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"Baby Calendar: Fifteen Year Old Sneakers (self-released) - Album Review"

by Abel Folgar

On their followup to last year's debut EP, Your Move, indie rock group Baby Calendar offers an album custom-made for these slow summer days. Tom Gorrio's guitar work continues to gain complexity without losing its sense of euphoric zeal, while singer/bassist Jackie Biver's vocals have become an amalgam of gospel power and sweet virtue. Arik Dayan has come on board since the EP on the drums, improving revisited tracks ("Green Tea" and "Within Cell Walls") as well as contributing new songs. Standouts are the title track ["Fifteen Year Old Sneakers"], "Industry," and their cover of Objects in Transit's "I Hate Meeces to Pieces." Fifteen Year Old Sneakers is another beautiful DIY effort from one of South Florida's finest. - Miami New Times

"Super Happy Fun Land: Live Show Review"

by Shawn Rameshwar

I recently had a chance to see Baby Calendar play at Super Happy Fun Land. This trio really made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Aric, Tom, and Jackie really made an impression on me with the bounce in their step and their smiles all around. It's nice to see a band that really enjoys playing together and are not afraid to show it. They really put out the effort, and it didn't go unnoticed by the crowd that stuck around to see them.
Basically, these guys sounded like "poppy" indie-rock, but they threw in a few extra gems that were tastefully added to the mix. The Casio keyboard parts were not necessary but were very complimentary and well-played. Tom, the guitarist, mixed in some jazzy/ska-like phrases, as well as some Devo-esque sensibilities, that fit in seamlessly. Tom's musical sensibilities added a lot to their sound without forcing a given song too far away from what I assume to be the band's genre of choice (i.e., indie-rock).
Vocally, Jackie and Tom did a really good job. Their voices complemented each other well, and they did a good job of sharing the sonic space usually reserved for vocals. Aric, for his part, was a total freaking madman on drums. I noticed that his drums were set sort of high, and that nothing in his drum kit looked like it was angled towards him. When he began to play, I understood why: downward force is usually thwarted when forced to make contact at angles. Aric was all about that downward force, although he was also secure enough not to overlook his dynamics.
Overall, it was a good show that was professionally played. One tip for the youngsters on tour: never, I mean NEVER spend the night with a maniac like BROMAN. I saw these guys take off with BROMAN after the show, and the sadness grew deep within me. Who knows what sorts of defilement they would encounter? Either way, the next time I'm Baby Calendar's home town of Miami, Florida, I'll warn them about that. - Space City Rock (Houston, TX)

"Fifteen Year Old Sneakers - CD Review"

By Natalia Real
Published: February 1st, 2006

With spiky, clever melodies and unexpected changes in tempo and style, Baby Calendar presents us with an original indie rock-rooted, twee-pop experience. The laid-back trio is Jackie Biver (vox, bass, keys), Tom Gorrio (vox, guitars), and Arik Dayan (drums), and their music is charming and awfully friendly. ...
The music is honest and both simple and complex; an enthusiastic walk through the paths of friendship, forgiveness, musing, and growing up ... With tones alternately playful, fanciful, melancholy, and hopeful, it's music full of encouragement and optimism.
A cleverly crafted, luxuriously layered effort full of rich tones and genuine emotion, Fifteen Year Old Sneakers proves Baby Calendar have successfully found their niche in the musical realm. - Rag Magazine (

"HomeGrown Music: Baby Calendar plans a national self-booked tour"

By Liza Hearon
Posted March 24 2006

Forget the beat-up van full of beat-up old amps. This summer, Miami natives Baby Calendar will pack up a Honda Element and hit the road, hauling their quirky, jangling indie pop everywhere from Houston to Kalamazoo.

Singer-(bassist)-keyboardist Jackie Biver, singer-guitarist Tom Gorrio and drummer Arik Dayan have only been together for about a year and a half, but already they have two albums out and one more coming out in May.

Your Move is an acoustic EP from Biver and Gorrio, then Dayan joined in on drums on full-length Fifteen Year Old Sneakers. Gingerbread Dog will be released by Happy Happy Birthday to Me Records. Its 11 tracks are full of clever, catchy indie pop that fits right in with the Athens, Ga.-based label.

Relentless touring and a DIY [ethic] (the band has booked the entire summerlong national tour themselves) have made Baby Calendar local heroes, who are now poised to take on the national scene.

See Baby Calendar along with Defiance, Ohio, Madeline, Erin Tobey and others at 5 p.m. Saturday at Uncle Sam's Loft, 4580 N. University Drive, Lauderhill. Cover is $5. Call 954-742-2466 Find them at or - South Florida Sun-Sentinel


Monday, July 03, 2006:

2006 has been a big year so far for Baby Calendar. Formerly of Miami, Florida the band made a move this year to indie pop mecca Athens, Georgia and released an album on Athens' own Happy Happy Birthday To Me Records. The new record, Gingerbread Dog(the band's third, but first on HHBTM), finds Tom Gorrio, Jackie Biver, and Arik Dayan working through eleven tracks of heavily melodic and exciting pop songs with undeniablely cute back and forth boy/girl vocals. In accordance with my recent cute pop music binge I've been listening to this song all day long and I'd highly suggest it to fans of Rainer Maria, The Brunettes, Rilo Kiley, et al.

[MP3]: Baby Calendar :: Traffic in the Tropics
Whenever I describe songs on here, I try to mostly lean away from delving into the titles and lyrics because I'm not that not very good at analyzation in that sense and I don't pretend to be. That being said, I think it's fairly obvious that "Traffic in the Tropics" is about Miami, or more specifically, their move from Miami to Athens. Now, I could be wrong, but I think I'm right. Okay well, anyway, there's a funny thing about this song because unlike, well just about every other song I like, I happen to like this song's verses more than it's choruses. The whole "boy says something, girl finishes his thought" thing they've got going on is a tactic that I'm ecstatically fascinated by.
- Matt / Skatterbrain [Blown by the Wind Music Blog]

"Baby Calendar"

By Jake Nelson
Article Published Aug 3, 2006

After a summer of touring behind their new full-length album (Gingerbread Dog), the twee-poppers of Miami's Baby Calendar return to finish where their journey began — at Churchill's. There the bandmates hosted a CD-release party in May for their third LP, Gingerbread Dog, and then went on a nearly three-month trek of taking their catchy, melodic pop from the Sunshine State to New York, playing at countless venues along the way. Though only a trio, Baby Calendar — composed of singer, bassist, and keyboardist Jackie Biver; singer and guitarist Tom Gorrio; and drummer Arik Dayan — still creates a complete atmosphere of foot-tapping tunes with its music, thanks in part to Gorrio's catchy guitar lines, the shared girl/boy vocals, and Biver's creative use of the keys. - Miami New Times

"Baby Calendar"

When I think Miami, I don't think clap-happy indie-pop, but that's not stopping Baby Calendar. The trio have only been at it for two years and recently released their third full-length on HHBTM Records (who organize Athens Popfest).

Within the first minute of Within Cell Walls you can hear why Jackie Biver's vocals draw many comparisons to Rainer Maria's Caithlin De Marrais. Jackie's belted-out lyrics are balanced by moments of delicate coo-ings. And, like any respectable love-pop band, they also have claps, a casio and a tambourine.

I'm not sure whether they are romantically involved but their back-n-forth male/female vocals definitely echo the chemistry that floats around between the husband/wife duo of Mates of Sate. Well, except that there are three of them, but who am I to stop free love? - Podbot blog

"Live Review: Baby Calendar, Popfest 2006, Little Kings, 8/9/06"

Published on 08/10/06
by Sera Kate Sims

I can barely contain myself as I write about Baby Calendar's show on Wednesday night at Little Kings. This might be one of my favorite new bands, and I don't really like indie pop all that much. That being said, my general feeling about Baby Calendar is... they rocked! Before the first song was over, Arik, the drummer and tambourine player extraordinare, had already taken his shirt off and was dancing around the stage in short shorts and no shoes. I'm jealous that I was not having as much fun as the band seemed to be having. The crowd must have felt the same way, because they turned into a crowd of dancing fools as soon as the set was under way.

Baby Calendar's vocalists, Tom and Jackie, go back and forth creating exciting and catchy melodies that leave you tapping your feet. "Cute" is normally such a condescending word, but it's honestly how they sound, and I don't think Baby Calendar would deny this. The harmonies between Tom and Jackie are amazing; they sound like seasoned pros, not kids from Miami playing music for fun. Even while jumping around on stage and singing/playing their hearts out, they never miss a beat.

It was loud, but not loud just for volume's sake. Their sound sort of enveloped the entire inside of Little Kings and wrapped all around me, still, never overpowering their melodies. I don't know what their following is like around Miami, but if Baby Calendar continues to show up in Athens, I'm sure they will acquire a loyal, local fan base in no time. Look for them again on August 18th at Little Kings for the Casper and the Cookies CD release party. From Popfest, they will continue on their Summer 2006 East to West, South to North USA tour. - Athens Exchange

"Twee-Piece: Baby Calendar"

By Jonathan Zwickel
Published: Thursday, October 6, 2005

Miami's march into the national indie-rock ranks continues with Baby Calendar. The locally loved trio balances twee-pop tendencies with unpredictable songwriting, occasionally aggressive guitar, and clever, pop-culture-cluttered lyrics. Composed of guitarist/vocalist Tom Gorrio, bassist/vocalist Jackie Biver, and drummer Arik Dayan, the band has been on the road, traveling through the Midwest and up the East Coast for most of the summer and gearing up to 180 back out to Texas and beyond next month. Not surprisingly, Baby Calendar's perambulations have honed its dynamics, and reviews from other cities have been universally great. The band's second self-released album, Fifteen Year Old Sneakers, just dropped in August, with sunny snatches of indie faves like Grandaddy and Menomena finding their way into its finely crafted 11 songs. "Welcome to our world/Take off your shoes," Gorrio and Biver harmonize on "Within Cell Walls." As quirky, catchy, and charming as it is, Baby Calendar's world is the kind you can get comfy in.
- New Times Broward/Palm Beach


By Abel Folgar
Article Published May 4, 2006

For the past couple of years, as we near the dreadful Florida summer, nothing comes as close to "good omen" as a brand-new Baby Calendar release. Seriously, the group's saccharine goodness helps combat the humid heat that takes over the Magic City and, though not substantially proven yet, might actually cause strangers to greet each other. I was suspicious of the band's recording lull but, at last, the trio of Jackie Biver (vox/keys/bass), Tom Gorrio (vox/guitar), and Arik Dayan (drums) will have a new full-length album titled Gingerbread Dog on Georgia's Happy Happy Birthday to Me Records. Then they'll embark on another marathon tour in which they'll gig your granny's knickers if she'll have 'em. Their blend of indie-pop, gospel inflection, whimsical punk, and childlike innocence is high on the "infectious" and has allowed them a purely DIY lifestyle while selling hundreds of copies of their previous EP and LP. And yes, there is talk of a split seven-inch hitting stores by this fall, as well as an unconfirmed statement about their moving to Georgia. In tow on the tour will be fellow indie popsters Fake Problems, with their Naples take on electric folk, and the street-corner acoustic punk of Tallahassee's On the Strings Of. But really: peaches? F**k the peaches, Babies — oranges are so much better. - Miami New Times



Gingerbread Dog
Happy Happy Birthday To Me Records
release date May 23rd, 2006

Fifteen Year Old Sneakers
released by baby calendar 6/2005

Your Move
released by baby calendar 2005
(out of print)


WVUM-FM 90.5 FM (University of Miami)

WRGP-FM 88.1 FM (Florida International University)

WPRK-FM 91.5 FM (Rollins College)

KCSB 91.9 FM (Santa Barbara College)

Compilations that feature Baby Calendar songs:

Sounds of Miambiance (MDC)
Valiant Death Records Root Beer Comp CD
South Florida Mixtape (Attack Now! Distro)



They've been all across the United States, sometimes in a small car with all their instruments. They learned early on that small amps and small equipment would make touring the country multiple times affordable. Tomas Gorrio brought his musicianship, songwriting and imagination, Jaquelinne Biver contributed to song writing with natural rhythm, Arik Dayan has developed an odd and original style of drumming, it's ok to laugh or stare, he likes it. If you're friends with these three like I am, you know they're good peoples with good hearts. This is not the only band they've been in and not the only band they'll ever be in, this is just another creation of music between three people that turned out really well. It's interesting to listen to, you get different impressions after listening multiple times, and it's faulty and honest in a nice way. I expect great things from Tom, Jackie, and Arik, either together or individually or both, I know they'll always be friends and they'll all do wonderful things because they're wonderful people. You might think that has nothing to do with the music they produce, but you're wrong, it does.