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Brooklyn, NY | Established. Jan 01, 2018 | SELF

Brooklyn, NY | SELF
Established on Jan, 2018
Band Alternative Rock




"Plastic Paradise Album Review"

Baby FuzZ has a rich vocal arsenal, combine that with his ear for the unusual melody and song form, and you have something special. Throughout Plastic Paradise Baby FuzZ takes his vocals to heights that inspire and has full-throated screams that places emphasis on all the key climaxes. Baby FuzZ straddles the line of effectively combining the slightly bizarre with the strange melodramatic to generate a sound that is fresh, genre bending and pleasantly surprising. The vocal harmonies enrich the tunes to compliment the melodic phrases. Baby FuzZ’s various instrumental parts are just as creative as his singing and melodies. The result is the ten songs flow naturally and maintain interesting subtleties that will keep the listeners attention. Mixed by Chris Connors and mastered by Emily Lazar and Pete Lyman. Produced by Aksel Axxe Carlson, Ronny Janssen, and Baby FuzZ, the sounds are full, and easy to hear. Baby FuzZ delivers a strong album with Plastic Paradise. With emotion and realism in his lyrics and songwriting that will entertain. You will want to get this one as it is the GOOD stuff. Talented artist. That’s the short of it! - Staccatofy

"Burial Review"

Baby FuzZ is incredible. As music trends begin pointing toward some sort of rock rejuvenation, the Canadian artist proves to be ahead of the curve with his intricate, dynamic sound. He has blown us away with previous tracks, and, now, he's doing so again with "Burial", an ultra-creative effort that jumps between cheeky verses, explosive hooks, and an instrumental outro that will have your head spin. Be sure to get familiar with this exceptional talent, and listen to this fresh marvel of his below. - Hilly Dilly

"I'm Still Holding Out For you"

For nearly 10 years, alt-pop songwriter Brandon Lowry penned and produced hits for the likes of Lana Del Rey, Charli XCX, Madonna, and Adam Lambert under his Sterling Fox stage name. Shortly after the 2016 election, however, Lowry did what everyone always threatens to do and moved from his Big Apple home to Montreal, where he began utilizing his already veteran studio skills on his own material.

Lowry’s new alias is Baby FuzZ and is a true fusion of his past work; there are elements of Lambert and Madonna’s glitzy glam, Del Rey’s dramatic melancholy, and Charli’s on-point melodies. Take for example his latest Baby FuzZ song, “I’m Still Holding Out for You”, which already sounds like a demo for a sad banger from Del Rey (though, maybe reworked with a more plushy, Cali title).

“I been hanging on your shadow for so long, dreamin’ about an old tomorrow in a song/ I’ll keep holding out for you,” Lowry sings here. His vocals, soaked in a somber potion, hang over warm piano and the occasional glam-rock shriek of an electric guitar. Think of a cross between Tobias Jesso Jr. and The Struts.

This latest offering came together at a songwriting camp that Lowry attended in Oslo. While it isn’t as frigid and remote as other more northern Norwegian spots (I suggest Tromsø in the Arctic Circle!), the city still retains a lot of what most non-Nordic folk associate with the area. There’s plenty of water nearby and majestic fjords just a train and cruise ride away, and winter can still be quite biting. “I’m Still Holding Out for You” feels like it has a particular icy and desperate loneliness that seems plucked from a cold, winter night in Oslo, where the sun often sets well before 4pm. - Consequence of Sound

"Baby FuzZ Drops New Single"

Baby FuzZ is the king of dynamism. Melding and crossing genre lines, Baby FuzZ captivates your attention with silky smooth vocals, grungy/gritty hooks, and powerful lyrics. Doing what many only threatened to do, in 2017 songwriter Sterling Fox picked up his guitar and moved to Canada. After a year in Montreal, he reemerged with Baby FuzZ, a bizarre alt rock/glam pop band with a rotating cast of contributors and members. Baby FuzZ’s music fuses a number of styles from emo to rock and roll to soul ballads.
Baby FuzZ has released a litany of singles and brilliant videos in 2018 and is dropping a full length album Plastic Paradise in early 2019. In the past, Fox, the frontman of Baby FuzZ, produced “Video Games” by Lana Del Rey and has songwritten for the likes of Madonna, Britney Spears, and Avicii.
Baby FuzZ just dropped new epic video for single, “I’m Still Holding Out For You,” here: This video is a soulful alt-ballad and follows previous videos for “Burial” and “Disneyland”. This single in particular shows the versatility of Baby Fuzz, with a downtempo melody, candid piano and soulful vocals. Though it wouldn’t be Lowry if he didn’t rock into some major angsty grunge tunes at the end. - Vents Magazine

"Baby FuzZ Releases "Mr. Blu""

Baby FuzZ (Sterling Fox) is an alternative singer-songwriter. Not too long ago, he released a Hawaiian-infused, ’50s-styled ballad, entitled, “Mr. Blu”.

“‘Mr. Blu’, like the rest of the songs on ‘Plastic Paradise’, showcases Baby FuzZ as a strange melodramatic tour de force. The project is a bizarre schizo jazz crooner tune which manages to tap into some stellar songwriting.”

Shy “Twin Peaks”-y vocals start the track off in a subtle way. Before you know it, Baby FuzZ takes the vocals to new heights, revealing a Mike Patton style scream that’s used sparingly but effectively.

‘Mr Blu’ contains a dreamy storyline, delicate vocals, and retro instrumentation flavored with classic rock ‘n’ roll elements.

The charismatic tune is featured on Baby FuzZ’s self-produced, and genre-defying album, entitled, “Plastic Paradise”. The 10-track project showcases the artist’s glittery, dynamic, and ever-changing sound. - Bongmines


Plastic Paradise (Full Length Album) - February 2019



Doing what many only threatened to do, in 2017 songwriter Sterling Fox moved to Canada to protest the anti-environmental policies of the US government (among other things). A year later, he reemerged with Baby FuzZ, a bizarre alt rock/glam pop band with a rotating cast of contributors and members. Baby FuzZ's music fuses a number of styles from emo to rock and roll to creepy pitch shifted ballads. Described as “one of the most slept on acts in music” by Hillydilly, Baby FuzZ released a litany of brilliant singles in 2018 and dropped a debut album Plastic Paradise on February 26. Baby FuzZ has also made a name as an enigmatic video artist, constructing some golden era MTV style music videos. Drawing comparisons to everyone from Billy Corgan to Elton John and Elliot Smith, it's hard to pin down exactly how to classify BF. In the past, Fox, the frontman of Baby FuzZ, produced “Video Games” by Lana Del Rey and has written for the likes of Madonna, Britney Spears, and Avicii, so there is a decidedly surreal pop sensibility to the weirdness. But with a charmingly punk ethos and a unique self produced album, Baby FuzZ just might be the strange new arrival the alt rock world needs.

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