Different! We are young, energetic and catchy yeah powerful all at once. A song for every emotion and a way to connect to all kinds of audiences.


What kind of music do you play?
Who do you sound like?
Most bands are asked this, BACKDRAFT is on a daily basis.

BACKDRAFT’s music isn’t exactly hindered to one specific type. It has evolved as we grew as musicians. Started in a punk-ish stage faintly resembling Yellowcard. Now, as serious musicians it is very difficult to categorize their sound.

Jordan Logan is the guitarist turned bassist in the band. His style is simple yet punchy as if playing power chords on a guitar. He came into BACKDRAFT never playing with a band before and really never playing bass before. It’s easy to say that he has went from 0 to 60 in his music career. His influences range from everything between the punk era of the Offspring to the southern mesh of Skynyrd.

Colton Halverson is the Southpaw that sits behind the drum kit. He developed his skills listening to bands such as New Found Glory, Senses fail and Nickelback. His skills as an excellent drummer were contained in a local praise band at his church entitled From The Heart. His technical style of playing was never really showcased in this but coming into BACKDRAFT his playing has flourished as one of the things people remember after they hear the band.

Steven Chinn is the light-footed front man behind the microphone. His singing abilities have been a part of the punk cover band Tragic Monday and the local gospel quartet From The Riverbank. As a vocalist this may have brought out the best at times in his voice but as a guitarist a gospel or punk band does not exactly ring originality. Coming into BACKDRAFT he brings a style of playing closely resembling that of Pearl Jam and the Goo Goo Dolls. His melodies are usually easy to recognize and have found their way into some of BACKDRAFT’s most memorable and requested songs at their live shows. With his Pearl Jam style, his influences would seem to be set but you will easily find him listening to Skynyrd, Underoath or even Reel Big Fish.

Cody Moore is the long hairedmember usually to the right of Chinn on stage. His talents started years ago and were developed in many stages. Starting in the first attempt at a band withSteven and Colton entitled Third Story Told which went nowhere fast. Secondly he became a part of the then punk now ska band Chris & the Dickens but didn’t last long due to his differences with the direction of the band. His final band was quite a hit in their hometown Lewis County area, Still Searching. Although there may have been a liking to the short lived Christian cover band, there was no prospering. Coming into BACKDRAFT, Cody brought in a playing differing from that of Steven’s. Instead of quick changes and hammers, his styles followed more along the la gatto and soloing fashions used in music from such artists such as Mark Tremonti, Eric Clapton and Todd Whitener. Along with the guitar, Cody will at times be seen playing the piano on a few of BACKDRAFT’s alternate sounding songs.

As you can see, BACKDRAFT comes from everywhere. The sound produced couldn’t be managed by one particular genre. Their style has caught the attention of teenagers all over Kentucky and even ranging up to the club scene in Ohio.

Now since it has come to the point where they are ready to bring their music to the world. Being dubbed a reasonable band from Future Leaders of the World’s Phil Taylor, BACKDRAFT is ready to break out.

Recently they have landed endorsement deals with guitar companies, string companies and drum companies and are now looking for the chance to showcase their sound to everyone.

"I want something different, something other than what's already out there. We don't play punk, emo, metal or anything. We play everything we feel. We are influenced by it all and therefore use it all in the way we play."-Cody Moore

Contact info:

Cody Moore


One Night


It wasn't suppose to happen
i know that its all wrong
made your decision
to stray from the one
the one who loved you all along
so who will you blame
things will never be the same

all it takes is just one night
all it takes is just one night
to throw it all away
and when you tell the whole truth
about all the things you do
all it takes is just one night

its been too long
for the things that you've done
the end is now and ther's nowhere
left to run
the blood that runs from your fingertips
will be the one thing i will miss
just hope it was worth what you have become


BACKDRAFT/Basement Demo (ep)
One Night (lp)

Set List

All the Years (original)
Things Aren't Better yet (original)
One Night (original)
The Proclamation (Original)
These Tears (original)
You & Me (Original)
Without You (original)
New Beginning (original)
Sleep Good Tonight (original)
Wait (original)
Dammit (Blink 182)
Cumbersome (Seven Mary Three)
Hey Joe (Jimi Hendrix)

Most shows are 45 mins to and hour

We normally play 10-11 songs usually of the list from above.