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Bach to the Future

St. Louis, Missouri, United States | MAJOR

St. Louis, Missouri, United States | MAJOR
Band Classical Jazz


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"The Bach that Rocks!"

Excerpt from OK Gazette interview with Mike Silverman
Category: Music

And when did you do the first hit piece on the Bach invention that kind of
started all this? What year did the first CD come out, and do you know when
the next one will be out?
Our first Bach piece was Invention #1, which we were simply goofing around
in the studio and recorded it in a Greek 7/8 rhythm. We started performing
it in our jazz concerts, and got an amazing response every time, which lead
us to think about other classical pieces we enjoyed and how they might work
with jazz, Latin, and African rhythms. Eventually it became a major part of
our show and we decided to change the name of the band from the Downtown
Trio to Bach to the Future.

1. You'd talked about the differences between your first Bach to the Future
CD and your upcoming one. Could you explain further how what you're doing
now takes off from your original concept--you're moving past Bach, now,
Our first CD is all based on the music of Johann Sebastian Bach, except one
piece by Carl Phili Emanuel Bach, his son. The new CD will feature music by
a variety of composers, including Beethoven, Debussy, Rimsky-Korsakov,
Mozart, and of course, more Bach! And we are approaching the arrangements
differently this time: it's been a process of playing the music

2. You said you guys are always trying to get new sounds. Do you feel
constrained at all by tying yourselves to classical music, then? Why or why
Actually, in this age of eclecticism, where many artists are combining many
different influences, we feel like we doing something fresh by combining
world rhythms with classical music

3. You've been playing experimental jazz since you were teenagers, so what
keeps you so hooked on it that you're still playing it? And when and why did
the Zendrum and Keytar come into that?
Everyone inthis group has a fascination with cutting edge instruments. I've
collected unusual keyboards since the late '80s and Rob has incorporated a
variety of electric drum pads and percussion instruments for over 20 years,
eventually leading to his interest in the Zendrum drumitar. Matt has
experimented with bass guitar designs with extra strings for additional
range for a few years now, and has some very strange body designs in his
collection. Andy showed up at our first rehearsal with an electric violin
that is shpaped very much like Rob's Zendrum drumitar. Some people call it
the "violectra."

4. What experience/understanding are you hoping people take away from your
People enjoy Bach to the Future on several levels, I think. It's based on
music that is loved by people all over the world; in other words, it's the
ultimate pop music! The strange instruments, the unusual arrangements, and
the high energy performance appeal to audiences as well.

5. What's in the future for Bach to the Future?
We're recording our new CD, which is even more adventurous than the first.
We're travelling more than ever this year, which is exciting. It's nice to
discover new places and meet so many new people. We're doing some benefits
around the country to raise money for cancer research with Acoustic Alchemy.

Just for reference, you'd said your parents were classical musicians, what
do they play?
My parents met through a cello teacher in high school and met again at
Carnegie Tech College where they both studied music. My father plays in the
St. Louis Symphony, and my mother taught piano for many years.

- Excerpt from OK Gazette Interview


"Bach to the Future" (2005) CD, Autumn Hill Records.
"Live at the Civic!" (2007) DVD, Autumn Hill Records.
"Composers Gone Wild" iTunes exclusive.
Universal Classical Compilation (2008) "Living with the Classics," dist. by QL Music
Classical Jazz Quartet (2010) Autumn Hill Records

Michael Silverman's music has appeared in hundreds of TV commercials, theme songs for syndicated radio shows, and film scores.



Emmy award winning composer and pianist Michael Silverman has 13 number one albums to his credit, spanning classical, world music, and New Age genres. He is one of the most downloaded pianists on iTunes and Amazon, selling over 3 million songs. The Classical jazz Quartet transforms famous classical melodies into a jazz and world rhythms, in a virtuoso yet whimsical show. They have shared the stage with David Sanborn, Peter Cincotti, the Rippingtons, Acoustic Alchemy, Al DiMeola, Stanley Jordan, and many others. They spent 2 years as the house band on a late night talk show on WB Network called the Fan Show. The group has toured the country and received standing ovations at every concert they have performed.