Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

Experimental pop music, written in our bedroom, using a mix of samples, shitty keyboards, and acoustic instruments. Several of our songs have gotten blog buzz on experimental/indie music sites like Altered Zones and Get Off the Coast. We're in talks with Illegal Art to release our next album.


Living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, but originally from Louisville, Kentucky.

We like to dj around town, spinning our favorite early-80s European new wave and cold wave tunes, Italo disco, and a few 90s cheese-pop dance standards mixed in. Normally at house parties.

We like to live slow. We are in love with each other.

We do everything band-related ourselves: videos, artwork, production.


In chronological order, from most recent to oldest; all available for streaming or downloading from

Siobhan's (EP)

(Written up on Altered Zones, Get off the Coast, Sick of the Radio, and others)

Slower Drugs b/w Moss Harp (single)

(Part of a compilation from Cactus-Mouth)

Sides (LP)

(Written up on Crawdaddy, Cactus-Mouth, Playground Magazine, Una Piel de Astracan, Matinee as Hell)

Jets (single)

(Written up on Rose Quartz, Sick of the Radio)

Teeth b/w Rome (single)
(written up on Altered Zones, Rose Quartz, Pasta Prima, All Everyone United, Cactus-Mouth, and others)

Carrots (EP)
Thinks That Will Happen (EP)