Babylon Saints

Babylon Saints

 Los Angeles, California, USA

Formed with the idea that we can either celebrate or burn down Babylon, the Babylon Saints seak to entertain and enlighten audiences with their original, soulful, authentic, Reggae rock.


The name Babylon Saints is both a contradiction in terms as well as an excellent way to disarm the potential listener of their expectations. So to simply say that the four members of Los Angeles-based group play reggae rock, albeit extremely catchy reggae rock, would be rather deceiving. Singer Matt Gerovac, drummer Brandon Petersen, bassist Tyler Drake, and steel drummer Joseph “Panhead” Peck can offer a better set of groovy descriptions for their sound: Authentic. Soulful. Funk. Honest. Caribbean. American. African. Brazilian. Spicy. Danceable. And, as Peterson puts it, “it’s like if Steel Pulse, the guys from Weather Report, and Men At Work were riding a bike down Sunset Boulevard.”

Just like this colorful imagery, the Babylon Saints members themselves are an assortment of backgrounds and musical perspective. Their collective passion for reggae music was formulated within the schools, streets, and music venues of Anaheim and Whittier, CA, Pittsburgh, PA, the Virgin Islands, Cleveland, OH, Boca Raton, FL, Wichita, KS, Trinidad, WI, and local Los Angeles. Whether it was a Blues Brothers movie (Petersen), a set of pots and pans (Panhead), a vacuum created after quitting baseball (Gerovac), or growing up in a musical environment (Drake) that got them to where they are now, what all four Saints have in common now is their dedication to getting their sound heard.

Babylon Saints have swept California with what Gerovac calls the group’s “gushing warm groove.” Their performances draw on the freedom to not only showcase each instrument, but to feed off and accentuate each member’s sounds and rhythms. Babylon Saints are building a robust live performance schedule with plans for expanded U.S. and international tour stops in support of the upcoming record. Their debut album on Citation Records, due in 2009, will include songs that, Panhead would like you to know, might possibly ravish your face off. In a good way.


I Hear

Written By: Matt Gerovac

I hear a careless sigh from the guy with the stein at the corner bar.
I hear cars pass by and the noise they kick up is my awakening.
My alarm goes off and I hop out of bed.
I think I'll hit the snooze and sleep in again.
I listen as the world goes by.
I wonder where I'm gonna be and when and why.

I just can't hear it, don't want to hear it!

I hear this is all we know.
I hear, so I better believe it.
I hear this is how it goes.
I hear, so I better believe it.
I hear damage has been done.
I hear, so I better believe it.
I hear this is all we know.
I hear, so I better believe it.

I hear, if I take myself seriously, I'll fall in love with a girl whose name I think starts with a 'C,'
or a 'B,' or maybe an 'A.'
And we'll move away to a place not far to stay
in a place I can call my own - 'cause I pay money that I get at the cash machine. Now I have a home and a pain in my dome and a baby on the way, oh what a day!
So, I'll join a church and I'll get reborn
and my chest is adorned with a golden something.

Special Occasion

Written By: Matt Gerovac

Whether you're working or you're playing,
no matter what you a saying, pushing or delaying,
you can feel me I can feel you!
Bumper to bumper on the highway, sailing a different byway,
your way or my way,
you can feel me, I can feel you!

Everyday's a special occasion, depending on the eyes you're seeing through.
No matter what your persuasion, you can feel me, I can feel you.
We're on a permanent vacation, sun shines bright behind the darkest clouds.
We're on a permanent vacation, everyday's a special ocassion,
no matter what your persuasion, you can feel me I can feel you.

Awakened by the sound
of building new buildings breaking old ones down.
Like dogs in the pound.
We're sitting in cubicals
we wanna run around.
Open my mind to see
a fraction of what it is to be truly free.
Mark your territory, capitalize!
Then, ask yourself, 'Am I truly free?'

People are buying and selling.
Whispering when they should be yelling.
Pathetically incredible.
Yearning to be longed for.


Burn On

Written By: Matt Gerovac

Insincerity. Let it all burn down.
War, no more war.
Greed. Let it all burn down.

We don't need no water!
Let it all burn down.

What ruler do you use to measure life,
or to measure the love between a man and his wife?
Best things cannot be measured, bought or sold
and status only fades when we grow old.


Burn on - keep on asking questions.
Burn on - don't believe the answers.
Burn on - one can't erase the problems.
Burn on - if one does not first learn how to draw.




Set List

Set lists include 95% original material. MG3 performs many covers which pay tribute to everyone from Bob Marley to Peter Tosh to Third World to Barrington Levy.