If the whole enitire world was facing the Apocalypse BABBAR would be on the on the frontlines. Teeth clenched voices dominant preparing to defend this earth..........


We got together to write out a friend's project within 5 months we were destroying our sets. We are influenced by all music and love it's culture. We could move an entire mass to a sweaty worn out euphoria.
they may smell good to ..



Written By: BABBAR

While this world is sorting out our remains, You try and burden us with conversation, Walking through this world fully shakled and chained can't you see you're bringing our end, The pain you send to weaken us, We lead from a narrow escape from becoming your dead men, This devastation claims . Full of substance the world sees fit to be a target for how you want to full of substance the world sees fit to be a target for how you want Point your horns down Point your horns down So i guess you've lost it for all the world to see why


Just a demo- although some members have released other demos and cds with previous works. We have only been together for so long...

Set List

we usually play a 5-7 song set
we are more comfortable with our own music and we love to have enough time to gather our full strength ....