Back in the Dark
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Back in the Dark

Springfield, Oregon, United States | INDIE

Springfield, Oregon, United States | INDIE
Band Rock Comedy


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Straight Outta Humboldt"

It’s kind of surprising there aren’t more bands like Back in the Dark playing around Eugene. This town is like the perfect Petri dish in which to watch musicians raised on good vibes and conscious values mature and become exposed to the deliciously painful joy of listening to rage rock while simultaneously figuring out that the world actually sucks. Nourished by a lifetime of nutritious food, surrounded by a loving community, these formative artists might have the unique awareness and confidence to capture and combine “lifestyle” genres that typically seem to be at odds with one another — in BITD’s case, “hardcore hillbilly grunge hop.” Is it possible to be truly “hardcore” and still picture yourself frolicking in overalls on the cover of your debut album? Sure, as long as you also picture your overalled ass stomping your smaller self on the flipside.

Back in the Dark is aware of their oxymoronic image and they’re fine with it, so why shouldn’t you be, fucker? Developed in a Humboldt County commune, this percussion-driven duo (J Rock Dark and G Nameless) might remind you of System of a Down one minute and old 311 the next (I said old 311, before their albums were used by poison control centers to induce vomiting). While BITD’s sound is consistently pretty grinding and loud, they mix it up enough to keep their first album fresh from track to track: a little spoken word here, a little guttural screaming there and some reggae thrown in to mellow it out, man. Lyrically they dabble in scathing social commentary, murder fantasies fueled by vehicle envy, twisted love poetry and some good old fashioned ranting and raving. Don’t be afraid to compromise either your hippie sensibilities or your punk rock street cred. Back in the Dark will let you have it both ways.

Back in the Dark celebrates the release of Hardcore. Hillbilly. Hip. Hop with Wanibra and Gladhander at 9 pm Friday, June 27, at the Oak Street Speakeasy. 21+ show. — Adrienne van der Valk - Eugene Weekly


Hardcore Hillbilly Hip Hop - Debut Album



Back in the Dark is two-piece high-energy entertainment, created in 2002 on a Humboldt County commune. Metal, punk, grunge, and hip hop are fused together with a comic hillbilly twist. J Rock plays his own self-designed instrument, a Frankenstein combination of guitar and bass with one bass string, four guitar strings, two pickups, two mics, and four amps. Rapping drummer G Famous lays down a phat groove of beats while flowing rhymes MC style.

The debut album, Hardcore Hillbilly Hip Hop features singles "Busting my Balls" and "Sharing Misery". 2008 tour venues included The Whisky in Hollywood, Headhunters in Austin, and the Central Saloon in Seattle.

Back in the Dark is signed to DeMille Productions and endorsed by Halo Guitars and MRP drums.