Back Porch Swing

Back Porch Swing

 St. Albert, Alberta, CAN

What don't they do? It's Folk, Bluegrass, Hillbilly Swing, Gypsy, "Cowjazz" and "Backgrass" music. It's harmony singing, hot licks, great song writing, and entertaining as all get out! You'll wanna hang around their porch.


Back Porch Swing is a 4 piece acoustic band that blends western swing, jazz, folk and bluegrass to bring you their very own "cowjazz".
Jim and Penny Malmberg started the band in 2003 to showcase their songwriting amid a collection of vintage tunes from across the 20th century. The string band format is ideal for their heartfelt and often comic insights into life, love, and livestock. Hundreds of live shows have helped the band polish their sound to a smooth, seamless finish.


"Back Porch Swing" 2003
"Riding " 2006

Set List

10 -12 songs per set./ 3 sets
A mix of all styles of music
Some originals, some covers.
Expect to hear every style of acoustic music from this band.