Baby Monster

Baby Monster

 Eugene, Oregon, USA

Electronic pop from west coast, remixes for Zero 7, Wolf Gang, Primary 1 etc, touring UK in October and November '09.


More likely to cite stately brit-rock paragons The Kinks and Blur as their inspirations than LCD Soundsystem or MGMT, west coast duo Baby Monster are part of the new breed of D.I.Y. electronic pop groups sprouting up from bedroom studios around the country. The sound is massive and ambient with an underlying nostalgia, and enough pop to propel the songs away from obscurity . The group has been gaining a steady online following since the posting of their Clockwork Orange titled track "Ultraviolence and Beethoven". At times ambient and transcendental, the song will cheer up the most depressed of those suffering from the "winter blues", and it is slated for single-release on UK tastemaker label 50 Bones later this year. Baby Monster could easily fit in the sun-drenched festival season, maybe somewhere in between the Knife and Animal Collective.


Debut single coming out on 50 Bones Records in November. Zero 7 - Medicine Man (Baby Monster Remix) currently being played on Los Angeles radio station KCRW. "Curses" played on XM Radio program Alt Nation.

Set List

Set list is 30 minutes