hi you doing baby, it's bacardiiiii baby, i'm a singer, i sing reggae, but i crossed over and i'm strictly promoting in Europe and Japan. Fuggettabouttttitttt It's bacardiiiii baby, and the mohawk is bacardiiiii baby!!! Fuggettabouttttitttt


Reggae Sensation BACARDIIIII represents a very unique style that defines his rare talent, and his ability to change and adapt on the fly, demanding people to respect the true breadth of his talent. Bacardiiiii is unpredictable and very versatile. He is a story teller and there’s meaning to his smooth lyrics. Anyone can put lyrics together, but Bacardiiiii shows the true meaning of being an innovative artist with a creative mind and versatile style. Indeed, it's as if Bacardiiiii was placed in a league of his own as he continues to set examples and goals for the future of Reggae music. His energy is endless. His style is unique as well as his electrifying stage performance.

“Wha no kill me, can only mek me strong.”

They say that only the strong survive, and when you’re destined for success, nothing can stop your shine. Bacardiiiii is a living proof of that. As a child, he was pushed in front of a moving train (The #7 Train, New York), and survived the horrible ordeal. Again, when one is destined for success, not even being hit by a moving train can stop one’s success.

“I’m very blessed. I take nothing for granted in life.
Although I can’t remember my childhood,
due to the train incident, I’m glad to be alive.
I’m doing what I was born to do.
Life is precious and I’m very fortunate
to be living out my dreams
as a recording reggae artist.”

With a rapidly growing fan base, you can always hear his songs at various radio stations and at the local clubs. Bacardiiiii is continually booking events for performances and interviews. His celebrity is already on the rise and growing fast. His fans are very loyal to him, especially the ladies.

“It’s a great rush to feed of the energy of my fans.
They’re the ones who keep me going. I love life; I love music,
and I especially love the fans.”
Through desire, dedication, and determination, Bacardiiiii now strives for perfection with a goal to make history with his music and show the world what he is truly capable of as a lyricist.

Set List

song 1, fresher n fresher
song 2, sweeta dan pine