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Hollywood, California, United States | AFTRA

Hollywood, California, United States | AFTRA
Band Alternative Rock


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"CD REVIEW: Backnbloom - Backnbloom"

Backnbloom hails from Hollywood, California. The band is comprised of 2 core members; vocalist Lori Steele who also plays violin, and some guitarist, engineer, programmer dude named Alberto Beka. Their self titled, debut 5 song EP logs on at just over 20 minutes in length, and their internet presence is above average for a new band.

As this EP kicks things off with Track 1 Hollywood Blvd you can’t help but notice some pretty impressive musical soundscapes along the way. You will notice an impressive blend of guitars, violins, harmonies, and lots of cool things that add variety and depth to the music. The overall mix goes down clean, and the songwriting abilities are both consistent and rock solid. I might add Lori Steele also serves up some impressive vocals. Rather than play it safe, Lori confidently showcases a strong vocal ability by taking some impressive risks on several songs. She delivers impressive falsettos and pushes the natural accents extremely well. Her vocal harmonies are extremely effective and well placed, oh and did I mention she plays violin. The best songs on this EP are clearly track 1: Hollywood Blvd and Track 5: Real to Me – dance mix. This final piece to me really brings home what Backnbloom is all about. A catchy pop-techno, trance-like dance groove, with lots of musical depth, served hot via honey coated vocals. Track 5 Real to Me is a hit waiting to happen. It’s pretty much a grad slam, and clearly the best song on the EP. Amazing!

Ironically the worst thing about this production is some of the electronic drum programming. Over time the electronic drums take a major toll on the listener. For example on track 3: This Time and track 4: New September the electronic drums sound real corny against the souped-up rock parts. Techno rhythms just don’t sound right meshed with loud distorted guitar. Those parts clearly call for a heavy bottom-end drum groove. Perhaps Backnbloom ventured to far from their genre here. Also on Track 2 Am I Pretty, and Track 3 This Time, the drum fills are so robotically annoying, over time threy become a major distracter. Give the drum fills a break Beka - stick to the beat! Keep the rhythms simple, and easy to follow especially within the context of this genre.

Overall this EP is an impressive release from Backnloom. As mentioned earlier Backnbloom works best served hot with techno-trancelike dance grooves, electronic soundscapes, and catchy melodic vocals. They should stick to that plan and stay away away from the college rock vibe. Given the name of the band and the context of all the visuals, Electronica Pop persona would suit them well. Lori Steele and Alberto Beka are a force to be reckoned with. They both clearly possess a lot of talent and have serious potential. With a little luck, over time Backnbloom should bloom into something truly groundbreaking.
- Muses Muse


Backnbloom - Self-titled EP
Licensing deal with MTV, VH1, Nickelodeon



Describing their sound as "Efficacious Poetic Fervor," Los Angeles’s Backnbloom flaunts a sleek mix of nostalgic, well-read indie rock with harmonious, complex sonic layers, grooving rhythms and a sprinkling of electric violin. It all started in a cramped Hollywood apartment where Lori Steele and Alberto Beka penciled ideas, programmed drums and keyboards while waiting for a break in traffic and yells from the alley to cease so that the emotionally charged, honey coated vocals could be recorded. Unplugging the fridge also helped.

With their first show at an acclaimed club on the Sunset Strip and a licensing deal with MTV and VH1, Backnbloom is planted firmly in solid ground.

The band recently released their self-titled EP in September 2009.