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Perth, Western Australia, Australia | INDIE

Perth, Western Australia, Australia | INDIE
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"Babyjane – Are You Listening 8/10"

Australia is the home of dirty rock ‘n’ roll, and damn proud of it. One only needs to look at the overseas success of Melbourne group Airbourne and it becomes clear that rock fans worldwide love Aussies behind the instruments. Now it is time for Perth’s Babyjane, who released their debut album earlier this year ‘Are You Listening’, to commence their nationwide take over.

To be successful in playing in your face rock, a band needs to have a front man with confidence and attitude. Babyjane tick that category off with a man by the name of Andy Smith, whose vocals scream rock ‘n’ roll. Title track and first single ‘Are You Listening’ kicks the debut album off with a Guns N’ Roses influenced riff, and ensures that the listener doesn’t push stop. Follow that up with ‘Li’l Gutters’, ‘Quicksand’, ‘Town Called Sinner Stone’, ‘Can You Keep A Secret?’, ‘Four Rusted Egos’, and many more high quality, catchy rock songs and it is hard to comprehend Babyjane aren’t the ones with Lemmy in their music video. This debut album will be hard to beat, but if Babyjane do just that with album number two then no one will be able to halt their success.

If Airbourne’s albums do not fulfil your rock ‘n’ roll needs then ‘Are You Listening’ is your medicine. From The Darkness to Guns N’ Roses, AC DC to Skid Row, Babyjane have the talent and attitude to please all. ‘Are You Listening’ is a must for rock fans to check out.


- Black Munk Australia

"album review 3.5/5"

BABYJANE Are You Listening
Album · 2011 · Glam Metal
3.5/5 · 2011-03-14
Stephen Take a handful sleazy jam of American's Faster Pusscat or Guns N' Roses, stir it up with some garage punky attitude from The Clash, and blasted it high with some heavy rhythm of classic heavy metal and you'll get the idea of how Babyjane will sound. This Australian new act took a brave step of inviting veteran producer, Michael Wagener, to handle their debut, and this bold move displayed a big confidence on their side that this album is totally valuable for that price.

"Are You Listening", the title track and apparently, their first single, bring the heat up with its furious riffage and blistering chorus. A nice portion of sleaze and heavy metal wrapped tightly in an aggressive environment, a similar approach was done in "Give It All Up" and "Tell Me (What I Need To Know)". Some AC/DC mix is shown in "Lil' Gutters", a killer track for sure. Couple other fave tracks of mine are "Can You Keep A Secret", injected with GNR's famous hooks and twisted with a slight commercial touch, making this track highly enjoyable; and "Twenty Too Many", a sleazy commercial hard rock with superb chorus.

Andy Smith's vocal is very different and unique, perhaps a rough mixture of Tom Keifer, Brian Johnson, and Axl Rose. John Gerasolo provided nifty outstanding solos in most of the songs here. Actually, the band as a whole is tight and talented. With a smooth production, "Are You Listening" is a very good debut and I can see how they got the potential of becoming bigger in the years to come. A great starter!
- metal music archives

"album review 88/100"

I was afraid that this would be another AC/DC clone rock band from Australia, but with 100 % ROCK as label it's also what Babyjane delivers on this debut album. They stands for a simple and straight forward rock n' roll with influences of Skid Row, Guns n' Roses, Aerosmith and maybe some Kiss in a few tracks, but with more of a sleazy pub rock touch.

First up is the title track on the album and my godness what a punch I got in the solar plexus! "Are You Listening" really got me awake and got me in with full attention already from the first time listening. "Give It All Up" is a more aggressive track where the singer Andy Smith really shows us what a great front man he is, with an amazing worn and rough vocal it's gives Babyjane the unique sound they need in this genre.
My personal goldpiece on this album is: "Town Called Sinner Stone" which is a more dark track than the earlier songs and it's liberating with good guitar playing from John Gerasolo. "Twenty Too Many" is a sleazy dirty track with a great dialogue between the leading and the backing vocals. "Miss Scorpio" is a hard rock piece in almost heavy metal tempo and the playing joy shines through on this one. In "Four Rusted Egos" the tempo is calmer and the closest to a ballad I could find on the album.

The closing track Tell Me (What I Need To Know) is a mix of punk and rock n' roll and is the only song on "Are You Listening" that they could have left as an idea in the rehearsal studio.
Overall, this is a varied and a enjoyable album to play over and over again. With this strong debut album in the back, I will look forward to the next album which is scheduled in mid-2012.

My favourite tracks: Town Called Sinner Stone, Are You Listening, Li'l Gutters and Can You Keep A Secret?

- power metal denmark

"are you listening album review"

Back in the late 80’s and early 90’s, the US was the mecca of hair metal groups that could bring the goods along with the image. Bands like TRIXTER, KEEL and FIREHOUSE were just a few, but now of all places, Australia is popping with a band that has that very same flare.
Sweden by far is leading the charge with this movement, but the Aussie’s are making some noise and BABYJANE is one of them.

Their debut "Are You Listening" is classic Hard Rock heavily influenced by the golden years of the L.A. scene; guitar driven, groovin' rockers.
Mixed in the USA by legendary producer Michael Wagener (Motley Crue, Metallica, Skid Row) and mastered by George Marino at Sterling Sound in New York (Kiss, Aerosmith, Dokken), you get the picture how this CD sounds.

Opener and first single, the title track "Are You Listening", will smack you down and will draw your attention with some hard rockin’ power. Listen to the riff that binds the entire song, the fat bass, along with the very anthem-ish chorus, it's clear that this is more than a smoky barroom band. Guitarist John Gerasolo will draw comparisons to Mr. Ace Frehley in a sense yet also has his own personality and Andy Smith’s vocals have great power and style.
With songs like "Give It All Up" and "Li'l Gutters", Babyjane demonstrates what Australia stands for rock-wise, but "Quicksand" is all theirs... much more inspired by their American peers, they move away from that typical Australian sound without losing touch with it.

"Town Called Sinner Stone" has a dense tempo and guitar riff and turns the song's feel to another level. What follows is a floaty, hypnotic groove monster with a primal chorus.
"Can You Keep A Secret?" is a textbook example of an everlasting hard rock single. Ticking every box in the 'how do I make a classic hard rock song' list, this is one that will never pop up as people's favorite song, but it's so damn solid and right on the note that it's a great landmark of their artistry still.
"Twenty Too Many" kicks into another rock n' roll story that stands on groove and good riffs. The tension that's created throughout this track is another example of Baby Jane's strength.

"Miss Scorpio" is probably the most commercial, dance-able song of the album, with some great interaction between lead and backing vocals and a clear showcase of the band's bass player's capacities.
"Four Rusted Egos" is one of the most American-sounding tracks on the disc. It misses some of the punch heard in previous tracks, nevertheless, on a riff-by-riff basis, it's still a good effort.
"Demontonic" is a cheap, blues based street-feel rocker, but in the middle turns into somehow of a NWOHM tribute. Strange mix, but interesting.
"Tell Me (What I Need To Know)" ends the album with a fast riff rocker that sounds pretty dirt. This track seems taken from a previous session recording, a bit unpolished, and why not, unfinished.

"Are You Listening" certainly brings some full-throttle tracks with an adrenaline rush, packed with cool guitar riffs, quality vocals and good songs.
Baby Jane needs to work a bit more on the choruses, which often are one-liners repeated. Otherwise this group is a serious contender to becoming future rock stars that certainly do well outside Australia.
I think these guys have good potential to be a quality band for years to come.
Check them out.

- zero day rock

"babyjane signs with new york label sunset records"

Australian hard rock band BabyJane signs a worldwide record deal with Sunset Records.
Sunset signs hard rock act, BabyJane from Perth, Australia this week, Are You Listening? To hit stores January 24th, 2012.


PRLog (Press Release) - Dec 11, 2011 -
Australian hard rock band BabyJane signs a worldwide record deal with Sunset Records.

Sunset signs hard rock act, BabyJane from Perth, Australia this week, Are You Listening? To hit stores January 24th, 2012.

The debut BabyJane album entitled “Are You Listening?” is being up to be released on January 24, 2012, following its’ signing to Sunset Records this week. Multi Platinum Award Selling producer Michael Wagoner did the final mixes on this debut CD and the world renowned producer for artists like Metallica and Janet Jackson, is slated to be producing the sophomore album by the rockers, BabyJane, to be released to retail and radio at some time next summer (2012). “Michael (Wagener) used the Chalet (Sound Studios) to produce the initial Skid Row demos that of course, became the multi platinum selling album for Atlantic Records,” says Don Lichterman, the head of Sunset, about his first job ever in the music industry.

The band has been enjoying early success with their single and top rated video for the song, “Are You Listening” is already getting play in the active rock format. That single can now be heard and the video can be seen now being played on the Sunset Records artist page ( The video is also now being played in rotation at all the top video outlets tied to Sunset’s Video Promotion Division (MTV / Our Stage, Blip TV, S2eTV, FUSE, Muzo TV and is currently being promoted on more than 80 video outlets around the world.

“Any follow up to the Are You Listening CD,” says (Don) Lichterman, “can quite frankly be dealt with after I get some time to set up and work this album my way.” ‘Are You Listening?’ was initially released this year in Australia, however, the Sunset (Records) label is releasing it to stores on the fourth (4th) Tuesday in January next year in 2012.

BabyJane is Andy Smith (lead vocal), John Gerasolo (guitar), Paul Judge (bass) and Nik 'Animal' Kats (drums). The full length album mixed in Nashville by award winning producer Michael Wagener (Metallica, Janet Jackson, more).

About Sunset Records
Sunset is one of the leading independent record labels, music, DVD Distribution and entertainment companies in the world. Sunset's Distributed Entertainment Companies, and its global operation, acquire, develop, and distribute major music recording artists, home visual entertainment products, online-digital entertainment technologies and music and filmed entertainment worldwide. With Sunset's Distribution Services and its group of distributed companies at Sunset, there are spots for all artists and all labels to have the ability to gain worldwide global distribution. Sunset Records and Home Video Distribution Company is now set up for all artists to have a place to release their music to stores, radio, press and media and every outlet on the planet! Sunset Distribution Company and its distributed labels are all S2 Entertainment Companies!

# # #

Sunset is a privately owned Don Lichterman Company. Sunset is one of the leading independent record labels and entertainment companies in the world.
- sunset recordings - jane brown

"Babyjane live at The Civic"

13 Mar 2008
civic show review (

Baby Jane were next to hit the stage and have just recently burst on to the scene after finishing second at this years Gozzy Rock. Andy is a powerful vocalist with a huge range. The guitars and bass were extremely solid with great riffs that incite you to rock. This was nearly overshadowed by Nick on the drums who is a true showman who can belt the skins with flair. Their performance of the Motley Crue classic "Looks That Kill" got the crowd rocking and singing, but definitely keep your ears open for their song "Dirty Little Secret". - perth

"Sebastian Bach & Babyjane review (burswood theatre 27 may 2008)"

Sebastian Bach


burswood theatre 27 may 2008 (Drun Media review)

Walking past the cigarette smoke haze and into the foyer, many of the black-clad concert goers chose to have a beer rather than watch the support act, Babyjane. Well it was their loss, with the local four-piece giving it their all on the big stage. Vocalist Andy Smith has a voice that could knock your socks off and while their cover of AC/DC's Shot Down In Flames was pretty decent it was origanals such as Are You Listenin' and Dirty Lil Secret that demonstrated their full potential.

- MARCIA CZERNIAK -Drum Media Magazine

"Interview with Spaceship News"


BABYJANE is one of those bands that you understand as soon as you get a taste of its music. There’s nothing pretentious about the group, it’s just flat out hard rock. Wearing their 80’s influences with pride, the band has made every effort to make sure fans get their money’s worth at every gig. Now comes the next step in the Babyjane story: the debut album.

Proving that in the recording industry it’s not what you know, it’s who you know, the band enlisted 80’s super-producer Michael Wagener (Ozzy Osbourne, Skid Row, Dokken, White Lion) to mix the album and George Marino (AC/DC, Guns ‘n’ Roses, Led Zeppelin) to have the album mastered. As drummer Nik Kats points out, the recording industry legends were taken by the band’s sound and professionalism.

“We recorded all the tracks in Satellite Studios in Burswood. Then we started making inquiries to producers who’d done our favourite albums. Michael was cool about it from the get go, and so we went off to Nashville to get the album mixed.”

Obtaining the services of one of the great hard rock producers of the 1980’s was due to an unlikely source, former Skid Row frontman Sebastian Bach. “Sebastian put in the initial word for us. When we opened for him in 2008 he asked if we had a CD; we didn’t so he talked to Michael. Michael got in touch with us and here we are! He won’t work with a band unless he likes the music and gets along with the guys in the band. He actually called me several times to make sure that I wasn’t a douche!”

After all that work recording the album, the band is busy planning a national tour. The album is earmarked for a release in September. The band is also looking at touring internationally, putting the contacts they have made overseas to good use. “We were at the Rainbow Bar & Grill the night after Ronnie James Dio passed away. Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler, Joey Belladonna, Eddie Trunk… everyone was there. We talked to a lot of people who had worked with Michael and they offered their help in whatever way they could.”

Clearly the Babyjane machine is off and rolling. The album contains live favourites ‘Dirty Lil’ Secret’, ‘Ms. Scorpio’ and ‘Quicksand’, among others. Dripping with attitude and sex appeal, this band is set to explode.

Catch Babyjane at Amplifier on Sunday June 27 when they open for Paul Dianno!

- Chris Martin

"Interview at the rockpit"


Mark & Shane Rockpit recently sat down with drummer Nik Kats and bassist Paul Judge in the studio where they were putting finishing touches on the recording of their debut album, before taking it to Nashville for mixing, New York for mastering, and heading back home in time to support legendary Iron Maiden vocalist Paul Dianno in late June.

Paul starts by telling us how the band got together through band-hopping and thievery.

“Well, you know how incestuous Perth bands can get? We’ve all been in each others bands for the last fifteen years. We didn’t have the right singer, so we’d leave one band and try and steal another singer, and it just went on and on like that, until we finally got, from each band we’ve been in, the perfect guy from each of those bands for what we want to do. It’s taken that long, it’s a pity it didn’t happen 10 years ago!”

What are your influences, in terms of the sound you’re going for?

Paul Judge

Paul again takes the lead, “Just raw [bands], all the best aspects of all the 70’s, 80’s bands, like Led Zep, AC/DC, Gunners, Motley Crue, Kiss, the good element of it, not the cheesy over blown hair, the way it ended up at the end. Good hooks, riffs and melodies, mixed with a 90’s aesthetic, so it seems more now than then.”

Paul goes on to tell us where the name BABYJANE came from.

“We went through a thousand names, wrote everything down, two of us would love it, two would completely hate it. Babyjane, I was thinking of the movie ‘Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?’ with Joan Crawford and Bette Davies. I don’t know, something about Babyjane just sounded good, cool. A couple of my mates said if they don’t go for that they’re f*cking idiots!! I told everyone the name, half of them hated it, the singer loved it…”

John Gerasolo

Nik rationalises, “Yeah, Paul and Andy were keener on it, I wanted something a bit tougher and stronger, but for the whole commercial side of things, it’s probably perfect. I tend towards the heavier, darker side, which doesn’t work if you want a brand name.”

Mark asks about the Perth scene that Babyjane “grew up” in: “You must know a lot of the guys around the scene, are you on good terms with them?”

Paul answers tentatively, “Some yes, some no. We’ve got into trouble from I guess being too straight up, not being extra polite to people just because you might want to get a gig. A few people have said, yeah, we’ll give you a gig on this date, or we’ll play with you here or there, and it never happens, so you keep contacting them, and the next week they kind of don’t know who you are! So, we got tired of that, and told people if you don’t mean what you say then don’t contact us again! We refused to kiss ass!”

Nik agrees, “There’s a little circle, amongst the Perth music scene, a little clique, to get in you’ve got to suck some arse. We’re doing our own thing and doing ok. I don’t like following rules and guidelines, if it feels good and it seems like a good idea, then give it a go!”

With their album in the bag by the time you read this, the guys are travelling to The US to have it mixed by legendary German producer Michael Wagener. With a list of credits longer than your arm, Wagener is one of the biggest name in hard rock and metal production, but he doesn’t come cheap.

Since the band are independent and without record company support, they could only afford airfares for 2 of the guys, otherwise they’d have tried to line up some gigs while over there.

As it was, Babyjane have been playing country gigs every weekend, to raise the capital to fund the album recording and mixing, and are hoping for a big result from all the expense and effort.

It all started with a lucky break, says Nik, when they scored the support slot for Sebastian Bach’s 2008 concert.

Babyjane with Sebastian Bach

Paul takes up the story: “It started with the Sebastian gig in 2008, and after that show, we were all in the backstage room, drinking and talking shit. Sebastian told us he liked us, and asked us what we were doing, if we’d recorded [anything]. We said we were trying to find someone to record and mix etc, and he says I’ve got the perfect contact for you, which was Wagener, so he pretty much hooked that up. [Initially the plan was] we were going to go over there and record the whole album, but it was a ridiculous amount of cash!”

Nik “We’d have to play country towns for the next five years, and that’s to get one track done!!”

Back to Paul: “So, he said [we should] find a good studio here in Perth that can record all the basic tracks, and then we’ll just mix it over there.”

While negotiating with Michael Wagener the boys also talked a couple of other guys, finding that Bob Rock was just too flat out busy too take on anything new, and to Steve Thompson and Mike Barberi - the guys who missed “Appetite For Destruction”.

Paul continues, ”We had a price at that time from Wagener but we just wanted to know what our choices were because, well, it’s “Appetite For Destruction”! Steve also mixed “And Justice For All” (by Metallica) and we spoke for about half an hour”

Paul goes on to tell us some interesting behind the scenes stories about the mixing of “And Justice For All”, and why a remixed version is unlikely, but we’ll leave that one to someone with much better litigators to tell publicly.

Nik tells us that Thompson nearly did get the job, but for the asking price.

“It nearly did happen, but the amount he wanted in the end was too much for an unsigned band from Perth.”

Nik Kats

We agree when we hear the actual amount, and I ask Paul if that sort of crazy money represents value for mixing an album. After all, a good producer will give you song structure tips, push for a better solo or performance. If it’s just mixing, how much of a difference can it actually make?

Paul thinks some producers who may not be desperate for the work are able to set a higher price simply because they can, and advises young bands to not necessarily always assume the highest price equals the better end result.

“If you have two big names, one wants $X and the other $Y and they both have the same sort of reputation, the same sort of success and the same sort of equipment then…” he shrugs.

Mark has a different take on it, suggesting that you pay for the name, and with the name comes the exposure to jump the queue over all the other unsigned bands, to try to jump out of the local scene and not have to ease your way out over the next five years.

Both Paul and Nik agree. “That was the whole idea - to get a big name on there for instant recognition.” Says Nik

“Well that’s it, we want to try to bypass that stuff, with a name on there hopefully a lot more people will tune in.” agrees Paul.

Nik continues the story about the Michael Wagener connection.

Andy Smith

“He’s been really, really good to us, you know what I mean. He’s looked after us so well. Michael, when we contacted him was just so friendly and there was no ego, just down to Earth and a really nice guy.

“He likes to talk about all the positive things that have happened. He was just really cool from the get go, and the vibe was right. You just have that feeling [that it’ll work well].

“I actually said to him, just chatting away. ‘Do you get any good bands in your studio anymore, where the sound is right, just everything you know?’ He said ‘Yeah, I have a kick-arse band coming in May’. I said ‘Who?’ really surprised. And he said… ‘Babyjane’.”

The band laugh about it, but you can see they’re humbled and very, very excited to be working with such a legendary figure.

Both Nik & Paul become more animated when discussing the album tracks, and we are lucky enough to hear John laying down a solo for one of the songs, and have to agree it sounds really strong.

Some of the album songs themselves have been around a while, says Nik.

“Three are new and half are anything from 2 to 8 or 9 years old”, he tells us.

Paul is quick to point out that they’ve evolved over time, though.

“They’ve gone through a number of changes over the years. When you live with a song long enough you always want to change it up, add something to it, take something away from it.”, adding that newer versions of the songs on the band’s Myspace page will feature on the album.

“In our minds the older songs we kept are the ones that have stood the test of time. You know, the ones that get an excellent reaction every time we play them”, says Nik.

The guys are due back from their whirlwind visit to The States in early June, and tell us the album should be out mid-August.

Paul: “Well the mixing and the mastering finish mid May and we get back at the beginning of June. We don’t want to rush it, so the CD launch is planned for mid-August at the Rosemount [Hotel in Perth] so pretty much around that time, after we get the packaging and artwork done. We’ll also tour over East - [singer] Andy has been on the phone talking to Adelaide, Sydney and Melbourne – we just want to play the places that will give us a shot. We’ll jump in a big truck, and smell each others smelly feet and just do it – you know what I mean!”

The guys talk for a while about their attempts to find a distribution deal, and their sightseeing plans whilst in America, before revealing another piece of exciting news about the album.

Nik “We do have one other thing to tell you: besides the mixing, we also have the mastering sorted. Do you know George Marino from Sterling Sound? He’s done Kiss, Bon Scott-era AC/DC! He’s a massive name”

Paul “When we looked at his bio it was amazing, he’s done everyone, he may be a bit more expensive but he’s the duck’s nuts!

“Mick’s engineer up there in the studio, Darren (Halifax from Satellite Studios) is that excited that he’s actually coming over for the last few days of mixing and mastering. He said he’s never left the studio to sit in on stuff like that (and he’s done bands like Eskimo Joe) but he’s that excited he’ll fly to New York and Nashville to do this with us!”

Finally, we get to talking about a common rock spiritual home – Los Angeles and the Sunset Strip. The guys plan to look for Lemmy at the Rainbow, check out the other rock haunts, and have even organised through a friend to hang out with Slash’s buddy Marc Cantor for a few hours while over there.

Nik sums it up nicely, “I told some mates who wanted to come with us on this trip, and I was very strict about it: this is a strictly Rock n’ Roll trip, and if that’s not what you want then don’t come! It’s all the things I read about and watched and now I want to see it all!!”

You can catch Babyjane previewing some of the new album's tracks like 'Miss Scorpio' and 'Dirty lil Secret' on June 27th at Amplifier Bar in support of legendary original Iron Maiden vocalist Paul Dianno. In the meantime sign up to band's Myspace and Facebook pages to stay in touch with their news, and stay tuned as we'll be catching the guys when they’re back in town and find out how it all went, and have a listen to the CD!

Shane Rockpit
June 2010

- the rockpit

"The debut single 'Are You Listening' is now live for streaming on the european radio station The Mighty Big L International 1395am."

12. Babyjane - Are You Listening

Shane says “A world class album full of modern heavy rock anthems and head banging stompers from the band who are possibly the worthiest successor to the Guns n’ Roses crown in this new decade.”

Babyjane’s vocalist & rhythm guitarist Andy Smith says “Thanks to all at The Rockpit. We’re honoured to be rated amongst such quality artists and stoked at the positive feedback for the album. The support from The Rockpit is greatly appreciated and has definately helped to spread the Babyjane word. In a town where the local scene won’t support rock bands and the street press is no more than a fashion magazine, you are a breath of fresh air. Keep it up.”
- the rockpit

"Are You Listening single hits European Radio"

The debut single 'Are You Listening' is now live for streaming on the european radio station The Mighty Big L International 1395am.
The song is being aired throughout the entire country of europe ans is being played every hour on the hour for an entire week!

click the link below to listen

- Eric Willegan

"Paul dianno support show"


Amplifier Bar, Perth, Western Australia

Sunday 27 June 2010

By Shane Rockpit

A motley collection of denim and leather clad rockers, gorgeous rock chicks, long hairs and those whose hair has long vanished started cramming into the Amplifier Bar as soon as the doors opened tonight for their chance to relive the voice and excitement of Iron Maiden 1980 style.

Local rockers BABYJANE are full of confidence tonight and hit the stage like a whirlwind with something to prove – which, with a world-class album in the can almost ready to unleash, they are!
The set is far too short - opener ‘Are You Listening’ embodies the spirit of rock itself as the room starts getting crowded: feet and heads start tapping, and air guitar shapes start getting thrown. ‘Quicksand’ and AC/DC cover ‘Whole Lotta Rosie’ are just two other standouts, and with a sound that’s a little bit Guns n’ Roses, a little bit Metallica, and maybe the tiniest pinch of Foo Fighters, Babyjane are all rock and we can’t help but predict big things for these guys once their album drops in a month or two.

- The rockpit

"Paul Dianno (ex Iron Maiden) support show"

Local rockers Babyjane erupted like a jukebox filled with pub friendly anthems that sat well with the dentally-challenged crowd used to, well, pub friendly anthems from a jukebox. Solid song structure and well composed guitar solos appealed to the crowd who showed their approval with fists in the air.

- Perth...., Drum Media review Simon Holland 27/06/2010

"UK album review"

"Rock is back", apparently. Personally I'd argue it never left, but then I don't live in Australia and perhaps that argument is for another day anyway. What Babyjane are perhaps trying to say is that they rock, and judging by this release I'm sure many would agree. They certainly achieve what they set out to do anyway.

'Are You Listening', released in March of this year (it has only just reached us here), is the Australian quartet's debut album. Mixed by the legendary Michael Wagener (producer of bands such as Mötley Crüe and Skid Row), and mastered in part by Frank Marino (Guns N' Roses, Kiss) it is perhaps inevitable that all this specialised experience would shine through undeniably on this record. This collection of influences compliments the sound that the band are aiming to produce; in short this marriage of experience works for them.

Opener, the single 'Are You Listening', breaks out with crisp, razor sharp riffs so resonant in the '80s hard rock, glam scene. It's powerful and atmospheric, it contains big choruses and a riff that's almost lifted straight out of the Skid Row anthem, 'Youth Gone Wild'. But Babyjane aren't here to hide their influences and it's certainly the production that brings them close to this sound, to the point where they sit up there with the likes of Skid Row and the Crüe, comfortably and confidently.

Achieving this position is difficult to do when so many other bands are fighting for the same air. I'll be honest, I put this CD with an element of doubt in my mind, thinking that this may be the same old dross I keep hearing lately. And they could've been just that, if it wasn't for the fact they know exactly how to tap in to that cock rock chorus. It's big and it's sleazy, and bobbing up and down in your face. Perhaps their success is also due to the fact that they can deliver up some groove, most evident in tracks 'Give it All Up' and 'Demontonic'. Danceable rhythms are something a lot of lesser bands of this style definitely lack.

Sounds of more classic bands such as The Cult shine through on tracks such 'L'il Gutter' and they can slow the pace down too, for what is surely going to be their next single, 'Four Rusted Egos'. Babyjane aren't breaking boundaries, and their lyrics are hardly revolutionary, but if someone is going to keep old flames alive, then they at least need do it well, which Babyjane do.

- Uber Rock - Craggy

"album review"

Whilst also being a fan of Sweden’s Baby Jane (mention need not be paid for boys...), first up, let’s clarify that this release is from Australian band, Babyjane....all one word! Babyjane hail from Western Australia, which in terms of the current Australian rock music scene may not exactly be renowned as one of the strongest in competition to Melbourne...but Western Australia has Bon Scott in it’s rock heritage, so it’s all good! Anyways back to Babyjane, the band is signed to fledgling Western Australian record label 100% Rock, with Babyjane being their second release. Are You Listening is the bands debut release.

Playing a down n dirty, bordering on sleazy style of hard rock, the Babyjane debut release is definitely an impressive effort. Sparing no expense with the sound, the band have enlisted the services of the legendary Michael Wagener (Skid Row, White Lion, Kane Roberts, Accept) to mix the album, resulting in a big full hard rock sound, that has a definitive live edge. Neither raw, nor overly polished, it sits comfortably in between, a sound suited to the style of songs delivered.

So now what of the songs... Opening track Are You Listening kicks into gear once the chorus hits and that’s a little symobolic of the album in general, which certainly picks up speed and intensity with each song. Constant throughout are some kick ass guitar riffs and vocalist Andy Smith has a great hard rock voice. Li’l Gutters is a down and dirty sleazy rocker, Town Called Sinner Stone features a menacing guitar riff and a dark vibe, in contrast to the melodic sing along rocker Can You Keep A Secret.

For me though it’s Twenty Too Many where the band deliver the album’s knockout blow, a track with a killer chorus and an expectant intensity. Four Rusted Egos is a track not far behind as far as my own personal favourites go, if you love Crazy Lixx, then this is a track that should have a definite appeal. Demontonic has a bar room pub rock n roll swagger, whilst the album ends in frenetic style with Tell Me (What I Need To Know), one of the albums most energetic and rawest tracks.

Are You Listening is a mighty fine debut album from Babyjane, an album that is bound to appeal to anyone with a love for hard rock, classic rock, sleaze rock and Aussie rock, hell I might as well just say rock in general. The live feel of this album also begs for this band to be seen perform live...hopefully one day a trip to Melbourne beckons! Check them out people...are you listening???

- may the rock be with you scott smith

"awesome album review"

The first 100% Rock release to reach us, was Australian Babyjane's debut album Are You Listening. Thoroughly promoted and much anticipated, I was dead lucky to get this one in the mail a few weeks ago.

Released back in March after a long road of fine tuning and mastering their songs, Babyjane did not take their first spawn lightly. They crossed the ocean for mixing and mastering, in Nashville and New York respectively.

Time to find out what the result is...

First up is the album title track and the first single off it, "Are You Listening". Right off the bat, it's pretty obvious that Babyjane is not just the next AC/DC clone. Agreed, they've got the typical groovy backbone and screechy singing as a telltale of where they're from, but it's all brand new and unique.

The amazing bass work on the opening song, along with the very anthem-ish chorus, clarifies that this is more than a smoky barroom band. Babyjane's got it going right from the start. Listen to the riff that binds the entire song together and you'll get the picture (or that's what I think, at least).

Following the killer first track, are more than a few decent blues-inspired street-feel rockers. The entire "bring it up, take it back down" anticlimax cliché is followed closely, but who says clichés aren't working?

With songs like "Give It All Up" and "Li'l Gutters", Babyjane demonstrates what Australia stands for rock-wise, but "Quicksand" is all theirs... Much more inspired by their American peers, they move away from that typical Australian sound without losing touch with it.

"Town Called Sinner Stone" is one step further even, or should I say, one step harder. The intro riff is as heavy metal as it gets, and turns the song's feel to another level. What follows is a floaty, hypnotic groove monster with a primal chorus.

"Can You Keep A Secret?" is a textbook example of an everlasting hard rock single. Ticking every box in the 'how do I make a classic hard rock song' list, this is one that will never pop up as people's favorite song, but it's so damn solid and right on the note that it's a great landmark of their artistry still.

Following the atmosphere of "Town Called Sinner Stone", "Twenty Too Many" kicks into another rock n' roll story that stands on groove and great riffs. The tension that's created throughout this track is another example of Babyjane's power.

I can't help but hear a little Airbourne influence in "Miss Scorpio", but that isn't necessarily a bad thing if you listen closely. This is the most dance-able song of the album, with some great interaction between lead and backing vocals and a great showcase of the band's bass player's capacities. He pumps his way through the track like it's a walk in the park.

"Four Rusted Egos" is promoted as a standout track next to the opener, "Quicksand" and "Can You Keep A Secret". To me, it's the most American-sounding song on the disc, but it's not the best one... It misses some of the punch heard in previous tracks, and is a little too patched-up to form a steady whole. Nevertheless, on a riff-by-riff basis, it's still a good effort.

Tenth song on the album, "Demontonic", doesn't add anything to the already impressive list of positives on Babyjane, but confirms all I said before. Decent!

Closer "Tell Me (What I Need To Know)" finishes the album off in style. No cheesy ballad, no obsolete slow last song, just another riff-based rocker that gets heads moving.

As a get-to-know cd for 100% Rock, they know their music and promote what's hot or what will be. Babyjane as well as the label are a great business card for Australia's booming rock scene, I can't wait to hear more!

- sleaze nation

"8/10 album review"

It’s funny how something as universal as rock music can have enough unique attributes that you can usually recognise where a band hails from without actually being told. Aussie hard rockers BABYJANE are one such band and their brand of simplistic yet effective pub rock is undeniably Australian rock in every aspect. Take a large helping of AC/DC, mix in some of THE POOR and add some ANGELS and you get a fair idea on what lies in store for you on the band’s debut album ARE YOU LISTENING. Sure there’s a slight hint of sunset strip sleaze rock and some more straightforward melodic hard rock but the Aussie pub rock/boogie rock sound is where the heart of this band lies.

The album actually both benefits and suffers because of this and I’ll tell you why…. For starters the good thing here is that for fans of Aussie rock music you can easily feel comfortable grabbing a copy of this one, and for us Aussies it seems we have yet another band to proud of and if they break out in the way I think they can we can all be even prouder. Now though, the depreciating factor in all of this is that the album really is a bit too repetitive and there isn’t really enough stand-out moments to get people too excited, except for maybe a little tune called FOUR RUSTED EGOS which basically drops all of the Aussie influence for a straight-up Euro sounding melodic rock track, other better songs include ARE YOU LISTENING, QUICKSAND and TWENTY TOO MANY.

I think this disc would have benefitted from taking two tracks away and cleaning it up to be a nine song, short and punchy rawk ‘n’ roll album, but that’s just personal taste right there really. To be honest, there’s not much work that needs to be done in order for these guys to make some inroads over the ocean so it’s just a matter now of the band pushing the album as hard as they can and relentlessly touring just like any good rock band does. I know I for one will be keeping an eye on BABYJANE and when they break out overseas I’ll be able to say “I told you so!”….Hmmph, maybe not, but you never know you’re luck.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 8/10

- my global mind webzine

"album review 9.5/10"

Australia spawned, over the years, great rock'n roll children in the hard rock world. Not so many as other countries, and not quite often, but almost every single Aussie outfit had written golden pages in the book of rock. AC/DC, Rose Tattoo, Airbourne are just few examples of the great strength of the australian spirit.
BabyJane is the newest sensation hailing from Australia, and it will definetly be one of the biggest players of this hard rock season. Unlike their glorious fore-runner, BabyJane shows a great diversity, while still keeping their (already!) trademark signature.
Therefore, this is not a plain hard rock album. The band approaches every corner of the style, giving us a great diversity of styles.
First 3 tracks, "Are You Listening", "Give It All Up" and "Li'l Gutters", show us the power of the band: no compromised and husky hard rock, with rough edge and great atittude.
"Town Called Sinner Stone" is the longest track here, and presents us a very unusual mixture of epic style with hard rock and a dark feeling. Definetly, the strangest track here, but, also, probably, the greatest!
"Can You Keep A Secret" put back the band on the rock n roll railroads, with its american feeling and tremendous chorus. Hair metal at its best - catchy, yet powerful!
"Twenty Too Money" will surely take your breath, with its shattering chorus and insane riffs. Very sleazy and dirty, with a great dialogue between the main voice and backing vocals. You could also feel the fluidity of the bass lines, a real and trustworthy support!
"Quicksand" and "Miss Scorpio" unleash hard rock riffs to haunt you instantly!
"Four Rusted Egos" is kinda half-ballad, with great NWOBHM vibe, reminding me strongly of Angelwitch and Diamond Head!
"Demontonic" is pure rock'n roll, with great riffs and mesemerizing bass parts, but, somehow, in some parts, the song reminded me of Metallica!
The closing track, "Tell Me", is a great mix of rock'n roll and punk - party all over!
Various and strong, the album will definetly make you yearn for multiple listenings.
All members put here an astonishing performance, which is very clearly highlighted by the flawless production - quite understandable, because the mighty legend Michael Wagener himself has mixed the album!
Well brothers, here's the next big thing from Australia. Don't be shocked if you'll see these guys soon open for AC/DC!
Favorite songs: Town Called Sinner Stone, Are You Listening, Can You Keep A Secret
Rating: 9,5
- metal believe

"rock report album review"

100% Rock isn't just the name of the label that signed these Western Australian rockers, it also perfectly describes the sound of the foursome.
Formed in 2008 they chose the only way for a true rock 'n roll band to build a fan base and fine tune their songwriting: through live gigs. It didn't take them long to create a genuine buzz which led to support slots with the likes of Paul Dianno and Sebastian Bach.
Their performance with mister Bach impressed quite a few people and not only resulted in a deal with 100% Rock Records but also in someone introducing them to legendary producer Michael Wagener who handled the excellent mix of the disc that has been on almost continuous rotation since it landed in my mailbox a little over 2 weeks ago.
Unlike many of their fellow countrymen Babyjane have not chosen to follow in the footsteps of Angus Young and C° and treat us to straight forward 3 chord rock. Sure their musical exploits are a throwback to the hard rocking sounds of the 1980s but while others who have had the honour to review the album say they are reminiscent of Guns 'N Roses, Aerosmith or even Led Zeppelin, I personally hear a lot of Kiss influences. Just listen to “Li'l Gutters” and tell me that isn't prime time Ace Frehley. This cut would have fit in perfectly on any of mister Frehley's solo records. And it doesn't stop there cause throughout the album guitarist John Gerasolo displays his love for the Space Ace.
According to lead vocalist Andy Smith (whose vocals are a mix of former Warrior/Steve Steven's Atomic Playboys front man Perry McCarty with a hint of Sebastian Bach) a Babyjane song is made up of hooks and dynamics and there's plenty of that to be found here. But what makes this collection of 11 tracks a genuine pleasure to listen to besides any of the before mentioned elements are the many twists and turns, whether it's a change of tempo, a little bridge,...combined they make sure the listener's attention doesn't drift.
As just mentioned I really enjoy listening to this slab of kerosene fuelled rock and while I can't pinpoint a single weak track I consider the pumping title song, the smouldering and hypnotic “Four Rusted Egos” and the heavy slow pounding “Town Called Sinner Stone” as the ones that impress me the most.
Armed with this great set of tunes (and probably already a few newly written ones) Babyjane are currently touring their native country but plans for a US/UK and hopefully European tour should be in place by the end of the year. (PS)
- rock report

"babyjane - are you listening album review"

Mixed by Michael Wagener.

When Babyjane scream 'are you listening' during the chorus of the opening track I feel like yelling back, 'fuck yes I am!' Hailing from the country best known for spawning AC/DC, these Australian newcomers could easily have taken that formula to the bank but instead seem determined to put their own spin on the sleaze rock genre. Instead of sticking to the three-chord barroom rock made famous by the Young brothers, Babyjane has more in common with L.U.S.T. -- another sleazy upstart from down under.
The title track is a great way to kick off Are You Listening, and as a friend of mine said as I spun this song, "It sounds like 1989 all over again". That's right, and that's why it sounds so damn good! "Give It All Up", "Can You Keep A Secret?", "Four Rusted Egos", and "Demontonic" all keep up the late '80s feel with a healthy dose of current sleaze. Babyjane also get heavy and moody in places, best shown on "Town Called Sinner Stone" and "Twenty Too Many", in which the boys play with the ferocity of Slave To The Grind era Skid Row.
The mix by legendary producer Michael Wagener gives Babyjane a professional feel without making their music slick and lifeless -- the CD has just the right amount of dirt under the fingernails. And while not every song impresses -- "Quicksand" (where singer Andy Smith does his best Sebastian Bach impersonation) and "Tell Me (What I Need To Know)" for example fall flat -- Babyjane show a hell of a lot of promise on Are You Listening.
Yes I'm listening, as should the rest of you. My advice for Babyjane is to release a video for the title track, tighten their sound while playing every shithole that will have them, and then drop a flawless sophomore album on our laps -- I have no doubts they are capable of doing it as Are You Listening shows several flashes of brilliance. - -

Reviewed by Skid for Sleaze Roxx, July 2011

- skid for sleaze roxx


Debut album "Are You listening"

Lead single 'Are You Listening' receiving international radio airplay

Promo video available on YouTube



Babyjane, Australia's rawest, sleaziest, no-frills hard rock band have come out of the rusty gate with all guns blazing and a no bullshit attitude.

Andy Smith (no singer comes closer to the swagger of Jagger and the presence of Plant than this one); John Gerasolo (rock's next guitar hero – a cross between the Space Ace and Slash); Paul Judge (a snarling Sid Vicious who can actually play the bass) and Nik 'Animal' Kats (the bombast of Bonham meets the terror of Tommy Lee) have unleashed their debut scorcher “Are You Listening”.

Mixed in Nashville by legendary producer Michael Wagener (Metallica/Skid Row/Ozzy Osbourne/Motley Crue/Accept/Janet Jackson), and mastered in New York by George Marino (Metallica, Guns n’ Roses, Kiss, John Lennon, Aerosmith) and Eric Conn & Don Cobb at Independent Mastering in Nashville (Skid Row, Dokken, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Neil Young), “Are You Listening” features 11 tracks of hard rock at its most incendiary.

Rousing support gigs with, among others, Skid Row's Sebastian Bach and Paul Dianno of Iron Maiden fame led to a distribution deal with 100% ROCK.

Road-tested and well-oiled, Babyjane’s pub shows are the talk of the town in their hometown Perth, Western Australia, and now they have their eyes firmly set on world domination.

Packed to the brim with explosive hard rock riffs and solos the likes of which haven’t been seen this side of Slash, Kiss, Aerosmith or “Appetite For Destruction”, Babyjane are here to shout “ROCK IS BACK!!!!”

Check out live favourites 'Quicksand', lead single 'Are You Listening' and 'can't stop singing it' classic 'Can You Keep a Secret?'... Babyjane are just gathering steam.

Are you listening? You soon will be...