Baby Ghatti

Baby Ghatti

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An ultra talented poet, lends a voice to the unspoken pain and the misunderstood with soul and wisdom. Has a fresh sound, which is powerful in its message capturing the true feel of the streets "Baby Ghatti", a new lyrical guru that the industry desperately needed.


Baby Ghatti, born 1982 in Kansas City Missouri to a military family. Traveling his whole life from state to state and even overseas to places such as Tokyo Japan and Seoul Korea. Baby Ghatti has been rapping since a very young child but he decided to devote his life to his long time dream after his brother past away in 1999. He has a sound that cannot be limited or labeled by one style of music. When Baby Ghatti is asked to define his music he replies, “It’s from the heart and for the ones who struggle. I don’t follow trends or what’s hot at the moment. I just speak my mind; I think that’s why so many people love my music. I’m just doing me.” Baby Ghatti has seen all these streets have to offer, but he has also seen the other side. He has seen the beaches of Australia, Hawaii, Tokyo city life, and the homeless of Mexico City. After he has seen these places it gave him a different view of life than most of these everyday rappers. In 2002 Ghatti attended SAE (Sound and Engineering) to further is knowledge in music. Baby Ghatti then dropped an album ISK a group project titled Chapter 1 walk with us, one of the first singles was “Fantasies2” which received heavy airplay. In 2003 the group made a final decision to pursue different ventures Ghatti then returned to the studio more determined than ever. He poured his heart and soul out onto paper than through the microphone. The final result was the sixteen powerful songs which could be Ghatti’s diary hints the title of his new album “Cold Facts”. “Cold Facts” was later released in late September of 2005. Baby Ghatti lives by loyalty, determination, and motivation he refuses to be told he can not or will not.


Ch.1 Walk with us
Cold Facts

Set List

" Spanish Fly", " Love Changes", and " I miss you".
Three songs depending on recommended time limit. Average set is around twelve minutues.