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"Who is Backdoor Lightshow?"

Backdoor Lightshow is quickly becoming one of the most well-known bands in Mississauga. They only formed last year, yet they've been playing every major local show. I talked to Ray Piscione, their lead guitarist, piano/synth player and vocalist, about the band.

If you could describe Backdoor Lightshow with 5 words or less, what would they be?
Ray: If someone explodes, awesome.

Who is your main inspiration?
Ray: I'd say The Darcys.

What is the songwriting process like for Backdoor Lightshow?
Ray: 1 out of 2 things happen, as a band we get together in a room think of an angle or style we kinda wanna go for and just start tossing around ideas. When I write songs for the band, for the music I put on some DD/MM/YYYY or The Antlers or something and just start thinking about how they make their music. Try to imitate their style then throw some of my own taste in it. Lyrics: I (in this order) Take a piss, make tea, put on some spoken word and/or Les Savy Fav and sit in absolute dark and just write everything that comes to mind.

How has the fan response at your shows been?
Ray: Honestly, like the fans have been into it since the sound change. The last sound sucked, it wasn't us. We needed it to grow into what we are now. People say its been really different, really unique, what the [local music] scene needs and that our live shows are always different everytime, full of surprises and just a lot of fun. They've been really into it. We've all actually been shocked to hear that people actually dig our music. - Nick Jung

"Local musicians band together for Indie Night"

Live music for a cheap price and it's in Mississauga.
Sound too good to be true? Well, on Dec. 7, 2012 it won't be, as 'Indie Night' takes over Masonic Lodge in Streetsville.
Reuben Corriea, lead singer of the band Wolf Ticket, has pulled together a bunch of unsigned bands drawn from all over Mississauga, including Erin Mills, Meadowvale, Port Credit and Cawthra Park.
Masonic Lodge was a starting point for many now-famous local rockers, including Death from Above 1979, Illscarlett and Billy Talent.
Wolf Ticket has been together for two years, but, said Corriea, this will be their first 'real' gig.
"There's no formal venue and not a lot of shows in Mississauga," Corriea said, explaining the inspiration for a group show. "We're also hoping to gain more of a fan base."
The other bands in the show will be Dan & Tal, Milhaus Youth, Align The Sails, The Pegs and Backdoor Lightshow, offering different genres ranging from rock to metal to folk. Ray Piscione of Backdoor Lightshow said he is looking forward to playing, gaining more fans and networking.
"Lately, the (Mississauga) music scene has been dying down," he said. "We're hoping to bring it back."
Correia said they hope to remind music lovers of what they can find close to home.
"People (shouldn't) have to drive all the way to Toronto to see bands when there's so many good ones here," said Corriea, who hopes to see an increase in live music gigs in Mississauga.
"Music is great to talk about, and different than other creative outlets. It brings people together," agreed band mate Daniel Gillis, who is aiming to build a career as a musician.
"I'm fine with being poor for the rest of my life as long as I can play music," he said.
Tickets for the event are $12, or $5 with a donation of canned goods to the Eden Community Food Bank. Gillis said he hopes "people will open their hearts and be generous" for the holiday season. - Vanessa Francone


Giraffes Can't Dance (Single) - Backdoor Lightshow (Independent)
Release Date: March, 2013
Recorded By Backdoor Lightshow
Produced By Backdoor Lightshow & Blake Hamilton
Mixed & Mastered By Blake Hamilton

1. Giraffes Can't Dance



Backdoor Lightshow formed in the summer of 2012 with some friends along with other members of past bands. They met around the scene at local shows, parties and open mics.

Backdoor Lightshow consists of Ray Piscione, Jess LR, Timur Fattahov & Kevin Henry

Finding something to do in the boring suburbs of Mississauga while keeping up with school wasn't easy. Starting off as a folk rock band and quickly maturing into a indie rock meets art rock style sound, this band takes inspiration from The Darcys, Tokyo Police Club, The Antlers, Grizzly Bear, The Royal Concept along with many more. Combining the elements (weird synths and heavy effects) of art rock, the folk-music-like qualities of non-traditional instruments, and the catchy melodies of indie rock, the band soon developed a new sound.

The band employs traditional and electronic instruments. Their sound has been categorized as Indie, Folktronica, Art Rock and Experimental, and is dominated by the combination of different genres.

Playing their first shows over the summer of 2012 with many more to come, the band continues to grow through their genre, playing style, and attitude. They're hoping to make this into a career - they are only just getting started.