Back Off THE Hammer

Back Off THE Hammer


Songs of love lost and found, diesel redemption, dusty roads, and moonshine whiskey from the Great Lakes. These boys have a fresh sound that captures the the sounds the mid-west.


Foot stomping jug band meets back country blues in the music of Back Off the Hammer.” The duo harnesses traditional themes of love, loneliness, and travels to old-timey melodies, swinging harmonica and steel guitar riffs, and no-nonsense banjo lines, singing stories the mountains themselves couldn’t tell with more sincerity.
“Hosner’s stoney voice bends around Schenkelberg’s gravelly vocals and memorable string solos like the roads in their songs.” Soul singer/songwriter Emily Hurd recently joined the duo, transforming the performance into nothing short of an Appalachian-style revival.


Johnny Red and His Diesel Church

Written By: Michael Schenkelberg

Johnny Red was a Rebel , he always got into trouble
Bottle was his bible, hardwood floor was his home.
Johnny Red was a Rebel , he always got into trouble
Bottle was his bible, hardwood floor was his home.

Verse 1
He was drivin' on the mountain, when it started to rain
Flash of lightning and a crash of thunder rattled in his brain
Well he reached for the bottle to calm his nerves
Sweet lord Jesus, he did not see the curve
Johnny Red-----, went off that road
Straight into the arms of the Lord!

Guitar Break

Verse 2
Well now don't you fret friends and don't you frown
Because Johnny and that ole whiskey truck got stuck in the mud in the ground
Well the Lord said Johnny (Oh Johnny), get down and pray (Pray)
You and your ole Whiskey truck are gonna serve me in this way:
Your gonna build me a foundation around your Ford
Climb up on the flatbed and preach the word of the Lord

Fiddle Solo

Verse 3
Now just like Moses, he came down from the mount
Carrying the stones lord, to build that foundation out
He cranked up his Ford to power his Mic
Climbed up on his flatbed and waited for the Lord to strike.
Well now Johnny started to preach it (preach it Johnny), and sing from the bible
Shakin it and a'breakin it like a good ole time revival

John Red was a Rebel , he used to get into trouble
Now the bible is his bottle, hardwood floor was his home (2times)


Back Off The Hammer (Copyright, 2005)

Set List

80% orginal songs. Covers by artists such as Gillian Welch, Left Frizell, Townes Van Zandt, Ledbelly, and railroad work songs. Our sets can be 15 minutes to 2 1/2 hours.

Sample Set List: (All orginals, unless noted)

Shake It and Break It
In Michican
Witichita (Gilliand Welch)
Wolverine 454
If I was Hank Williams I'd be Dead
See you Again
Paper The Cracks
Johnny Red And His Diesel Church
Hearts Highway (Lefty Frizell)
Dance With Me
White Freightliner (Townes Van Zandt)
Raise a Ruckus (Traditional)
Going Down This Road
Hard Times (Woody Guthrie)
Cold Weather
Ho' Boys (Work Song)
Hand Me Down
Banging On a Hammer