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Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States
Band Pop Avant-garde


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"BBC 6 Mix - Mount Kimbie"

[No Text] - Selected by Mount Kimbie as part of their 10/23/11 6 Mix on the BBC. - Mount Kimbie/Floating Points

"Babes & Sixteen Notes: "Siobhan's""

Siobhan’s es un muy buen split entre Babes y XVI Notes, o 16 Notes, o Sixteen Notes, sepa cómo prefieren que les digan. El caso es que me siento un poco culpable porque este release llevaba un buen de rato en mis marcadores y ya casi se me estaba oxidando de lo lindo. Como bien dicen las bandas de Milwaukee, o al menos en el caso de Babes, este último EP muestra el lado más bailable y contagioso que se les había visto hasta ahora.

Lo mejor de este disco empieza, diría yo, como pasadas las primeras dos canciones. “Beeper” es una distintiva melodía de meneo ambient que marca la continuación de un retoque ochenterón de música disco dada por “Autumn Addict“, la cual a pesar de doblar en número a la anterior pista, sólo logra alcanzar los dos minutos de duración, que en mi opinión es muy poco tiempo para tal vez la mejor pista del release, echándose un quién vive entre el fabuloso cover que Sixteen Notes se aventó de “Teeth“.

mp3: Babes – “Teeth (Sixteen Notes cover)”

mp3: Babes & Sixteen Notes – “Beeper”

mp3: Babes & Sixteen Notes – “Autumn Addict”

Cabe mencionar que en el transcurso de este mes se fueron soltando algunos videos de estas canciones por medio de la cuenta personal de Babes en la red social Vimeo, recomendable pasar a checarlos.

De igual manera pueden descargar este EP totalmente gratis desde el bandcamp de cualquiera de ambas bandas. - Matinee as Hell

"Quick Hits: Babes"

Just when I was escaping the midweek fog, Milwaukee’s Babes bring right back with their distorted clouds of memories and shadows. Catch a glimpse of the faded scribbles on their bandcamp. Meanwhile indulge on this little isolated groove off of their Teeth b/w Roam single:

mp3: Babes – Roam - Pasta Prima

"Babes: Whitney"

Just caught this new single from Milwaukee outfit Babes and it's a slicker ride than our last fave "Teeth", with icy synth droplets and high levels of new-wavey drama. Check the more ambient delay-heavy extras on the single, too. - Rose Quartz

"Local Music Wrap-Up: Babes . . ."

Babes - Sides: I know almost nothing about the Milwaukee group Babes, which in April posted to Bandcamp Sides, an endlessly re-playable full-length of feverish, lo-fi sketches. There are shades of Perfume Genius's traumatized pop and The Notwist's glitch-pop trances here, but there's much more mischievousness than either of those acts bring with them into the studio. - Express Milwaukee

"Babes: Metronom/Sky/Jets"

Babes llevaba un año encerrado en su dormitorio de Milwaukee, puliendo unas canciones que acaba de recopilar en su álbum de debut, “Sides”. De ahí salen estos tres temas, los que más nos han llamado la atención. Si buscas referencias para “Metronom”, piensa en los primeros Deerhunter pasados por un filtro de producción sucio, de baja fidelidad, que el artista ha llamado irónicamente “snow-fi”. “Sky” es la más ensoñadora del lote, una invitación a levantar la mirada para contemplar cómo caen los copos de nieve desde el ombligo cenital del cielo. De “Jets” te diremos que el registro vocal de nuestro joven Babes nos recuerda ligeramente al de Isaac Brook de Modest Mouse. El resto tendrás que descubrirlo tú. Si os preguntáis quién es el chico de la portada que ves junto a estas líneas, se trata no de Babes, sino de un gran amigo de nuestro protagonista, fallecido recientemente. A él están dedicadas unas piezas que puedes conseguir a cambio de nada en el sitio de Babes en Bandcamp. - Playground Magazine

"introducing: Milwaukee's Babes & XVI Notes"

Siobhan’s is the collaborative tape release from Milwaukee’s Babes & XVI (16 durr) Notes. The 6 song tape is inspired by mid/late-80s to early-90s dance music. Pretty sure I even caught an Ace Of Base sample in there. Tracks like the sugary sweet, Pontiac Fiero inspired , “Autumn Addict” and “Beeper” are easy listens and perfect for the late summer jam. A bachelor degree online is what some people are looking for when it comes to making fresh music like this. It’s helpful to learn from each other and collaborate in order to come up with new sounds.
You can get Siobhan’s and other Babes’ releases over at their bandcamp for no red cents. - Seizure Chicken

"Babes & Sixteen Notes: "Siobhan's""

(No Text) - Sick of the Radio

"Babes - Sides [ideal copies]"

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"Bandcamp Band of the Week: Babes"

I suppose it’s hard not to get creative when you’re holed up during the blizzard-ridden months of a Wisconsin winter; heck, you might go so far as to make up a genre in addition to forming a band and developing songs. Which brings us to Babes, a Milwaukee band who has affectionately dubbed their output “snow-fi.” And while the chilly play on lo-fi is appropriate in regard to Babes’ modest bedroom recording aesthetic, their material thus far reveals a band finding its way through experimenting with style and sound rather than glomming on to a particular trend. In the smattering of EPs and singles they’ve released on Bandcamp, Babes hits everything from drone-y, wall-of-sound shoegaze (“x”) to impassioned garage rock (“Bruise”, “Grave”) to sparkling synth-pop (“Jets”) to sample-looped throwback jams set against murky fuzz (“Teeth”) and beyond, always sure to lay on some thick bass.

The dirtier, if you will, side of Babes shows up on their earlier work, particularly the Carrots EP, but my favorite track is the b-side single, “Roam”, where the band cleans us the distortion and dissonance to create a slow and smooth gem that’s, dare I say, rather pretty; it’s also the most developed lyrically (hard not to like the achingly delivered “You learned to kiss me / And you will learn to miss me”).

To get a feel for the range of Babes, we’ve got two more for you. “Jets”, their latest release, is a major sonic departure from anything on Carrots, all drum machine and synth in the foundation until an equally catchy guitar line pops up halfway through… some serious ‘80s nostalgia working here.

Going backwards in Babes’ catalog, the sweetness of “Jets” stands somewhat (but not entirely) in opposition to “Gelatin”, which sounds likes it’s coming out of blown speakers. While you have to work a little harder to find it, “Gelatin” still has the hooks and earnest vocals that make Babes a band to keep an eye (and ear) on.

To hear more from Babes and download all these songs and more, head to their Bandcamp page. - Crawdaddy (Paste Magazine)

"Babes - Side (2011)"

Chillwave, lo-fi, dreampop…
01. Metronom
02. Sky
03. Letters
04. Missive
05. Dead Dance
06. Noel
07. Tyler’s
08. Jets
09. Lay, lay.
10. Eyes
11. True Dance
12. Knees - Una Piel de Astracan

"Babes & Sixteen Notes: "Siobhan's""

It's nice to hear from Milwaukee-based outfit Babes again, after their digital single, "Teeth," grabbed our attention back in March. The latest digital release, "Siobhan's," is a collaboration with fellow Milwaukee buds Sixteen Notes, who together explore some early '90s dance atmospheres. Aided by a signature Ace of Base sample, the first half is beautifully stripped back, its long bass tones and club pulses eventually giving way to the reverberant guitar lines and more layered Balearic flourishes. We're also loving the spoken word outro, which nicely mimics the obligatory "rap" verses of other '90s dance chart toppers like The Real McCoy. --Shea Bermingham, Rose Quartz - Altered Zones/Rose Quartz

"Quick Hits: Babes - Sides"

Milwaukee’s Babes just dropped an assemblage of a years worth of audio fades and shadows that drop eerie vibes and morning mournings into my afternoon siesta. Sides is a collection of songs put together in homage to a friend that has recently passed whose picture is on the cover. Sadness…but beauty nestled deep within. Check out the lead synth-dream single:

mp3: Babes – Jets - Pasta Prima

"Babes: "Teeth""

Cruisy lo-fidelity daytripper from Babes right here, riding on some '70s TV intro vibe with a reedy vocal breeze and crunchy keys solo. I actually kind of wish this sounded super smooth (like the production on this Holy Shit track, which it reminded me of) but the shredded finish does lend itself to some pretty demented Timothy Wind (né Taterbug)-style wayfaring. Either way, it's a definite jam. --Shea Birmingham, Rose Quartz - Altered Zones/Rose Quartz


In chronological order, from most recent to oldest; all available for streaming or downloading from

Siobhan's (EP)

(Written up on Altered Zones, Get off the Coast, Sick of the Radio, and others)

Slower Drugs b/w Moss Harp (single)

(Part of a compilation from Cactus-Mouth)

Sides (LP)

(Written up on Crawdaddy, Cactus-Mouth, Playground Magazine, Una Piel de Astracan, Matinee as Hell)

Jets (single)

(Written up on Rose Quartz, Sick of the Radio)

Teeth b/w Rome (single)
(written up on Altered Zones, Rose Quartz, Pasta Prima, All Everyone United, Cactus-Mouth, and others)

Carrots (EP)
Thinks That Will Happen (EP)



Living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, but originally from Louisville, Kentucky.

We like to dj around town, spinning our favorite early-80s European new wave and cold wave tunes, Italo disco, and a few 90s cheese-pop dance standards mixed in. Normally at house parties.

We like to live slow. We are in love with each other.

We do everything band-related ourselves: videos, artwork, production.