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So-Cal TV 3/6/09
Live at the Whisky A Go Go

Hollywood Music TV 3/6/09
Live at the Whisky A Go Go - DesertCore Management & Consulting LLC

"Turn up the volume and rock full on to a fresh take on metal, thrash and rock with this great debut offering!"

Hailing from Phoenix, Back From Ashes has delivered a debut CD that packs all the goods and more for any metal or rock fan. Although they have been compared to Slipknot, Mudvayne and some other great bands, that does not seem to do this CD or the band justice as they have a unique sound that is simply all their own. The have tight production that near perfectly balances the different elements of the band and the music they have written. Killer machine gun drumming stands out along with matching driving guitar riffs and outstanding basslines all combined with great vocals make this a disc worth listening to over and again. The vocals and music range from torrid to dramatic to full on headbanging thrash sometimes all within the same song such as “Father Fiction” which is one of the best illustration of the variations to be heard on this disc.

Well thought out and substantive lyrics make this band stand out from the pack and make comparisons to other bands almost impossible. The elements of passionate and melodramatic vocals and music with such songs as “Tightrope” and “This End” make this band appeal to more fans with somewhat more of a commercial sound that still retains the distinctiveness of the band and make it much more progressive than many metal/rock bands coming out.

Turn up the volume and rock full on to a fresh take on metal, thrash and rock with this great debut offering! - MUEN Magazine

"Highly recommended.."

This band's sound is a bit of power, progression and solid hard rock that has moments of head banging then head bashing followed by a mellow flow that gives you time to breath. The lyrics are awesome and the vocals are clear making them easy to understand, which in today's market is a BIG plus! Fans will relate to "Back From Ashes" solid heavy sound and clear vocals.

Several sturdy tracks are to be found, including "Misery," "The Suffering Within - which has a mellow start that grabs your attention with killer vocals followed by a heavy powerful beat," and "Welcome To Me".. Highly recommended..

Scott "Deuce" Wallace
Deuce Entertainment - - Deuce Entertainment -

"Modern rock has been given a major kick in the ass"

• Modern rock has been given a major kick in the ass in the form of Back From Ashes. Back From Ashes has dared those lines and created a monster in the form of Broken. Hailing from Phoenix, it is a hard existence but they have persevered to deliver what will go down as a monumental Indy CD from a monumental band. 10 tracks make up their debut CD and they are relentless in their attack and hard to describe. The riffs are brutal but yet commercial and the vocals are what the new Generation needs… I would say Disturbed, Pantera and any of the newer breed band fans would eat this up, period. - Metal-Exiles

"a solid metal platter that is well executed and produced"

“From Arizona comes Back From Ashes and their debut Broken, a solid metal platter that is well executed and produced. Tunes like "Welcome to Me", 'Father Fiction", and "Tightrope" all contain tons of melody to go along with their metalcore fury. " - Sea of Tranquility

"It’s heavy"

“Upon first listen, I thought of Damageplan. It’s heavy, but yet, still accessible, and not all that heavy. It has some good ol breakdowns, some clean singy parts, some almost Tool sounding stuff too, maybe a little Static X. It goes back and forth from being heavy to more hard rock-post grunge stuff.” - Wort’s Mosh Pit

"the music they're pumping simply rocks"

“The name 'Back From Ashes' suggests that these guys have been to Hell, and just came back on the Vengeance Express. Whatever, they have endured, and wherever they have been, the music they're pumping simply rocks your spinning head clean-off! Phoenix, Arizona, is launching some great acts. Back From Ashes is here to stay.” - Melted Metal

"a well-balanced blend of metal"

“Arizona metal quartet Back From Ashes have concocted a well-balanced blend of metal on their 10-track debut, "Broken." Heavy enough to satisfy the ardent headbanger, tracks like "Walking the Line" and "Vicarious" combine a machine gun rhythm section with molten riffs, while "Better Off Dead" is propelled by a hearty vocal performance that switches between gruff screams and melodic singing. Chances are -- if you dig modern metal like Slipknot, Ill Nino, and Mudvayne -- there's something here for you courtesy of Back From Ashes.” - Rough Edge

"these guys are damn good"

BACK FROM ASHES are an underground band from Arizona who are making a name for themselves. If you remember the 80's, the bands coming out of Arizona were a pretty mixed bag of thrash metal...SACRED REICH, ATROPHY, and FLOTSAM AND JETSAM. Do BACK FROM ASHES carry on in that tradition? They have a much more "modern" (down-tuned, semi-progressive...kinda like TOOL) sound in their approach. Is that a bad thing? Yeah...if you can't write songs or play to save your ass. Fortunately, BFA are a strong enough band, on both fronts, to convert people who would slag these guys off otherwise. I hope these guys do a lot more in the future...I don't think they'll remain "underground" for much longer. Check them out on MySpace and decide for yourself...these guys are damn good. - Metal Beer Horror

"These guys meld really good melodic hooks with heavier riffs with a very catchy sound"

“Back From Ashes is an Arizona based metal act that pleasantly surprised this writer, and the reasons why may surprise some of you. There seems to be a lot of Mudvayne influence here with touches of both Tool and Slayer, ALL of which come out to equal winnage in my eyes. Hell, even my 1 year old likes them, and as I type this he is banging his head to "Tightrope". These guys meld really good melodic hooks with heavier riffs with a very catchy sound.
"Broken" is a record that you can get into quickly. As a whole I think this album is great. If you're just a fan of bands like Ill Nino, Fear Factory, Slipknot, etc...You’ll dig on these guys. I found the cd truly satisfactory and catchy.
Monkey. Rocked. Indeed. “ - Rock My Monkie


Self Titled E.P. 2009
Broken 2008



Who are they?
Back From Ashes, the hard hitting band from Arizona unleash an awe-inspiring brand of metal delivering a potent mix of progressive, metal and rock with a sound that is not only unique but

Who or what do they sound like?
To compare Back From Ashes to any other band takes away from the originality of their music.
Their influences range from blues, jazz, classic rock and even death metal. They appeal to any age group and fit so many different genres of music. They mix elements of Heavy Metal, Rock, Hard Core and a style that can only come from those that live under the constant scorching heat of the Arizona sun. If you had to classify their music by genre then put them in their own. Desert Core.

How and when they started making music together.
Back From Ashes was started in 2003 by lead singer Jason Hobel and guitarist Mike Butikofer.
They finalized their line up in 2007 and have been Spreading the Ashes ever since.

What makes their music different?
Back From Ashes’ music is powerful and truly ground breaking. Each song delivers a unique expression of human emotion that each fan is able to connect with in their own way. Whether it is the heart pounding aggression of Misery or the struggling of your own inner demons with The Suffering Within, each song leaves you craving more.

Key career highlights:
Currently in the running for 10 Grammy Nominations!
• 2009 Los Angeles / Phoenix Music Awards
Producer’s Choice Modern Rock Band of the Year Award
• 2008 Star Music Awards
• Best Hard Rock / Heavy Metal Band of the Year
• Nominated Best Rock Band of the Year
• Over 1 Million plays on Myspace in less than a year.
• Endorsed by Jackson Guitars.
• #5 most added on CMJ and # 6 most added on FMQB in the first week of their radio campaign with a total of 108 adds, one behind Ozzy Osbourne himself in both markets. B.F.A. was the only unsigned band in the top 30.
• 10 National streets teams and 1 in Canada. They add one or two a month.
• 13 Band of the Month features on 13 different websites this year.
• 20 interviews this year on radio, TV and the internet with more scheduled every month.
• Back From Ashes’ music is in regular rotation on over 100 internet & college radio stations.
• Back From Ashes is part of 16 social networking sites such as myspace, facebook, sonicbids etc.

Their shows.
With jaw dropping live performances, the emotion they emit on stage is palpable. No two shows are ever alike. No gimmicks, no circus, it’s just the band and their fans that makes each show a heart stopping thrill ride that you never want to leave.

Their fans.
When you become a fan of Back From Ashes you become family. Each member of the band
spends an average of 5 hours every week randomly calling, email and texting their fans all over the world to thank them for their continued support. Whether it’s organizing an event to raise money for a fan that is sick or in need or calling a fan on their birthday, Back From Ashes makes an effort to let each fan know that they truly matter. Back From Ashes’ undying loyalty to their fans and the devotion to perfecting their craft is what makes this band stand out amongst all the rest.

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