Backdraft & Beat Bazaar

Backdraft & Beat Bazaar


Breakbeat innovators Backdraft are a dynamic production duo who know how to rock the global dancefloor.They have joined up with a collective of skillful vocalists to bring you Beat Bazaar, an unforgetable experience of live electronic beats perfectly blended with rootsy rhymes and sultry vocals.


Mancunian DJ/ producers Backdraft, famed for their energizing production style, dirty beats and roaring bass lines are set to release their eagerly awaited debut album on 3rd March 2009 on Passenger records.

The album ‘We know where you live’ crosses the boundaries of breaks with an unprecedented creative flair. Featuring exciting collaborations from some of the hottest vocalists of our time, the album offers diversity and eclecticism whilst maintaining Backdraft’s hard stompin’ style.

Backdraft have been churning out massive hits such as the electrifying ‘Labrat’, which became the highest selling single on Passenger Records, the funky head-banger Popcorn (Passenger) and Fool (Botchit & Scarper) to name just a few. They have sold over 50000 dancefloor singles gaining worldwide acclaim for their trademark style.

With the creation of their debut album, they have decided to take their sound from the studio and the turntables to the stage, launching an innovative electronic live show called Beat Bazaar, featuring a diverse collective of talented vocalists and highly original performances.

High on energy and creativity Beat Bazaar blends the sounds of funky breakbeat and menacing electro with rootsy rhymes from MR Fox, soulful vibes from Veba, grimy lyrical wit from Solja & Dreadless Dreados, earthly tones from Ebere and sultry hooks from Tracey Elizabeth. Together they present a unique new live elecronic music show, which is guaranteed to blow your mind with maximum audio visual entertainment.

Earlier this year Backdraft contributed to the Gran Turismo™5 Prologue, the fifth installment of the billion-dollar selling racing franchise developed exclusively for PLAYSTATION®3 (PS3™), which features exclusive cuts from the biggest names in the recording industry. Backdraft’s ‘Off the wall’ track, featuring Tor, provides racing fans with an adrenalin fuelled driving experience.


Backdraf’ts productions appear on the following releases.

• Botchit Breaks 4 (2xCD) Misconception Botchit & Scarper 2001
• Break, Broke, Broken. (CD) Decoy Bazoline 2001
• Urban Funk Breaks II EP (2x12", EP) Decoy Botchit & Scarper 2001
• 4 Vini - Forever Young LP (3xCD) Infrasound Botchit & Scarper 2002
• Botchit Breaks 5 (CD + CD) Riddler Botchit & Scarper 2002
• Heavy Weight Breaks (CD, Mixed, Comp) Road Hog Super Charged 2002
• Urban Funk Breaks III (CD) Manic, Fool Botchit & Scarper 2002
• All Points Covered - Studio Mix (CD) Labrat Knowledge Magazine 2003
• Lawgiverz Present Bass Instinct: Filthy Funk And Bass Shaking Breaks (CD, Enh) Ambush Botchit & Scarper 2003
• Apply The Breaks (CD, Mixed, Comp) Road Hog Botchit & Scarper 2004
• Beatz & Bobz Volume 3 (CD) Labrat (VIP Mix) Functional Breaks 2004
• Formula (CD) Headcharge Low Phat Recordings 2004
• Mixtress (CD) Labrat System Recordings 2004
• Tampa Breaks Volume 4 (CD) Labrat Afterdark Records 2004
• Breaker Box Volume 1 (CD, Mixed) R U Ready Kronic Underground 2005
• Distortionz DJ Mix May 2005 (CDr) R U Ready Bass Invaderz 2005
• The Breakbeat Annual (CD) Basement Mixmag 2005
• Breakbeat Bass Vol 2 (CD, Mixed) Popcorn Passenger 2006
• Broke 'N' English (CD) Labrat VIP (The Autobo... Afterdark Records, Broke 2006
• Jet Set Mixed & Skratched By Greg J (CD) Superstar Funky Cactus Recordings 2006
• Tayo: These Are The Breaks (CD) R U Ready (VIP Mix) DMC 2006
• Teamplayers (CD, Album) What Can You Do? Passenger 2006
• Beatz & Bobz Volume 7 - 10th Birthday Edition: Rennie Pilgrem Live At The Cavern Club (CD) Funk Rock Functional Breaks 2007
• Breakspoll Presents: Volume 3 (CD, Mixed, Comp) Labrat (Aquasky Remix) Super Charged 2007
• Dance Rocks. (CD, Comp, Mixed + CD, Comp) Don't Stop, Don't Stop Botchit & Scarper 2007
• The World's Heaviest Dubstep, Grime & Bass (3xCD, Mixed, Comp) Off The Wall, Popcorn Resist Music 2007
• This Way Up (CD, Mixed, Comp + CD, Comp) Popcorn VIP, Labrat (A... Passenger 2007

Set List

Backdraft & Beat Bazaar will perform tracks from the debut album We Know Where You Live. The set will be around 45 minutes of original tracks.
1.We Know Where You Live
3. Peppapot
4. Legs
5. Cats & Dogs
6. Alone at war
7. I Wanna Rock