first full-length album, "You're doing great." is set to be released on January 12, 2013.