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London, England, United Kingdom | INDIE

London, England, United Kingdom | INDIE
Band Pop Acoustic




"Exclusive Interview with Get Loaded in the Park"


What was the first record you bought?
TC: I bought a Lou Reed 'best of' album when I was about 12-13.
DT: Chumbawumba. Awful first question for me!

Can you remember your first live music experience?
TC: My dad has always been in bands so started early when they were busking in Covent Garden, I have vague re-collections of playing a train whistle at the Mean Fiddler not too long after I could walk.

How did the band meet?
TC: David and I met through mutual friends and buskers in Canterbury, not much of a story about how I met my brother Adam, Sam was introduced to us by a friend and knew all the songs from day one.
DT: We played shows and busked as just the two of us for a good few years before moving to London and forming what you know as Babeshadow.

How did the band name come about?
TC: Babeshadow came from a girl we used to know who refused to be seen in the sun, we we're never sure why.

Who do you name amongst your influences?
TC: Bands such as the Kinks, Roy Orbison, Gene Vincent, The Beatles, Lou Reed, T.Rex, Talking Heads, Buddy Holly to name a few, have definitely led us to where we are now.

Can you remember the first gig you played? How did it go?
DT: Our first show as Babeshadow was at the rhythm factory supporting Pete Doherty. It was packed over capacity, people crawling up the Walls. It is a good way to jump-start a band!

How would you describe your sound to someone who hadn’t heard you?
TC: Upbeat, poetic summer dance tunes.

What is the strangest thing you’ve encountered at one of your shows?
TC: We we're playing a show in Camden a while back when a guy ran straight into the middle of the dance floor looking rather sketchy, he was then followed by about 5 policemen who dragged him out in a raucous brawl, all the while we we're still half way through our first song. It was like playing a live soundtrack to a Clint Eastwood film.

Which artist, living or dead, would you most like to perform with?
TC: Gene Vincent
DT: I'd like to perform a collage with David Hockney. Or just stand behind the drummer at a U2 concert.

Which are your favourite tracks to perform live?
TC: Sleepless is always a favourite of mine, also love playing 'Days of Old' to get everyone dancing.

What is your funniest festival experience?
TC: The stage invasion at the 'Sequin Sheep' festival, I couldn't see anyone in the band due to the swarm of people, also having to use our van headlights for stage lighting.
DT: At Isle of White festival when Tom phoned me asking where I was while completely drunk and up-side down on The Terminator ride!
TC: Yeah, that's definitely one!

Going on holiday this summer?
TC: We like to see touring as a kind of holiday after being in the studio for a long period of time, and we'll be out and about this summer, so I guess we are yeah.

What is the worst piece of summer clothing you’ve ever worn?
DT: A fleece.
TC: I try not to remember occasions that went that badly.

Are you currently writing or recording?
TC: At the moment we're doing both. We have a studio set up in the house so luckily we can get on with writing and recording at the same time.
DT: We've also just come out of Abbey Road studios where we recorded our new single 'Days of Old' live onto the old tape machines! Very exciting. It's released on iTunes on 27th June. So digitally grab one.

What can we expect from your appearance at Get Loaded In The Park 2011?
TC: A lot of fun, love, dancing and summer vibes! -


Days of Old - Luvluvluv Records 2011
Sea Serpents EP - Luvluvluv Records 2011



Tripping on a summer ray of good vibration moonshine, Babe Shadow are an Arcadian beat-combo for our time. They make a buoyant and lovelorn guitar-twanging kind of pop music, for hot nights and romancers and dancers. Their intentions are pure. Tom and Dave Shadow co-write all the songs, an acoustic guitar each, in the time-honoured and good-old-fashioned way. Their influences are “fifties and sixties music with clean guitars. ” They say they particularly like “Marc Bolan” and some old band called “The Beatles.” In a scene clogged up with shoegazers and twittering electronics, Babeshadow are happy pagan luddites. “When we started this band we vowed never to use synthesizers,” declares Dave, “or guitar pedals or anything like that.” There are no special effects at work here beyond cigarette smoke and mirrors.

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