Back in the Dark

Back in the Dark

 Springfield, Oregon, USA

Hardcore Hillbilly Hip Hop. Elements include powerful guitar driven melodies, coordinated drum hooks, and well balanced vocal versatility. This 2 piece sounds like a tight 5 piece: entertaining and capable of putting on a great show. If you have a chance to see them live they WILL blow you away.


Back in the Dark is two-piece high-energy entertainment, created in 2002 on a Humboldt County commune. Metal, punk, grunge, and hip hop are fused together with a comic hillbilly twist. J Rock plays his own self-designed instrument, a Frankenstein combination of guitar and bass with one bass string, four guitar strings, two pickups, two mics, and four amps. Rapping drummer G Famous lays down a phat groove of beats while flowing rhymes MC style.

The debut album, Hardcore Hillbilly Hip Hop features singles "Busting my Balls" and "Sharing Misery". 2008 tour venues included The Whisky in Hollywood, Headhunters in Austin, and the Central Saloon in Seattle.

Back in the Dark is signed to DeMille Productions and endorsed by Halo Guitars and MRP drums.


Hardcore Hillbilly Hip Hop - Debut Album

Set List

I Did It
69 Camaro
Sound Check Deuce - Instrumental
Sharing Misery
Busting My Balls
Listen Up
Uno Dos Tres Cinco
The First One
Monday Through Sunday
Sesame Street Theme Song