Babyjane are the fresh new sound derived from classic bands like zeppelin, gnr and acdc. With their recent support slot on sebastian bachs tour they are as sleazy and as catchy as they come. Their brand new single, "are you listnin'", is as hooky as the best of anything in the rock n roll genre.


Baby Jane, one of Austrailia’s first rate rock outfits, formed in Perth in 2007 from the scattered ashes of several local bands. united through a mutual love for the seminal influences of AC/DC, Led Zeppelin and Guns ’n’ Roses Andy Smith (vocals / rhythm guitar), john Gerasolo (lead guitar), Paul ’Judgie’ (bass) and Nik Kats (drums). Babyjane quickly found their 20 song-strong repetoire seemingly writing itself: dynamic ’kick to the stomach’ anthems that will prove to be contenders for commercial radio airplay. They’ve already rocked audiences into submission at their gigs including the support slot for sebastian bach angel down under tour... with one club owner going so far as to describe one show as "sheer spectacle... their energy’s infectious". With their debut recording, the ’Tattoos, Lies & Alibis Ep’, and years of professional gigging experience under their belt (individually and collectively), Babyjane’s next plan of action involves burning a hole through the hard rock scene the world over, WATCH THIS SPACE


miss scorpio

Written By: babyjane

Hairs black, she got the dark tanned skin, she makes me weak within, body is slippery and thin.
And i'm cracked, she makes me weak at the knees, like I dropped 100 e’s, they found me swimmin’ in grease.
That face, she got those stabbing green eyes, they’ll sing your last lullaby, you’ll find yourself paralysed.
Now i’m gone, she's decadent to the core, I find myself wanting more, can’t get my head off the floor.

She’ll crash and she’ll burn cause she never learn
Her hair is like medusas, making my stomach turn
I love how it feels, though I wish it was real
She’s conjuring her magic, my libido’s her meal

Red lips, she’s turning fast into slow, leaves me with nowhere to go, knows how to put on a show
And those legs, a slice of paradise, I dance all over thin ice, another roll of the dice
Now hold on, while she takes me for a ride, as she rolls into the night I’m ball and chained to her side
Cause she’s wild, she turns it on with style, I’m on the miracle mile ain’t comin’

She’s a walking crime that I crave all the time
She simmers in the moonlight on a pill and a line
She’s a living dream and she blurs all the seams
The sweetest tasting nightmare with a decade of cream

Try to look away, fucked for another day, yeah, I am frozen
Such beauties hard to find, she’s one of no kind, she controls all nature
Pretty little doll when she turns into a moll, yeah
Such beauties hard to find, she’s one of no kind, wish Miss Scorpio just could be mine

She’s something I don’t want but something I really need
She’s melting down my insides like you wouldn’t believe
She won’t release her grip no matter how hard I plead
I’m hanging in the spider’s web; it’s time for her feed.

Dirty lil secret

Written By: babyjane

The roses are dead Violets are
My dark side took a shine to
I'm under your spell It's
like voodoo
But my amour is such
a sweet taboo
I'm in a sticky
situation Got my head in my own
I gotta a ask a simple
questionTo help make up
Loveshot eyes Telling no
Femme fatale got me
I went innocently But
she's looking at me
It's kickin
in I feel the chemistry I cant
fake another single day
addictions creeping up on me
Seducation my libido's set to
You're beautiful-Its
I wanna know, I wanna
Can you keep a secret
A dirty lil secret
Roses are
dead Violets are cruel
lights go out when I'm under your
No-one I know is chasing
baby someone like you
But in the
end Its down to me and I'm the
I cant face another single
Why I needed you I couldnt
Want to wipe you from my

Are you Listnin'

Written By: babyjane talk but you're sayin
And now you're askin me
Do you really want to
Tell you my opinion but
if you dont want to knowJust say
so...say so
Looking for reaction
but there ain't nobody home
Are you listening?
Yeah A pretty vacant
Are you listening?
Tripping on your
contradicting You better
check your addition
Coz two n two
ain't five
Asking me a question
but sir you got all the answers
and so-Status quo
Were not in
the clique or suckin dick
We did
it on our own-on our own
Are you listening?
Is anybody there?
Are you listening?
Can you hear me?


Are you Listnin' single

Set List

Are you listnin
20 too many
miss scorpio
tell me what i need to know
shot down in flames
banging little gutters
demon tonic
its so easy
sinner stone
dirty lil secret
blonde zombie