Babygrand's mix of electronics, guitar, organs, bass and solid drums spin around and support a soaring voice. These four overqualified musicians share their lust for intelligent yet honest music.


A classical composer, a concert pianist, and an economist walk into a bar . . .

Drew Morgan, Al Watson, and Dominic Scott met as students in London. Drew having moved from Chicago was studying music composition at the Royal Academy of Music. Al, with the help of a prestigious scholarship, had come from New Zealand to study piano at the Royal College of Music. Under the guise of studying economics, Dom had left his hometown of Dublin to dive into the London music scene.

By day, each attended to their studies. By night, they attended the bar. And so it was, over drinks and pool tables, that talk inevitably turned to music. The seeds of a new band were sown.

A chance encounter with drummer and multi-instrumentalist Ben Salmon was the final push. Ben, just back from a tour of Africa was in the process of converting a Worcestershire barn into a recording studio. His addition, along with giving the band its musical curves, made it a reality.

Set List

All songs are original works with running times between 3-5 minutes. We have an extensive and well-polished set list including songs titled Cells, Night Bus, Get Away Face, Hold On.