Back After Dawn

Back After Dawn

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Neon soldiers in a world of excess repetition. An honest light that exposes a world of industry, masks and money. Messages of truth and love that are artistically expressed sonically as well as visually. Ultimately telling yourself that "This Is Not A Test"


Joined through unprecedented events, as the makings of an epic novel, Back After Dawn was formed. Music & Art became the passion. The Truth became the cause. In most recent years after 2007 "Scene Set Fire" EP release the band has undergone an artistic makeover. Everything from live performance to the very lyrics themselves have progressed and shown much growth. The upcoming 2010 release of "This Is Not A Test" is a keypoint of the bands young carreer. The fusion between the bands philosophies and music have become the gateway to mass awareness.


Here's Your Forgiveness

Written By: Back After Dawn

The sunsets in twilight, you’re braking up on moonlight
With regrets and mistakes, the plastic wrapped over your face
Some one need love now, the reason we all shout
Somewhere else they adore you
Somewhere between this land we knew
Castles fall when we need them to
Somewhere else they adore you
In a little while
It’s been a while
You’re bored on weekends and undressing seasons
Wheels keep on turning for one good reason,
But your getting tired and she’s getting old
You just keep asking for what you are told
What does she know?
What does he know?
Roses on stone
What does she know, before we grow old?
Winters the season, we are cold snowflakes follow ghost
Time walks on, time walks on you, from time to time she opens up her eyes and feeds us some light. From time to time holds you.
Lost found from, well what creates us all
We are still here, for thousands of years till we run into Jupiter till we make some contact till we try it all out.
Home has not lost you.


It's Whatever LP 2003
For Parker LP 2004
Farewell to friends EP 2005
Scene Set Fire EP 2007
This Is Not A Test (2010 release)

Set List

6-8 songs originals
50 min. set 15- 20 min stage set up time

"You are another me"
"Kingdom Colossus"
"We Are Ageless"

"Slave Messiah"
"Fear and Love"