Baby Jane

Baby Jane


Brooklyn rock/pop trio that rocks out the LGBT world.Using complex & dense chords,polyrythmic beats Male/female vocals & a sonic attack that keeps the kids wanting more.


Baby Jane started from a few jam sessions between two
guitarists/bassists: Linda Custodio and Ted Pommer in January 2006. They
have played openmics(OutMusic, TeaBag Poetry Club, VIM)around NYC while
seeking other musicians to form what would later become Baby Jane.
They found an old friend who would help record drums for Baby Jane's
upcoming EP, Candyland(sample songs of the EP can be heard on
Myspace/babysongs2). After the completion of recording, the bandmates of
Baby Jane recently found a brand new and spectacular drummer, Fin.With the new drummer they startedplaying clubs in NYC(Lit lounge,Ace of clubs,arlenes grocery,Crash mansion.)
Stylistically, Baby Jane's efforts in creating music partly come
from what has been learned; each member has studied music and often
experiments with chord structure, intervals, rhythm, and mode mixture while
maintaining pop sensibility. Influences include genres ranging from
classical, jazz, singer/songwriter, and indie pop/rock.
Baby Jane's goals are to continue making good/interesting music,
record and distribute to audiences via gigs, record stores, radio,
independent record labels, etc. Subsequently, we want to bring queer music
further into the public domain.


Candyland EP (2007)
Featured on" ny indie death playlist"

Set List

most sets are 45mins in length with roughly 9 or 10 songs.Hi energy Pop/rock.