we sound like playful spirits singing our soul's wisdom with a child's melody as little churping guitarbirds and full-bodied rhythms move you to a conscious heartbeat.


Baby Teeth Thieves originally started in February of 2006 with Casey Kaufman and Oscar Bishop III. Casey and Oscar played numerous house shows and released an EP "Manatee Blood" in 2006. Shortly after the release of "Manatee Blood", Jeremi, Devin, and Danny were invited to join the duo. With the added rhythm section of Jeremi and Danny, and the looming soundscapes of Devin's 12 string trickery, the songs were becoming full and rich. The band's sound lifted the songs and set the stage for some wonderful shows through out 2007 and 2008. In 2007 Devin Lamp recorded our first LP to be released at the beginning of Fall 2008. As a full group, BBT has played 30 to 40 shows in the Murfreesboro and Nashville area.
The BabyTeethTheives sound is like a journey to a center in something bigger than concepts and structures. A looming playfulness shines through the more serious moments and lights a path through the journey of any BabyTeethThieves song your ears come across. With a five piece, all acoustic group, showcasing unique songwriting, educated arrangements, cello, upright, and group harmonies, BabyTheethThieves have struck gold in the hearts of the fortunate listeners who have had the lucky opportunity to share their experience with them. Influenced by their surroundings and emotional experiences, BabyTeethTHieves have a grass-roots philosophy that enthusiastically fills the listener's heart with warmth.


Manatee Blood EP (06)
(videos of shows, streams,and live radio concert
To a Green Thought In A Green Shade LP (fall 08)

Set List

I Growl I The Morning And Meow At Night
A Wasp's Wing Interlude
The Biggest Backyard
I Think You're A Bird Brain
Build Me A Boat Sailor Jerry
Hard Candy Moon
The Little Cricket
Piney Coney County
Little Archor

our set is usually about 30 to 40 minutes long. We play about 8 songs. We do covers of:
Yes- Seen All Good People
VelvetUnderground- Venus in Furs
DeadHippies- Lation Is This thing I Believe In