Baba Shibambo

Baba Shibambo


Baba Shibambo takes percussion dance rhythms to the highest energy level!! Master on the hand drums, marimbas, mbira virtuoso - When Shibambo grooves, the audience really moves. This is the music the entire world has been waiting to hear!!!


Traditionally influenced by the African tribal Elders, Baba Shibambo is a performer, playwright, composer, actor, multi-instrumentalist and educator.
His inspired vocals and original musical creations lead the listener on a journey into the deepest part of Africa through it's heartbeat- the rhythm of the DRUM.


"African Skin on Skin"
subtitled .... 'Reflections of a South African
Hand Drummer'.....
Currently receiving radio airplay in Canada, UK and USA, SIRRIUS & XM SATELLITE RDIO

Set List

All original music
Opening with one man show on all the instruments with storytelling about his Royal Family of South Africa
Back up band second set..