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venice, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2009

venice, California, United States
Established on Jan, 2009
Duo Alternative Electro




"The sonic overdubbing and mixing touches are packed to the hilt with teasers that lunge at you from every direction."

here's not a dull moment on the entire production. The melodic layering is deep, the sonic ambience is infectious and the music is rocked out and just fun to listen to. From mesmerizing “The Feel” and “Venice” to hypnotic “Empty Spaces” and “Flicker” to rocking “King of the Radio” this CD has something for just about everyone. The CD ends with “Hollywood Blvd” (remix) the perfect finale statement for a CD of this caliber."
- Indie Music Digest

"Most famous artists out there have "it"...Backnbloom has whatever "it" is."

From start to finish this CD from Backnbloom delivers the goods and is very pleasurable. It has a very strong dance heavy, alternative rock quality to it and even dabbles in Rock and Modern Pop...... - Music Emissions

"These 2 are a deadly combination"

There’s nothing like a good musical production to fill your sonic space; while Lori's musical personality shines with a rare brilliance comparable to a priceless gem.
- Indie Shark

"A Modern day Version of Stereolab and Luscious Jackson"

A Modern day Version of Stereolab and Luscious Jackson.... - Nerdy Frames

"Give me something new, something raw, something that pushes hard and is going to kick me in the ass."

Over the years we’ve seen pop, dance pop, and even alternative rock bands slowly erode into over-commercialized, corporate puppet shows. Talking to many music fans out there, the response is overwhelming. Give me something new, something raw, something that’s pushes hard and is going to kick me in he ass. Something that doesn’t sound like – well Nikelback. Give me band similar to days of The White Stripes, Nirvana, Foo Fighters with a no holes barred musical delivery. Give me something real!
So across my desk slides the new CD by California’s own Backnbloom entitled Music for the Modern Monkey headed up by infectious singer Lori Steele backed by the production expertise of Alberto Beka. What I heard put a smile on my face, finally a band that gets it with music in the vein of Pink, Lady Ga Ga and even Madonna. Music for the Modern Monkey is some of the best new music I’ve heard in quite a while & delivers many of the aforementioned items I spoke about. You want full tilt rock, you want punk, you want dance grooves that are packed to the hilt with energy and is entertaining to listen to? Well look no further. This CD covers all the bases delivering solid playing and amazing songwriting & a musical flair that just lets it all hang out.

Music for the Modern Monkey by Backnbloom is what we’ve all been waiting for. It’s a polished sounding musical production from start to finish served up hot with great playing, solid writing and is fun filled musical experience akin to a party that’s out of control. It’s definitely a musical production that gives us a fresh glimpse at a hot new artist & takes us back a few years – before everything started sounding like – well Nikelback. - Skope Mag

"Music For The Modern Monkey, features 9 tracks – all of which are great. Good shit..."

"Their very promising and thoroughly entertaining debut album, Music For The Modern Monkey, features 9 tracks – all of which are great. Good shit...Check out my favorite song off the album, Heed The Flashes, and then buy the entire thing. You won’t be disappointed." - Fred Hystere

"In a town known for its fake plastic personalities these two come across as anti-posers"

Nothing wrong with keeping it simple and straight to the point. This is what you get when you listen to BlacknBloom. Yeah, they got drum machines, synths and a gaggle of other electric instrumentation. Yet, the music of Lori Steele and Alberto Beka manages to sound uncomplicated and simplistic. I love this modern duo from Los Angeles, because in a town known for its fake plastic personalities these two come across as anti-posers. And then there is Ms. Steele’s sing-song-rap-talkish vocals, which rings of above average elocution and rains on my eardrums like airy hushiness personified. You can stream the debut LP Music for the Modern Monkey below. I really like the tracks “Slip Away” and “Hollywood Blvd. Remix” Check ‘em out. Peace. - Mitten Mouth Music

"Venice is, "...a tremendous song you can't miss.""

A link to our VENICE music video with the headline "A tremendous song you can't miss." - Latinazos - Blog in Spain

"Best New Release – Week of October 10"

The next artist, electro-pop band, BacknBloom, from Venice, California, also have a new album out this week, Music For The Modern Monkey. Describing their sound as “Efficacious Poetic Fervor,” Los Angeles’s Backnbloom flaunts a sleek mix of nostalgic, well-read indie rock with harmonious, complex sonic layers, grooving rhythms and a sprinkling of electric violin.

It all started in a cramped Hollywood apartment where Lori Steele and Alberto Beka penciled ideas, programmed drums and keyboards while waiting for a break in traffic and… yells from the alley to cease so that the emotionally charged vocals could be recorded. Unplugging the fridge also helped. Backnbloom’s newest single, “Heed the Flashes,” was mixed by Mark Needham (The Killers). Listen to that, and other tracks from the album via BacknBloom’s Tumblr page.

Check out “The Feel” – BlacknBloom from Music for the Modern Monkey - Indie Rock Cafe


Still working on that hot first release.



Describing their sound as “Infectious Sonic Candyâ€? Backnbloom flaunts a sleek mix of eclectic, electrifying synths and beats with deep melodic layering.  The teasing textures of grooving guitar and soaring violin move this energetically talented duo beyond the fully automated DJ set-up into a new brand of electro-pop music.

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