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Backdoor Lightshow

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Backdoor Lightshow employs traditional and electronic instruments, combining the elements of art rock, shoegaze & post rock to get their sound.


Backdoor Lightshow formed in the summer of 2012 with some friends along with other members of past bands. They met around the scene at local shows, parties and open mics.

Backdoor Lightshow consists of Ray Piscione, Jess LR, Timur Fattahov & Kevin Henry

Finding something to do in the boring suburbs of Mississauga while keeping up with school wasn't easy. Starting off as a folk rock band and quickly maturing into a indie rock meets art rock style sound, this band takes inspiration from The Darcys, Tokyo Police Club, The Antlers, Grizzly Bear, The Royal Concept along with many more. Combining the elements (weird synths and heavy effects) of art rock, the folk-music-like qualities of non-traditional instruments, and the catchy melodies of indie rock, the band soon developed a new sound.

The band employs traditional and electronic instruments. Their sound has been categorized as Indie, Folktronica, Art Rock and Experimental, and is dominated by the combination of different genres.

Playing their first shows over the summer of 2012 with many more to come, the band continues to grow through their genre, playing style, and attitude. They're hoping to make this into a career - they are only just getting started.


Giraffes Can't Dance

Written By: Ray Piscione

Sit me down so we gotta speak
I'm working to much and I'm feeling weak
Can not sleep I only dream in fright
Break away with no hopes tonight

Whisper slowly, rewind the tape
All your friends broken acetate
Chase me in a starlit dream about when you came home
I'm all alone, I am all alone.

Calling around. Lost hope of what to do
We talked for hours about it
Your hardened parents didn't know what to do
You saw giraffes they were dancing
They were prancing, they were moving
Your heart was racing, didn't know what you were doing
Run far my child it won't be to long
But for now on try to stay strong

We are the kids who saw things
We have spoken about it to
We saw them, they were dancing
Tell me truth
I saw it with my two eyes
I despised
So long, I'm gone I'm done here
I'm ready to disappear
So hold back
Take my hand
Ill creep away
Hope you stay

Spoken Word
Sick of it all
Ready to fall into the traps that we set our for ourselves
Dreaming of things that aren't there
that no one could compare that look when you had to stare
Our dreams were crumbling around us
The animals astound us
The times that could compound us
But now we are just sick of it all-ness
Making up things that aren't there
We all got problems that don't compare
to the social norm of everyones regular day
the business mans just flying away
we were free
You were looking at me


Giraffes Can't Dance (Single) - Backdoor Lightshow (Independent)
Release Date: March, 2013
Recorded By Backdoor Lightshow
Produced By Backdoor Lightshow & Blake Hamilton
Mixed & Mastered By Blake Hamilton

1. Giraffes Can't Dance

Set List

We prepare for an hour and a half set.